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Ride Reports

06 | 22 | '20
Conditions were great. Some spots were a little over grown but not so overgrown that it made things a bummer. One peanut butter muddy spot at the bottom of Lower DIY but otherwise things were smooth AF. 
Submitted by JustinRP on 06/22/2020
06 | 20 | '20
Lots of vegetation crreeping onto the trails, which made for a slower less fun ride.  The only trails that were not overgrowne were; mainline, red alder and twisted helmlock.  
Submitted by vee on 06/21/2020
06 | 20 | '20
Avalanche debris at 1.5 miles. There's a tunnel under the ice, requiring care when crossing.  Trail was snow covered at 4.5 miles in, which is where we turned around.
Submitted by wsfowler on 06/20/2020
06 | 19 | '20
The new Silkworm trail features are an absolute riot!  The new wooden wall leaves me whooping with delight, and the Quarantine jump line is a fantastic run for building confidence in the air.  I can't thank the volunteers enough for making...
Submitted by ericeckstein on 06/20/2020
06 | 18 | '20
Rode a single loop on the eastside of the tracks and explored the area closer to Boeing recreation fields. There are flow lines for you to enjoy just to the east of the main trail if you haven't found them yet. They are built well  and there is...
Submitted by tomvale on 06/19/2020
06 | 19 | '20
Left from 356th and SVT lot about 8:00 AM, did Tokul East climb to top of Flowtron. Flowtron is pretty over grown and eroding due to recent rains, some switchbacks are heavily rutted. I crashed once pretty significantly, those blind switchbacks with...
Submitted by Bryan on 06/19/2020
06 | 14 | '20
After booking a stay at Seabrook I was very excited to learn Evergreen has built trails right in the town! Someone has very diligently gone and marked them all one-way due to Covid-19. Unfortunately this has made it kinda hard to ride narnia becau...
Submitted by downupdown on 06/18/2020
06 | 17 | '20
Parked in the north lot, which was a mistake as the entrance to the boardwalk is choked with soul sucking mud. Stick to the south lot! Duthie was surprisingly muddy overall, every run had multiple mud holes to either dodge or splash through. Also kid...
Submitted by Bryan on 06/17/2020
06 | 14 | '20
Started at the trailhead just around 5:30am and in a light rain and in my O2 Rainwear. There are two big trees for the chainsaws at 3100' and 3700'. There was also an avalanche debri pile over one of the drainages that you will need to be careful cro...
Submitted by tomvale on 06/14/2020
06 | 11 | '20
It was already raining when I left from Lower Soccer Fields parking in Issaquah Highlands about 7:45 AM. Trail was damp and getting worse with frequent mud holes. I did a few laps on Great Space Coaster and Flying Squirrel then back to Issaquah with...
Submitted by Bryan on 06/11/2020
06 | 06 | '20
A very busy day at Paradise. We started about 1:30, main lot was very full. Rode for about hour and a half. Trails are all riding great, except: This is the second week in a row where I've encountered e-bike riders on the singletrack, this time on R...
Submitted by sean_horita on 06/09/2020
06 | 03 | '20
Had a great time doing two laps on the East side of the tracks. Just like at Lord Hill, there are new jump improvements on the open doubles,  additional bridge building, and a nice drop off of the northern switchbacks. It made for a exciting mom...
Submitted by tomvale on 06/03/2020
06 | 02 | '20
Parked at Sunset Way trailhead about 7:45 AM to minimize potential break in, and rode Issaquah-Preston Trail to Grand Ridge all the way to Duthie.  Sessioned Space Coaster and Movin On a few times, tried Coal Mine Loop on the way back to Issaqua...
Submitted by Bryan on 06/02/2020
05 | 30 | '20
Got to the trailhead around 6:30 this morning and went directly to the Springboards and then up to do Goldeneye, Flowdeneye and Wishbone. Gnomes have done amazing work on Wishbone adding several great jumps and added an extension trail, just to the N...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/30/2020
05 | 28 | '20
Great. This is posted at the trailhead, though didn't see any. Rode Master and Quick Link plus fire road to the summit, then East Tiger Summit, Preston, Silent Swamp, Joyride and NW Timber back down. All told about 14 miles, some mud holes and runnin...
Submitted by Bryan on 05/28/2020
05 | 28 | '20
Had a wonderful time going up and down, west to east, over the trail system and then off to the Falls for a little rest and tranquility. There is a DNR sign at the trailhead announcing a cougar sighting at the Falls. The bike trails are in great shap...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/28/2020
Parked up at the lower shuttle area and did Lower Skyline and then Pathfinder, Quick Release and Lower Showcase Showdown. Skyline was excellent and the Showdown was a little more greasy. Went OTB once there. Skyline was the fun one today! GPS track a...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/24/2020
05 | 23 | '20
Began early in the morning fog hoping the drier day would help the sun burn off the fog by the time I reached the ridge. I started climbing the west side of the ridge and took two spur roads to explore. One spur had a young bear that ran up hill quic...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/23/2020
05 | 16 | '20
Had a great, early, morning, riding the gravel bike from the Deer Creek gate up to Barlow Pass and on to the road to Monte Cristo. There is minimal snow now and just trees to clear occasionally. The highway is being regraded on the Darrington side of...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/16/2020
05 | 15 | '20
The trails are in pretty good shape, rode Bobsled up to 30330. 30330 up to Outback. There is logging going on up around Mousetrap, Upper Outback and the other trails up there. They have laid down a lot of peat(?) and the smell up there is awful. You...
Submitted by gravelbikesaresilly on 05/16/2020