The USFS trail crew cleared the debris from the 2014 avalanche in November 2016 and the trail is now passable through that area.  However, the Trout Creek bridge is damaged and, after 3 years without maintenance, there are lots of downed trees across the trail and it has become a bit overgrown.  But it is now accessible again and maybe we can get a volunteer crew out for a clean-up! Read more

Clearcut and View towards Admiralty Inlet
29 | Apr | '17
The road up is in great shape but there is active logging about a third of the way up the mountain on the main road so be careful.  We reached the top but there is still some snow on the ground above 3,000 feet so we didn't complete the loop - returning back down the main road instead. Read more

Bit the bullet and did the drive over the pass(and then some) to ride some dry trails.  We essentially rode the downloadable GPS track - got off the mark here and there but not a problem.  Trails are dry and fun with some nice rocky techy stuff here and there.  A few off your bike climbs and descents but nothing more than 50-100 feet at a time. As we descended back into the Ancient... Read more

22 | Apr | '17
These trails are CLOSED.  Check back later for updates.  Mountain bikers have been riding on muddy trails and have caused major damage in numerous sections.  Please observe the voluntary closure and ride elsewhere until this area drys.  Trails above the 2 mile mark are damaged from seasonal run-off and are impassable. Read more

23 | Apr | '17
I am new to these trails, and relatively new to mountain biking.  I just picked up a permit a couple of weeks ago, asking myself if this is worth the $50 annual fee.  The lower elevation and relative nearness to home compared to where I usually ride at this time of year were tempting.  Goldenspike was pretty soggy, with several boggy pits, recently clearcut and rooty and so not much... Read more

16 | Apr | '17
I hadn't been there in a while but they had some great trail additions! Every trail I rode was very clean. I would highly recommend a treai called "feedback" it is short and fun! Best of all, you can do it over and over again. Enjoy! Read more

19 | Apr | '17
Rode BDOS and Summit Ridge last night. several of the summit ridge XC trails are impacted by recent logging. Some of the trails are open but others are covered by logging debris. there are still plenty of open trails to ride, just expect a few of the XC trails to be offline for a while. Read more

16 | Apr | '17
I wanna throw my 2 cents on Megafauna "Mega Fun, Ahhhh" as I call it. While probably everyone on this board has ridden it judging by the number of cars at Tiger yesterday (Sunday). So before I jump in, let me give you a background on me. I'm not the best rider. I can do everything on Tiger minus Predator. I can ride all of lower predator, but not the entrance, so there's some room for me to grow.... Read more

13 | Apr | '17
Thanks to Shawn and the rest of the Evergreen MTB crew, and all of the volunteers who have been working on this new and soon-to-be opened trail.  Please volunteer on Sundays so this trail can open timely.  As an out-and-back trail, it's really a fun climb, and a cool downhill.  The climb is 100% ride-able (unless you're single speed).  Snow-free nearly to Mt Washington as of 4/... Read more

15 | Apr | '17
Rode Grand ridge on Saturday (Tax Day).  Started from the High Point way exit, and climbed up the ridge from the south.  Climb is well groomed and 100% ride-able.  New 2 mile loop off main trail is in GREAT condition, with zero puddles or mud spots.  I rode to the Duthie connector, and encountered a couple dozen mud-spots, large puddles (all ride-able) that weren't too deep.&nb... Read more

16 | Apr | '17
Found several downed trees south of the clearcut that required hike-biking around/over. Some muddy spots but not too bad considering the wet weather. Lots of hikers and dogs, but  good manners prevailed and there was plenty of room for all. Read more

15 | Apr | '17
We opened a new trail in the south end of the park.  Twisted Hemlock is a short but fun alternative to going down Southern Traverse.  Access from the Southern Traverse/BigLeaf/Mainline/NE203rd trailhead intersection.  Enjoy!   Read more

Skookum Flats/White River loop is rideable now.  A few snow patches and some trees to step over. Soft here and there but not muddy. Read more

13 | Apr | '17
Really sketchy. Couldn't trust any of the landing areas or blind corners because many were broken, overgrown, or washed out.  Most of the park is just in disrepair and unrideable.  Sad. Looks like it was really cool at some point. It's  obvious that a lot of work was put into it.    Read more

09 | Apr | '17
Arrived at a gated Rattlesnake Rd. terminus off of WA-18 near the I-90 Snoqualmie Parkway exit (25) a little before 12:30 PM. During the mostly flat 2.5 mi start I encountered a couple hiking and two loose dogs.  I passed slowly as they were barking and the hikers indicated they weren't their dogs! They were loose with no owners in sight and seemed irritated by our presence but were not threa... Read more

08 | Apr | '17
Since the nordic ski season ended for the Summit I figured I'd make an early attempt on the cat track still existing. However the snow didn't freeze overnight and recent rains really softened it up so traction on normal tires was zero. Wait until the next freeze or further thaw to climb on the FS road to the Pacific Crest Trail. Read more

03 | Apr | '17
I rode part of the CCC road/trail and extension.  I parked on the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road and the Bessemer Road gate.  With lots of new pavement - driving this was a breeze - only one dirt section of a few hundred yards of bomb crater potholes to negotiate. Up Bessemer Rd 1 mile to the CCC junction - go right for .3 miles and find the easy to miss trail on the right(sign there curre... Read more

02 | Apr | '17
My first time; great, fun little set of trails... Only a cupple of days after rains and all the trails are completely dry with just a few muddy spots on some. Read more

anacortes loop 2017-04-01.jpg
Wanted to do another section of the Pacific Northwest trail starting just south of downtown Anacortes at the north end of the ACFL and heading south to Mt Erie. We parked at the end of 23rd and headed south. We pretty much stayed on the PNT until we decided to deviate from our plan and summited Sugarloaf Mtn with some hike a bike. The ACFL portion of the excursion was in great condition and the tr... Read more

12 | Mar | '17
Master link muddy but largely clear of snow to bridge.  Patchy snow above.  Walking required to road.  Road was deep snow and unrideable.  Quick link barely rideable mostly hiking.  At top of QL took a hard right to the abandoned grade and hopped on OTG -- very nice but slick all the way out FR, JR and the trail that shall not be named.   Read more

01 | Mar | '17
Did the usual 2 hour ride and nary a substantial mud puddle. Still organic debris on the trails but nothing a raking or leaf blowing won't cure. Trail corridors are in there usual mid winter wide open state. stream crossings where the DNR took out culverts are running well but still able to cross all without wet feet. Read more

28 | Feb | '17
Didn't actually ride, haven't seen this in person, but Evergreen reported from King County that the water-over-trail problem with the north lot has been fixed. Read more

27 | Feb | '17
Trails are in good shape. Some wet spot but drainage was pretty decent. looks like jumps were recently touched up on major Tom and ground control and pump track is still settling but pretty packed. Chilly day... Read more

25 | Feb | '17
Quick nice dry easy trails. Will be great for cyclocross practice in the fall. Could use better maps. Trails were unmarked except for one with white posts with arrows on it. 2 long staircases were great for practice and lots of logs for jumping over. Great fun little after work ride:) Great for beginners or cyclocross. Read more

19 | Feb | '17
Parked off 76th and 44th by the Mukilteo Community Garden. Rode most of the upper SE trails which were clear but a bit wet. Dropped down to the RR grade from there and took the grade and access road down. Circled back up past the dog park and the trail was passable but very greasy and 70% washed out in places. Towards the top the loop to the SW (?) has some good blow over and didn't bother to see... Read more