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Ride Reports

Somebody broke out the good stuff for us to ride on yesterday.  Things are running fast smooth and tacky!  The upcoming forecast only looks to make things even better. 
Submitted by jon_dufay on 2/5/24
01 | 08 | '24
The blizzard will add more snow but the lower half was fun on this day. I'll be offline for a while but this is still a fun descent using the lower half of the trail as an out and back. It is a brutle climb though. Here is the ride log.
Submitted by tomvale on 1/9/24
01 | 04 | '24
Dropped someone off at SeaTac really early this morning and went to Tiger's upper lot off of SR-18 to start climbing. I had another hour before sunrise so I just went up Masterlink with light blazing and turned it off once I was on the Summit road. M...
Submitted by tomvale on 1/4/24
Who'd have thought we could be up at 4000' and with so very little snow on New Years Day. The climb to the summit was able to get accomplished with the Levo in the crusty snow but you will need a little hike a bike in shady spots. Same issues with t...
Submitted by tomvale on 1/1/24
I've been away on a Miami to LA cruise through the Panama Canal so I have been going through singletrack withdrawl and needed a good run to get myself back into my normal routine in the PNW. I took the truck all the way up to the access road junction...
Submitted by tomvale on 12/24/23
Suprinsingly, after all the rain we have had, the trails were in good shape.  There were several trees across the trail on liquid bread and upper springboard, they were to large for my small saw.
Submitted by vee on 12/10/23
Started climbing from the lower shuttle area up the roads, and the Pathfinder Trail, to the summit, where only a dusting of frost or snow existed. The route down Out Of The Blue/Hoot Owl/Skyline was almost ideal and had no real wet or muddy issues...
Submitted by tomvale on 12/1/23
11 | 26 | '23
With this long dry spell continuing, the trails are running well and the leaves are breaking down a little quicker. The Gulch is damp in only a couple spots and the trails were really fun. Come enjoy the new upgrades on the Gulch trails. If you haven...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/26/23
Took the bike to Lord Hill after lunch to get a ride in before the rains before Thanksgiving came this evening. Every trail had its share of leaves but they were all running well. The climbing routes were the wettest but that was tolerable. There is...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/22/23
I arrived at the lower shuttle area this morning and started climbing a bit before 8. The goal was to get to the summit a couple times before tonight's snow started falling in the North Cascades. I got up to the lookout where there was maybe a half i...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/12/23
11 | 09 | '23
I had to do some errands in Portland today, so I went down to Yacolt Burn State Forest and did the Thrillium Trail twice today. I had to clear two trees on run one and then had a great time on run two. The roots were a little damp from the previous r...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/9/23
11 | 02 | '23
I took the Levo to the Butte on Tuesday to get a ride in before there was too much snow. I tried to get to the top with my truck early to get a picture of the sunrise but the melt/freeze road conditions were too icy and I turned around and went and p...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/1/23
10 | 19 | '23
Someone has been flattening berms and jumps at tokul. The gap on PNWheel has been filled in and it is unclear who has been making changes and why. The trails are being destroyed purposely. Does anyone know what is going on?
Submitted by toutou on 10/20/23
10 | 06 | '23
All the trails here except the 1/2 mile loop out of the parking lot are fenced & posted no trespassing. The Cowiche Canyon website says that all the trails leading from here are closed permanently including the access to the William O Douglas Widerne...
Submitted by jamnic1 on 10/9/23
08 | 12 | '23
Overgrown vegetation -- this trail needs a serious trimming. The Alders have grown fiercely for the first 3-4 miles since the trail has opened. They're still small enough to be able to be taken out with gas-powered trimmers but pretty soon they're go...
Submitted by on 9/16/23
A friend and I were the only ones on the trails this morning at Lord Hill so we just kept going until it was time for him to go back for real work. Most of the trails are dry even though we had some rain but the morning was exhilarating. The River Tr...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/10/23
Took two runs down Lower Skyline and went back up a third time with my rake to clear the berms of the gravel I wrote about last time. I got down to the traverse and then quit there due to a rake failure. The gravel is mitigated along with adding addi...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/8/23
Took a couple friends to do Lower Skyline and Pathfinder a couple times after the rain and had a good time. There are plenty of braking bumps and a large amount of gravel in the berms so if you think of it, bring a rake next time and help rid the ber...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/26/23
Rode upper CCC road and lower Middle Fork trail to the Dingford TH today. The CCC road part is a great smooth ride (save the portion right at the trailhead). The Middle Fork trail required HaB a couple of dozen times for this aging rider. The brush w...
Submitted by thijssen on 7/22/23
Hadn't been to these trails since the end of June so I came back to enjoy the Springboards, MeetCutter, Rogue Knight, Redline, Wishbone, Ewe Tube, and Goldeneye. The trails are dry but still a fun time. Come up to Snohomish sometime and see for yours...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/22/23