Paradise Valley
14 | Feb | '17
Starting at the 205th entrance, rode S. Traverse, Lloyd, down the Mainline, up Cascara, Red Alder, Twin Trees all the way back to marker 11, then back to the mtb park and Rogue Fern and then the last part of Twin Trees and out. 5 1/2 miles or so. Little branches down on Red Alder and Twin Trees, nothing serious though. However there's a big tree down across Mainline, requiring dismounting, kind o... Read more

Tiger Mountain
21 | Jan | '17
Master link trail was pretty clear a little hike at the end of the trail. When you get to the gravel road snow is ankle high so you need to hike a little bit to get to the bottom of predator im pretty sure the snow goes all the way up to the peak. We took predator down top part of the trail have s a little bit of snow I'd say 95% of the the predator trail have no snow. Dirt is nice.  Read more

Whitehorse - Arlington to Oso
21 | Jan | '17
Started at the Oso General Store this morning and went East on the trail to Squire Creek and then back to the car along 530 along with some of the trail segments when the highway shoulder wasn't adequate for safety. There was some heavy rutting by county dump trucks or contractors but you can ride the center between them for that half mile. Saw a couple more eagles and some snow was still on the t... Read more

Eagle above the Stillaguamish
Whitehorse - Arlington to Oso
14 | Jan | '17
New trail on the site. Started at twilight with cold, clear skies. The International Space Station just flew over, reflecting the sunrise down to earth for several minutes of viewing (a little nerdy). Rode the trail to Oso and returned on SR 530 to sample the road for future roady excursions. The middle third of the 12 miles has just had the stickers shredded away from the trail and added compost... Read more

I-5 Colonnade
09 | Jan | '17
In need of some maintenance and clean up for sure.  I wouldn't call it "Sketchy" if you are used to the city, but it just wasn't really fun - broken down, lots of garbage.  Seems like it's seen better days.   Read more

Thick Frost under the tires in places
Pac NW Trail - Alger to I-5
07 | Jan | '17
New trail to the site...Wanted to ride a segment of the Pacific Northwest Trail and chose to try an attempt to get from Alger to Chuckanut Drive. I started in Alger and climbed the fire road up to the Alger Peak and then back down continuing north to the Squires Lake Park trail system. After a stop at the lake I went down to the parking lot and trailhead. I then went across I-5 and along the road... Read more

oso slide 12-17-2016.jpg
Darrington - North Mountain
17 | Dec | '16
Was 12 degF this morning in Darrington  and 6-8" of  snow with a crust. I figured traction would be good but the snow was too soft still. The road had melt/freeze ice in the double track so after 2 miles in, it was too icy and downhill was treacherous.  Went back to the car via a route along the power lines after walking some of the trails under development.  Pretty morning. To... Read more

Blue Mountain Ridge
04 | Dec | '16
  Started real early due to a break in the convergence zone so no rain or snow when I started.  The road was clear until about 2400 feet when a trace was collecting. At 2800 feet I was riding in 5 inches of wet snow and the final climb to the tower would have been futile. Visibility was getting poor, time to turn around. The clouds were just starting to break so the ride down was pretty... Read more

Tiger Mountain
03 | Dec | '16
I noticed the last ride report was back in August and I figured I would give an update regarding the current conditions. I rode up master link to the start of OTG. I did not go to the summit because it was just too cold and too windy. The trails were wet and muddy in several spots. There was no snow so far but my bike definitely needed a good wash by the time I got back down the mountain.  Th... Read more

pre-turkey ride_o
Clarks Creek Park
24 | Nov | '16
I set out for a early morning ride in the pouring rain. While the turkey cooked I got in a ride, the trails behind the school were very muddy but rideable. I bailed on the upper loop in a clay section, knocked the wind out of myself ugh! The downhill main trail was in good shape and i encountered only two hikers and their dog. The small shack is no longer as the city has removed it. I did notice r... Read more

Blue Mountain Ridge
25 | Nov | '16
Spent Black Friday outdoors climbing here before the first snows at 3000 feet cover the ridge and make it impassible. No mud. The tops of the 4000'+ peaks were dusted real pretty. I started a little late and rode the last half under lights. Toes were getting a little cold. Track and pics here. Read more

Little Mountain Park
27 | Nov | '16
First time here. Forgot my front fender but the trails drained so well that it didn't matter. This park was great with gorgeous views of the Skagit Valley and might be even better during the Tulip Festival's fields' colors! I did Sidewinder, Huff n Puff, Bonnie and Clyde, the Surfriders and Rooty. It was a great early morning and a fun trail system.  Track and pics here. Read more

Summit Ridge
28 | Nov | '16
This is such a nice area for winter rides. I went out for 1 1/2 hours or so this afternoon, and the trails I rode were in fantastic shape. Considering how much rain we've gotten, I am super impressed. I haven't been riding for several years now, and I'm pretty unfit, but this was  perfect for my rigid single speed. I appreciated the signage for routes around the drops and log rides, since I'm... Read more

Spring Lake / Lake Desire Park
06 | Nov | '16
I rode the route FrancisL published in such great detail but opted to go in reverse. Quiet setting and trails have few roots/rocks and generally drain well. The large puddles were limited to the powerline portion. One note to add is the trail that goes to the "Peak" near the water tower has signs at both ends indicating it's closed to bikes. There are plenty of alternatives though to get around th... Read more

Duthie Hill
22 | Nov | '16
I rode Duthie from the north entrance about a week ago with my son, and found a significant amount of water over the trail leading up to the boardwalk (the boardwalk itself was fine).  We were able to ride through it, but today, I found it hub-deep.  Fortunately it was just me, because my son for sure would have been swimming.  Even on my Enduro, I had to ratchet my pedals at the 3-... Read more

Grand Ridge
22 | Nov | '16
Rode from the north end (through Duthie) to the Grand Ridge Drive crossing and back.  Saw only a few other riders the entire way, and found very good trail conditions throughout.  No sloppy mud anywhere, just a few puddles and bruises on otherwise tacky hardpack. Read more

Devils Gulch / Mission Ridge
30 | Oct | '16
Rode Devils Gulch up to the 4-way, then down Mission Ridge.  Had been several years since I'd ridden this eastern WA classic, and it was time to hit it again. Trails were in, well, decent shape, but there were a fair amount of deep rutted puddles.  As far as logs that required a carry, I think there was one on DG and about four on MR.  The main maintenance issue though were a coupl... Read more

Blue Mountain Ridge
12 | Nov | '16
It was a wet and stormy ride today. I started around 7am with a Bob trailer now mounted to my 29r. Using the Robert Axle Project thru axle accessory, and Bob bobbins, along with the longer IBEX 28 trailer fork, The 29r and trailer were ready to try the grunt to the tower. The trailer was great except for the hassles around the locked gates but it was really neat knowing with the wet bag, all was d... Read more

Grand Ridge
08 | Nov | '16
Rode it today and the trail is in very good shape.  Local crews have clearly been out and working...the majority of the trail has been blown off and al the drains have been opened.  There was very little mud and water on the trail today.  I got muddier riding up from the Sunset trailhead than I did on the Grand Ridge trail.   Read more

Paradise Valley
06 | Nov | '16
Trails are in decent early-winter shape.  Evergreen crews are out almost every sunday morning performing trail maintenace.  If you ride Paradise often, consider signing up for a work party and giving a little back.  All help is welcome and valuable.     Read more

Henry's Ridge
01 | Nov | '16
Trails on both sides of Hwy 169 in Black Diamond in good shape despite rain. But beware. Two out of 5 vehicles broken into and items stolen. We returned to the east side parking area about 7PM to find broken windows and missing items. Mostly dry clothing for the drive home. Looked around for evidence but found nothing. Read more

Blue Mountain Ridge
30 | Oct | '16
Started in the early morning under lights and climbed to the top, across the ridge and then down to Olney Pass Kiosk, and then back to the car. Logging has pushed the road all the way across the ridge eliminating the heavy brush section to the tower. The logging road is well drained and of excellent grade for climbing and downhills but is still one heck of a grunt. It was an excellent morning, and... Read more

Raging River
11 | Oct | '16
Hello all, Does anyone know the latest status on this trail?  When it might be open? Sounds very cool, cheers Evergreen MBA for your great work. Rob Read more

Sending it through the talus field
Little Bald Mountain
07 | Oct | '16
Rode it after the recent rains, which resulted in super tacky conditions. Only a couple spots that were soft, and only a couple other ones with dust where the rain couldn't get through the dense tree cover. All-in-all, what an awesome ride! It's the perfect time of the year to do it as the larches are almost in their prime golden stage, and the temps are reasonable (especially for the brutal 11-mi... Read more

Little Mountain Park
11 | Oct | '16
Really cool 1.5 - 2 hour ride. There's main road entrance which is gated. You drive up to to top where the lookout, bathroom, trailmap and parking are, ride down and then take road or trails back up to the top. This ride I started at low entrance (East Entrance) pull-off parking, trailmap and portapotty. You'll share parking with dog walkers and other bikers. Trails are very well maintained with s... Read more