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Ride Reports

08 | 05 | '20
I rode the new Canyon Creek DH this morning, and Raging Tiger back up. CCDH is long with rooty technical gnar, some steep powdery switchbacks and a bermy flowy final section down to the river. I'd call this a blue plus or black minus, maybe dark blue...
Submitted by Bryan on 08/05/2020
07 | 30 | '20
Met up with fellow Evergreen rider tomvale and did the Raging Lollipop. We just missed the opening of the new CCDH and Raging Tiger so will have to go back for that. Great morning on the trail, that lollipop is always a challenge for me! Poppin Tops...
Submitted by Bryan on 08/03/2020
08 | 02 | '20
Wanted to get a good baseline performance run on my gravel bike, over multiple terrain styles, before I order and install my Fox 32AX fork to mitigate the handlebar shock of the rooty, or rough, terrain I ride with the gravel bike. I decided to start...
Submitted by tomvale on 08/02/2020
Drove to the gate; posted as private property.  We didn't feel welcome so we left.  Anyone know what the rules are out here?  Is it actually okay to ride here?
Submitted by WhitRat on 08/01/2020
08 | 01 | '20
Conditions were great. I'm out of shape, and I'll try Raging Ridge when I'm not. 
Submitted by johhea on 08/01/2020
The goal today was to make the 100 mile loop around the Mountain Loop Highway (Arlington, Darrington, Barlow Pass, Granite Falls, Arlington). I started in downtown Arlington just after 6am in a moist haze and windbreaker. Because of the slide on the...
Submitted by tomvale on 07/26/2020
07 | 23 | '20
Left from 356th Drive lot about 8:00 AM, plenty of parking. Rode fire roads up Tokul East, and down Two Fernz and Last Frontier. Despite two crashes it went faster than expected, so I went back up and took Golden Spike over to Tokul West. Some mud ho...
Submitted by Bryan on 07/23/2020
07 | 19 | '20
The avalanche debris field is rideable, and there's just one tree down on the road to trail part.  Rode across one small patch of snow near the top.  The Alpine Traverse was spectacular as usual.  The only warning is be wary of riding...
Submitted by mtrunyan on 07/19/2020
07 | 18 | '20
Crazy beautiful views awesome trail! Road The trail to hidden falls and back. trail is still a little thick with overgrowth in some areas but overall the riding is superb. Get out here before the summer heat comes. One of the best trails in Southwest...
Submitted by ronzit on 07/19/2020
07 | 15 | '20
Long uphill grunt and just before the third lookout my shifting completely goes to h*ll. Clanking and grinding, I bail to take a look and the rear derailleur is wedged into the cassette! Turns out my DT Swiss rear axle has come unscrewed, so I'm scre...
Submitted by Bryan on 07/15/2020
07 | 11 | '20
Road this from North Bend. The creek crossings were all passable without getting your feet soaked. OTOH, there were many sections where the trail is overgrown - by the time I got to the Middle Fork Trailhead my arms made me look like I'd been wrestli...
Submitted by ChrisL on 07/12/2020
07 | 11 | '20
Did a single loop on the east side of the tracks and went to the flow lines to watch a few younger adventurous riders enjoy the flow built and improved lately. There was just a couple mud puddles on the trails. I also took a side trail down to the ra...
Submitted by tomvale on 07/11/2020
07 | 07 | '20
The entire area inside 30330 and 30400 Road (Mousetrap, Moonraker, Bon Bon and Upper Outback) is covered in dried black "biosolids" which I'm guessing is literally crap! Rode Lower Outback, Middle, Poopy D (no poop there), Mavericks and Tokyo Drift....
Submitted by Bryan on 07/07/2020
06 | 26 | '20
I attempted to do the lollipop route but was turned back by a big sign after about 2 miles that said "Watershed Boundary - No trespassing" after starting clockwise along the road.    I backtracked and did the singletrack section (counter cl...
Submitted by slimjones on 07/04/2020
07 | 03 | '20
Overall a great ride - one that comes with a sense of accomplishment for both the uphill endurancefest and technical challenges going down the trail. It's well covered in the description, but I'll second that the climb up is no joke.  I wish I...
Submitted by Trekcito on 07/04/2020
07 | 03 | '20
Reporter 'Bryan' and I toured Lord Hill this morning to enjoy the park in its early Summer state.  There is a tree over Liquid Bread near the bottom after a blind corner and one also over the River trail still, halfway down to the river. The riv...
Submitted by tomvale on 07/03/2020
06 | 29 | '20
Arrived in south parking lot about 8:00 AM and rode Space Coaster, Deuces Wild and Ryan's Line. By 10:00 AM the central clearing was crawling with kids. There are shelters, vans, cookie circles and more arriving all time. I even saw a very young kid...
Submitted by Bryan on 06/29/2020
06 | 26 | '20
Three hours and 5,000' of climbing from the Rattlesnake Lake lot to the summit, where the fire road branches off. Admittedly, I pushed it through a few sections, I'm old! Descent was awesome, a little loose and rocky up top but smooth, bermed and ama...
Submitted by Bryan on 06/26/2020
06 | 25 | '20
I waited until the end of the week since Raging's trails need several days to dry out. Go tomorrow before the weekend rain! I had my best (most fun) Lollipop ride today and only saw two climbers while cruising down to the car. At the top of No Servic...
Submitted by tomvale on 06/25/2020
06 | 23 | '20
Rode Master Link and Quick Link up, then fire road to top of OTG. OTG is running well and dry, NOTG closed until 6/25 according to the sign posted. The trail is completely taped off, and I respected it. Then Fully Rigid, Joy Ride, NW Timber to The Le...
Submitted by Bryan on 06/23/2020