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Southern Ridge Eroded and Overgrown

06 | Aug | '22

Parked in South Darrington this morning after sunrise and rode to the north entrance of forest service road 24 to begin the climb to the tower and weather station. Today was perfect weather and the road was in good condition. I got all the way up to the tower road junction and went to the tower for pics. Then I went south to climb up to the weather station right after that. The rest of the ridgeline ride to the descent was enjoyable but the descent along the southern part of the ridge (road 2420 on some maps) was very eroded and also getting very overgrown. It was passable without hike a bike but will not be a fun descent in the future unless the road is maintained. If you don't need the extra vertical to the tower and weather station like I enjoy, I would stay on road 24 (east of the ridge and only at ~2000') as shown in the alternate vertical route in my Sept 2020 report in yellow. Gorgeous day today.

GPS track and pictures of today's ride are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 08/06/2022