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Long Ride Then I Cut Through the Park

29 | Jun | '22

Wanted to do a long ride tonight and with the Stumpjumper's dropper failing, I took the gravel bike out tonight for a long excursion. I headed north from Silver Lake to Highway 2 and over the Snohomish River and then back to Snohomish heading toward Lord Hill. Half way to SR-522, I took a right on 144th and climbed up to the middle of the Red Barn trail (big blow-over to clean up) and entered the Park from the east side using Easy 8 trail. The 38mm tires gripped the dirt well but was more of a challenge than the Stumpjumper on Maxxis, and any muddy spots were almost gone but not hero yet. I continued on Red Barn, the connector up to the Pipeline trail, and then Goldeneye (has two trees, one at entry, one on the old line). I went to the summit and then returned to the park's North access road via Ewe Tube. The descent down the steep road to the river valley is fricken awesome, but it is quite a pucker factor hoping no tire failure occurs. Dinner was served at the Cathouse in Snohomish and the rest of the ride home was just great. GPS track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 06/29/2022