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05 | 22 | '21
All 10 ladies who signed up, showed up. We rode roughly 7 miles at PTF, trail conditions were good, weather was overcast, there were no accidents or mechanical issues. lindsey, erin, eliza, mari, tammy, rikka, codi,&nbs...
Submitted by Lindseybadgley on 5/23/21
05 | 21 | '21
Had a Dr appointment this week to review my Bicep MRI and to figure out the repair plan. Doc said "one tendon is detached but it isn't 'an important one'. If you can still function 'as is' in your daily routines, a repair might be too risky and mi...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/22/21
05 | 15 | '21
After more than a week of no rain, trails were in pretty good shape.  There were a few horses and a lot of hikers, more people than I had ever seen there.  Everyone was friendly and courteous even though bikers are pretty rare in this park....
Submitted by mkay on 5/15/21
05 | 12 | '21
The day broke calm, And found dry hero dirt angled ever upward: My heart, pounding.    
Submitted by Bryan on 5/12/21
05 | 10 | '21
After my last report at North Mountain, I am stuck with non-technical gravel riding until my bicep is repaired. Today I took a friend to the Deer Creek gate on the Mountain Loop Highway and we rode up to Barlow Pass with a stop at Big Four and then c...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/11/21
05 | 09 | '21
Trails were dry and in good condition, lots of rocks. Trails had no traffic. We saw a few horses and hikers at the parking lot (Discovery Pass needed) but we didn't see anyone on the trails. We took the loop clockwise and did about 6-7 miles. We...
Submitted by laet123 on 5/10/21
05 | 06 | '21
This new Extra Terrestrial at Tiger off of Preston is so awesome, I drove back out and did the exact same route as I rode Sunday.  That's Master to Quick Link, fireroad to East Tiger Summt and onto ET off of Preston. Really a great flow trail, l...
Submitted by Bryan on 5/6/21
05 | 02 | '21
My bad to show up at Tiger at 8:00 AM on a spring weekend, both lots were nearly full. What drew me were whispers and rumors of a new flow trail called Extraterrestrial that drops left off of Preston Railrooad.  Sure enough, after grunting up Ma...
Submitted by Bryan on 5/2/21
04 | 28 | '21
So the Tokul lot was empty at 8:00 AM this morning, guess Wednesday is a popular day for working! Not for me though; I rode Flowtron twice and Two Fernz once, then huffed up to the top of Upper Ivan XC (pic related).  I ripped Upper Ivan XC and...
Submitted by Bryan on 4/28/21
04 | 19 | '21
Rode UM 1, 2 and 3 in about 40 minutes, and than RR 1 and 2 in another 15 or so. Upper PT is steep, technical and serious, at least given my skill level. There's a gateway feature of steep, rooty drops right off the fire road, that are emblematic of...
Submitted by Bryan on 4/20/21
04 | 05 | '21
Trail is basically perfect up to the ridge cross-over (the first section of road-to-trail conversion). Map says that's the first ~3.7 miles. No snow at all on the first section of single-track, before the road-to-trail conversion.  Once we hit...
Submitted by alecom on 4/10/21
04 | 02 | '21
A buddy and I left the upper lot and made it to Stan's Overlook and the entrance to Upper Poppin Tops in 40 mins.  We felt pretty good about that time, Peloton rides are paying off in improved endurance on the trail. No snow on the way up,  ...
Submitted by Bryan on 4/2/21
Started early this morning at the base of the lower shuttle road to Lower Skyline. The snow started after the first switchback around 2100'. You can pedal for a bit but have to walk it soon after. There is a tree across the road for the big saws and...
Submitted by tomvale on 3/27/21
03 | 20 | '21
Parked at Rattlesnake Road this morning and took the road all the way to the base of No Service where the snow was too deep to keep climbing. We have a few more weeks before we can enjoy the upper trails. I tried to climb Return Policy but the openin...
Submitted by tomvale on 3/20/21
03 | 13 | '21
I left from the upper lot about 8:15 AM, the lot was about 25% full. UM 1 and UM 2 are snow free and great dirt. UM 3 has some walkable snow patches, and the whole first section of PT Upper is snow packed. There's a tire wide track in the snow about...
Submitted by Bryan on 3/14/21
03 | 12 | '21
Started from the upper lot at 7am and took the Connector to Masterlink. Rode Masterlink to its top, all clear. The road up there isn't too ridable yet but it's close. Quicklink is clear except for two switchbacks where 20' sections of snow are and ma...
Submitted by tomvale on 3/12/21
03 | 06 | '21
There was way too much snow on the trail. I pushed my bike up most of the way as well as coming down. The snow was grippy in certain areas, causing me to fall over the handlebars. Even lower poppin tops was not a fun and smooth ride, It's best to wai...
Submitted by tevabe on 3/10/21
03 | 06 | '21
Before the 9am workparty I climbed up the newly graded and gravelled access road and came down the eastside's main trail. It was a little slippery but drained well in most spots. There are a ton of options on the east side you can find on Trailforks....
Submitted by tomvale on 3/7/21
02 | 27 | '21
Had a wonderful morning with a friend from work doing Barracuda, Escorlator, Funner, Cyclops, and Sick and Twisted. All were clear with some slick spots but they were all fun. After the friend left I went out to the Falls for the picture and water. T...
Submitted by tomvale on 2/28/21
02 | 27 | '21
I wasn't sure where the snow would be on Tiger and there weren't any recent reports so here it is: Climbing trail to Inside Passage is all rideable. The upper 1/3 or so is on snow, but it's not much and it's pretty slushy so it's really not bad. As s...
Submitted by gravelbikesaresilly on 2/28/21