Ride Reports

10 | 03 | '20
Took our team into Japanese Gulch and rode the West Garden side trails today for the "take a kid riding" virtual day.  2 kids and 2 adults on our ride.  Dirt was in great shape and only a couple muddy spots
Submitted by davicull on 10/03/2020
10 | 03 | '20
We had a awesome family ride for evergreen's take a kid mountain biking day at Banner Forest. We rode Dr . John, Lizard King, Stumps, and Banner Alley. All the trails were in great shape even for a beginner like my daughter. Sher had a great time get...
Submitted by JamesMartin on 10/03/2020
10 | 03 | '20
Took our five year old to the pump track today. We were trying out a 24" bike and I wanted to see if it was too big for her. She did great and the pump track was awesome. Rode a bit on upchuck too. Nice to have options for smaller kids at beacon hill...
Submitted by ryawes on 10/03/2020
Rode on flat and bumpy trails. Went pretty well. More missions than we thought but had fun.
Submitted by alishb on 10/03/2020
10 | 03 | '20
Trails looking good. There is a log down across the shortcut trail to ride the end of Rehab.
Submitted by bryceepoo on 10/03/2020
10 | 03 | '20
The pump track was really fun today. There were lots of kids playing on it. It was very dusty but we still had a blast. We even saw a crash.
Submitted by GregC on 10/03/2020
05 | 02 | '20
This is fun and very family friendly!!
Submitted by Weewiewarriors on 10/03/2020
10 | 03 | '20
Rode silkworm today. Great riding conditions. Looked like a new feature is being built about 1/3 of the way through. Logs have been placed in middle of trail, but haven't been built in completely. 
Submitted by virgil.hillary on 10/03/2020
10 | 03 | '20
Went on a short family ride (4 year old lost it about 30 minutes in), but the trails were nice - the fog made it less dusty than they have been recently, so it was nice and tacky and full of grip. 
Submitted by misterman4 on 10/03/2020
09 | 28 | '20
Since the last report the recent rains have restored a lot of the trails and compacted the dusty conditions. Most trails were in great shape today with the exception of a few sandy spots on Ticket to Ride (Long Route). There is a large downed tree ly...
Submitted by challam on 09/28/2020
09 | 26 | '20
Figured most trails were going to be muddy and slippery so I started on the gravel bike at 6am in Darrington and planned the Gold Mountain loop using FS road 24 and included summiting, and visiting the lone radio tower and weather station just above...
Submitted by tomvale on 09/26/2020
09 | 22 | '20
This was my first time on this trail and it won't be the last. Started the ride at 11 AM after a short rain shower. Weather was supposed to improve and it did.  A few cars at the trail head but it turns out they were all going for the Beckler's...
Submitted by emanagos on 09/23/2020
09 | 20 | '20
A massive landslide has taken out the trail where it continues E from Bessemer Road. It is impassible even on foot.
Submitted by mrc01 on 09/20/2020
09 | 19 | '20
Since my last report Aug 25th at Raging River several things have happened. I played with the new flow at East Japanese Gulch and bent my ring finger way back (ring will never come off now!). I also lost my rear shifter that same ride. However, today...
Submitted by tomvale on 09/19/2020
09 | 11 | '20
We arrived at the Rattlesnake Lake parking late in the day. It was Panther's (2020 SantaCruz Megatower carbon CS) first bite of the trail and my second time to ride here. She was awesome and I felt more capable on this trail vs the last time with my...
Submitted by AuiGudf8 on 09/18/2020
09 | 08 | '20
Rode up Masterlink - awesome scenery and time of year. We rode down Predator. All I can say is Too Soon. I need some progression trails to work up to it. It's an awesome trail but completely different from what I've ridden at raging river, Duthie. So...
Submitted by jlee on 09/11/2020
08 | 22 | '20
One of my favorite rides in the area. The climb is manageable, downhill is flowy. I bring a small water bottle and refill at the top using my water filter. The water tastes great and is nice and cool after a long climb. The folks in the area are co...
Submitted by jamesc1 on 08/28/2020
08 | 25 | '20
Had a wonderful early morning ride to go do a little climb and come down Physical Therapy before visiting the parents for a bunch of maintenance work they needed me to do. The trail is a great rooty challenge and a drop sent me over once but I got lu...
Submitted by tomvale on 08/25/2020
First time up to North Mountain and I'm thoroughly impressed! We only had time for one run - parked at the lower shuttle lot, drove up to the upper and went down Skyline. What a beauty of a trail - serious kudos to the builders! It was absolutely thr...
Submitted by mickswan on 08/25/2020
08 | 16 | '20
So we picked literally the hottest day of the year to do the CCDH/Raging Tiger loop. It's a grunt on the way up. CCDH is eroding a bit, lots of brown powder and alternate routes and offshoots being carved out of the hillside. There's a bomb crater fr...
Submitted by Bryan on 08/16/2020