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Gold star!

10 | 06 | '17

Manastash area trails are riding well.  Brush and grasses are falling back so trails are well exposed and open.  KOM time of year.



Submitted by salspa on 10/07/2017
How to get to the top

To top of Mt WA

10 | 05 | '17

I rode the main Olallie trail to the camp (the flat pad above the second set of switchbacks shown on the annotated map) and then continued on as many others have done to the top of Mt WA.

Here are directions and a map for anyone who wants...

Submitted by hardtail on 10/06/2017

Epic Awesomness

10 | 01 | '17

This is such a great epic ride! Beautiful views, a good mix of flow and technical riding and you finish right in town. We encountered snow but still had a fun time and we were still able to ride everything. The trail is in good shape, which always...

Submitted by gswigart31 on 10/04/2017

Great Ride

09 | 27 | '17

Smith Creek is closed in between the top of the steps and where it rejoins with the road.  Trail is closed due to washouts.  There are a few up there below the rock face, but mostly it's just overgrown.  Don't recommend this section...

Submitted by jamhow on 10/02/2017


09 | 29 | '17

Not sure what the weather this weekend is going to do snow wise but as of 9/28 everything is clear of snow and in great shape.  No evidence of any smoke from the Uno Peak fire.  Loose and dry as to be expected in places but all of the de...

Submitted by cbkoontz on 09/29/2017
Super Loop GPX

Eight Mile Route

07 | 03 | '17

I like this route because you don't go down steep decents for no reason. This route includes Oryan (Flowtron type run). When the rain comes the North side get sipery but the South side does much better. 

Submitted by Allan McKechnie on 09/28/2017

Greasy When Wet

09 | 23 | '17

Great Fall ride - did the lollipop route. The recent rain has eliminated the clearcut dusty conditions. The climb to the bench was in great shape.  The downhill was still wet and got progressively slicker. The steep berms in the last section...

Submitted by jackd49 on 09/26/2017

My favorite route

09 | 16 | '17

For first timers: There's basically no signage. I highly recommend parking at the "Tails and Trails" dog park, taking the trail to your left when facing the dog park, past the gate and down to the railroad tracks. To get to my fav...

Submitted by mickswan on 09/26/2017

Developing Nicely

08 | 30 | '14

Here's a shout out to Buck's Bikes and Buck for his vision for Seabrook biking!

I rode 'Narnia' and 'Witch' trail's.

If you like fresh forest trails with a soft forest floor, roots and a couple of drops these are a fun rides. And i...

Submitted by jedison on 09/25/2017

No No No Trespassing

09 | 23 | '17

I checked this ride out on this site. Then I google mapped the area and printed out the little topo map from the very bottom of the description page. The folks who generated that map should be applauded for their ballziness but as far as I could t...

Submitted by kbender on 09/23/2017


09 | 18 | '17

Has anyone rode this trail this Summer/Fall loop? No reports this year. Snow is there now. Now it's still a "bucket list" ride for next year.

Submitted by tomvale on 09/19/2017
approaching marine front over Rattlesnake Ridge

Last of the smoke

09 | 17 | '17

Had a wonderful time on the new trail even with the hazy valley below. The incoming rain front was just crawling over Rattlesnake and then evaporating. It was an impressive transition into Fall. I only made it to the major switchback after the Mt...

Submitted by tomvale on 09/19/2017

Possibly the last fine day of summer, trails were dry and fast, though the blackberry bushes are starting to close in on some trails. Construction closure signs are posted at all the trail entrances, to be closed after September 26th.

Submitted by eriwar on 09/16/2017

Just the tunnel w/kids

09 | 15 | '17

I brought my 11yo son and 7yo daughter for a ride through the tunnel yesterday. We had ample lighting (a must, because it is DARK in there), but not ample attire; I insisted they have jackets, but it was even chillier than I expected.  Gloves...

Submitted by r1de on 09/16/2017

Old School Ride

09 | 11 | '17

The CCC trail from Middle Fork.

This was our first drive in on the new road and loved skipping 9 miles of potholes. The CCC trail, connector, and old road have a huge variety of terrain from groomed trail to primitive sing...

Submitted by Allan McKechnie on 09/15/2017

Dry but lovely

09 | 14 | '17

Technically not a "ride" report, as this was a work party with Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust (on an even date, no less), but we certainly got in some good time on the trail for the first few miles below Dingford.  The trail is in great sh...

Submitted by r1de on 09/14/2017
Mt. Rainier from Mt. Washington

Open to Mt. Washington?

09 | 12 | '17

I rode as far as the Mt. Washington trail and did not see a closure sign.  Does this mean it's open?  It's fantastic.  The Olallie trail is my new favorite ride.  I ditched my bike partway up the Mt. Washington trail and hiked...

Submitted by mdfrancisco on 09/14/2017

I rode the section from Gorge Bridge TH to Petes Creek trail; parked at the Switchback TH and went downstream, then took the road back to the car, then went upstream to Petes Creek, then took the road back to the car.

Trail was in great co...

Submitted by ethan on 09/11/2017

Trail damage

09 | 04 | '17

A new road is being built, demolishing the barbell trail near the upper crossing of cold creek.  Bummer!  Hopefully this gets rebuilt or they post a detour.  Otherwise to do the loop, you might have to bite off the climb up silver s...

Submitted by Ckornmann on 09/07/2017

Seconding the Overgrown

08 | 19 | '17

I rode out to the lake and back and really had a hard time enjoying the ride even on a perfect weather day.  I did this three years ago and had more fun.  It starts off with...

Submitted by izaakk on 09/05/2017

We have had an extremely dry stretch of weather so the trails are getting really blown out.  Please be careful in the corners and stay on the trails. The edges are get...

Submitted by lisbed on 09/04/2017

The trail is becoming harder to enjoy as there are too many sections where the danger of being thrown off the bike by branches sticking out or rocks hidden in bushes invading the trail slows one down to a fraction of the speed at which the trail c...

Submitted by lionjob on 09/04/2017
Switchback on the Northway Trail

Still Fun

08 | 31 | '17

The Northway-Crystal Loop is riding well.  Not too much moon dust when considering the lack of rain and time of year.  Don't miss swimming in Hen Skin Lake. Smoke from forest fires may be an issue-check the Crystal Cams before heading ou...

Submitted by jackd49 on 09/04/2017

Neat step back in time

08 | 05 | '17

Added this historic place to the website and enjoyed exploring the different locations and also returned using the reclamation road which makes for a nice loop. It was a little dusty on the Mountain Loop Highway but a nice ride. There was a lot of...

Submitted by tomvale on 09/04/2017
Lake at Trail's End


09 | 24 | '16

Rode a week ago wtih an early start and managed to make it to the lake taking the upper route out and the lower on the return. As in the previous report, the last mile to the lake is really overgrown but still do-able. Other than that, the tr...

Submitted by jimpiav on 09/02/2017