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02 | 20 | '20

Disclaimer: I'm an old guy (57) and I haven't been on my MTB for a year and half, so what was tough for me may  not be for young folk.  ALSO- I have Verizon wireless service and I get bubkus when I enter Moran State Park.  Apparentl...

Submitted by jacknolan on 02/20/2020
02 | 14 | '20

I just went out for a quick morning ride. I parked at the lot for the climb up Murphy's etc but it had been raining for days and I don't want to cause damage in such heavily used trails so from there I rode Tarbell the other way to Rock Creek camp...

Submitted by tondan on 02/16/2020
Red was first tour, Yellow was this time.

Went up to The Blanchard State Forest again to ride some of the trails that I couldn't last time when the rear hub failed. This time was much better and I started in the upper trailhead lot and climbed up to the Tango Waypoint using the roads and...

Submitted by tomvale on 02/15/2020
End of the River Trail. River peaked 4' higher!
02 | 09 | '20

Snohomish side access was closed so you had to get to the park from the Monroe side. Trails were well drained except for a couple spots, but the soil was so soaked, trees were falling in many spots. River Trail has a big tree across it  for t...

Submitted by tomvale on 02/10/2020


02 | 09 | '20

Decided to ride raging river because the weather was pretty yesterday. It was pretty muddy near the lower areas, but less mud than I expected. 

Submitted by tevabe on 02/10/2020
Whitehorse Mountain in the leftover moisture

Had a good time making two runs on the Lower Skyline Trail in a very light mist and overcast skies. There were three trees on the main road after the pavement, but now passable, need clearing of remnants. Lower Skyline is running great and clear o...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/26/2020
01 | 20 | '20

Rode Swan Creek yesterday with 2 buddies. Talked to Brain (?) Gustafson from EMBA as he was doing some trail repair and gate maintenance. We rode every loop in the park. Trails were in great shape given how wet it has been. Only a few muddy spots...

Submitted by Jkindle on 01/21/2020
01 | 19 | '20

I went up north to try the Blanchard Forest again but the forest road, and probably parking lots, still had too much snow. The trails probably too. Came back to Everett/Snohomish and did Lord Hill. The snowfall has broke off a ton of limbs on the...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/19/2020
01 | 12 | '20

Thought I would see how the trails do after a relentless week of rain, rain and more rain.  They were not great, lots of deep puddles and peanut butter mud.  I could never get into a groove or flow because when I started to I was forced...

Submitted by vee on 01/13/2020
First hour of snow in 2020!
01 | 12 | '20

Was able to squeeze in a run up to the towers and then came down the Springboards,  and finally over to do Goldeneye, and Wishbone. There were a few puddles, but much better drainage is happening on the trails. There is 4" of snow there by no...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/12/2020
View of Segelson Ridge from Lower Skyline.

Had a wonderful time catching the break between frontal systems to do two loops on Lower Skyline. Started climbing the midway road at 7am near the shuttle zone under lights and then the rest was great. Even with all the rain we've had, the trail i...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/05/2020
Google Earth view of the ride and terrain.

Started this ride at the lower Blanchard Forest trailhead lot and climbed the Lower Lily Lizard trail to the upper lot. I then took road 1000 north around Blanchard Mountain to the British Army Trail where I began the climb to the lakes and summit...

Submitted by tomvale on 12/27/2019
12 | 17 | '19

My son-in-law and I rode 360 today for the first time. Trails were in great condition. Ticket to Ride, East Wing, Blood Pressure, and Jump Line provided just about everything one would expect for a great trail system.

Submitted by Jkindle on 12/16/2019
View of Whitehorse Mountain at the end of the day..

Tried to time the weather so the rain shadow was over Darrington when I got there. I nailed it and parked at the mid mountain shuttle zone.  I rode up the lower trail access road to do Pathfinder/Quick Release/Lower Showcase Showdown. Then cl...

Submitted by tomvale on 12/14/2019
11 | 09 | '19

Mostly solid, little mud.... until you get to lower Poppin' Tops. Crazy, crazy mud fest: wells of thick mud that were like riding thru slick snow, actually dangerous if taken too fast....

Submitted by eddepi on 11/30/2019

Clear sky, sunny day, and sun barely gets above the trees. Perma-frost on the ground, rite thru the afternoon. Trails solid, very little mud. The service road up on Summitt ridge paasses thru a clear cut area and out into sunlit areas. Cold, but g...

Submitted by eddepi on 11/30/2019
A view of the SE valley from, 3300' on the Bessemer Road.
11 | 21 | '19

Started really early this morning after parking near the Teneriffe lot and rode up the rest of the road and then past DNR gate 902 (park near here somewhere if possible). The initial climb gets you up to the CCC trail and then you have a long trav...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/21/2019
11 | 16 | '19

Such a fun park, not to far from Seattle but far from the crowds of Duthie.  There is lots of variety, technical and flowy.  The trail was relatviely dry, some puddles and mud but not a show stopper.

Submitted by vee on 11/17/2019
View of the meadow from the East side
11 | 16 | '19

Started just after 6am at the trailhead during the break between the convergence zone downpour last night and the next wave this afternoon. Started under lights and watched the sunrise through the trees and high clouds. Needed to cut two 6" alders...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/16/2019

My first visit, and likely my last. I was hoping for more flow and less tech., although the lower sectiton was pretty fun. Sure wish there was a low angle up trail so you wouldn't have to shuttle or ride the booring road. I also wonder how many pe...

Submitted by jimd on 11/14/2019
Large loop from Cherry Valley tailhead to the Falls and then South to the Tolt and Moss Lake.
11 | 10 | '19

I wanted to explore more of the Marckworth Forest and mapped out the loop in the image. After making it to the Falls, the road farther east has been worked on and some water and vehicle traps have been added. The road was graded and pretty soft bu...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/10/2019

It was a nice laid back 7 mile ride, but it was damp and lots of foliage.

Submitted by Ambo87 on 11/09/2019
Overview of the full Butte loop if not Shuttling.
11 | 08 | '19

Parked at the dirt trailhead lot and rode along the south side of the lake to the base of the Butte Road and then began the climb. I rode around the hanglider airport for some southern views and then completed the climb to the towers. I took a lit...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/09/2019
About 6-8 inches of crusty snow to add to the hike a bike section of the loop.
11 | 01 | '19

Started before sunrise on the road along the lake and then began the climb to the Ridge. Saw 3 deer at the uphill junction and then started seeing the morning views. No snow until around 4500' due to the dry week and sun. The snow was just in the...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/01/2019
10 | 26 | '19

What a day!  First time at Paradise Valley and it did not disappoint. The trails were pretty twisty and lots of roots, which made it challenging with the wet leaves, but I was able to stay upright for the entire ride.  The parking lot wa...

Submitted by vee on 10/28/2019