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10 | 13 | '18

I've been looking for more Stevens Pass rides and tried this one for the advertised views and fall colors. The trail starts with a 1/2 or 3/4 mile grunt or hike and then continues with a slightly less steep trail. It is tough to maintain a consist...

Submitted by tomvale on 10/14/2018

This trail was on my wish list for sometime and just got a chance to do it this week and see the fall colors.

I must say this trail was a little bit of a disappointment. Usually with an epic ride you get long climbs followed by long descen...

Submitted by andrewbowerman on 10/09/2018
Burned trees on the way up 7174.

Rode corral pass/dalles ridge/palisades alone on a lovely day in late september. I parked at the Ranger Creek parking lot, across 410 then up to white river trail. White river trail was in very good shape, lovely duff. Can see some places where fi...

Submitted by ericchri on 09/27/2018
Blueberry and fern meadow at the end of the trail.
09 | 20 | '18

No signage yet at the parking lot, which is shared with the Jennifer Dunn trail (posted No Bikes).  The first mile or so is under constructio, diligently being converted/improved from abandoned forrest road to singlettack, but is very ridable...

Submitted by Blearned on 09/24/2018
09 | 18 | '18

After learning to ride on Galbraith in the 90's, I've finally found a home down here in the Sound. So old school - so fun. Lots of really twisty, technical trails with many many off angle roots. Not much up and down but enough to keep it interesti...

Submitted by SHindman on 09/19/2018
09 | 02 | '18

Fun ride did the loop.  Starts out with a lot of climbing but its not to loose so its rideable.  Beautiful views no matter what direction you look.  The trail seemed to handle the traffic pretty good, it did not seem packed for holi...

Submitted by Troysteigman on 09/19/2018
09 | 18 | '18

Made it to the very end.  About a mile and a half from the turnaround where nf-350 connects I had a close encounter with a large mountain goat who was not super excited about letting me by. Be aware  Curred me of riding this trail solo.<...

Submitted by ericlee on 09/18/2018
09 | 16 | '18

"Dropped one car at the bottom of Alder Ridge and shuttled up to the top of road 6210 in hopes of adding an OAB to Klone Peak and concerns about fickle weather so didn't want to spend time and energy capital climbing Minnow Ridge.

Road 621...

Submitted by pawnshopjoshua on 09/17/2018
09 | 14 | '18

Fantastic trail. Conditions were pefrect.

Was on my singlespeed running 32x22 and cleared everything.

Needs better signage but Trailforks helped.

Highly recommend if you ae looking for a good XC ride that is not very techni...

Submitted by lawrjobe on 09/14/2018

Pushed the bike most of the way. Even on the downhill, the corners are too sharp for a bike to go. Sides of the trail are loose, I fell twice. 

There are better trails near the ski hill, Read more

09 | 04 | '18

First trip to South Seatac park today, to check it out and try out my new tubeless tire setup. I think I'm glad I went tubeless on this ride, because I had a lot of thorns stuck in my tires (and in my arms!) when I got home.

The trails are...

Submitted by parejkoj on 09/04/2018
09 | 03 | '18

Went up to the towers and then down the Springboards. Then I did some clearing of Meetcutter and finding a freshly fallen tree half way down (chainsaw folks see GPS/Picture). Then I went all the way down to the river and rode a ways down the river...

Submitted by tomvale on 09/04/2018
Corral Pass - Palisades Loop

First time adventuring this loop. Even with all the fire damage, and realizing it is just a renewal for mother nature in the grand scheme of things, this is truly a wonderous ride. Started at the Camp Sheppard Trailhead and headed South on the Whi...

Submitted by tomvale on 09/02/2018
08 | 29 | '18

A heads up - I ran into a cougar on the trail about midway up. He was pretty spooked and ran away. I was solo but there where a few people on the tail this evening.  He was small and appeared to be emaciated. 

Submitted by Dodson on 08/29/2018
08 | 19 | '18

Wonderful to see road turning into single track! No bugs, lots of smoke.

Submitted by malcolmdole on 08/22/2018
08 | 19 | '18

so i took my fam today to the bike park i had not bben there in many years but thought it was a good place to take my family no not the case needles all over the place and trash it was horable for me thought  it would be cool to ride again wa...

Submitted by alywha on 08/20/2018
On Greenline
08 | 17 | '18

OK, I'll admit it-I haven't been riding in Capitol Forest  in 15 years or so.  It wasn't a great experience then. I remember oddly named trails and roads, confusion about what was rideable by motorcycles and what was off limits to them,...

Submitted by jackd49 on 08/18/2018
08 | 11 | '18

Did the clockwise loop today. Trail is running great. Slightly tacky, with just a little dust in the corners. All the stream crossings are rideable (unlike back in July). And no bugs. Amazing!

Submitted by sproqitman on 08/11/2018
Hansen Ridge View..the good stuff
08 | 08 | '18

Just an update to what others have reported.  This is a lovely, moderate trail that needs a bunch of work to become the gem that we all wish it could be.  The good news is that although it is overgrown in a lot of places, there are no ca...

Submitted by snowdozer on 08/10/2018
08 | 08 | '18

The climb up to the clear cut is in pretty decent shape, aside from the exposed section near the bottom (which is moon dust).  The descent is really running great, though a bit on the dry & loose side. However, the lower/beginner flow trails...

Submitted by r1de on 08/08/2018