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Donner or Blitzen?

16 | Jul | '22

An aquaintance and I toured around the park today early this morning  (me still on the gravel bike).  :-(

We  covered the park pretty well and did most of the trails. There was a little drizzle which didn't make it to the clothing due to the thick canopy and the dampness made the soil hero enough for us to have an enjoyable time with either a gravel or full suspension bike. It was a good morning and then we saw two bambis! I wondered if Santa's reindeer decided to vacation at Duthie but then decided to divert to Soaring Eagle because of all the kids on Summer break. I couldn't tell if it was Donner or Blitzen, but maybe I'll see them again to ask.

GPS track here.

Submitted by tomvale on 07/16/2022