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Tiger Mountain


With many miles of mountain biking trails spanning a wide variety of skill levels and physical challenge - including a bona fide double-diamond DH trail and killer views of Mount Rainier from the summit - Tiger Mountain is one of Seattle's most popular mountain biking destinations.

All trails are open year round, but during the winter months or after significant weather events, the trails are subject to closures: check for updates on this page and on the DNR's Tiger Mountain page here.

There are also many miles of logging roads that are open all year long, but these too may be closed (typically for timber harvest).  Check the DNR link above.

General trail descriptions:

  • Master Link is a one-way climbing trail from the parking lot to roughly 3/4 of the way up the mountain.  It's a climbing masterpiece - smooth and lots of friendly grade reversals to get you up top quickly and with gas in the tank.
  • Quick Link is also a one-way climbing trail that picks up where Master Link leaves off, getting you a little bit further up the moutain - just enough to session Predator.  If you're going all the way to the summit, you'll need to get the rest of the way from here by road.
  • Predator is a true DH (yes, downhill!) trail rated double-diamond/experts-only.  It features 1.8 miles of steeper and more challenging terrain, including a committing rock waterfall chute.  This one-way descent is full of rock-armored steeps, with some tight turns over fast and undulating terrain packed with obstacles that will keep even highly skilled riders challenged.  This trail crosses the main Tiger road near the bottom (where it becomes "Lower Predator", which can be ridden as a short standalone trail from the bottom), and terminates near the end of Iverson.
  • East Tiger Summit is extremely fast and flowly, requiring minimum pedaling, and overall pretty buff but with a few gnarly spots.  Bit of a physical grunt to get to the top, but a Blue Square descent.
  • Off the Grid is 2.5 mile mostly downhill trail that peels off to the right just after you cross the road when descending the East Tiger Summit trail. It rides like a good mix of Joy Ride and Fully Rigid, but does contain a few short climbing section. It exits directly above the entrance to Fully Rigid.  Classified as a Black Diamond.
  • Fully Rigid is a short, technical trail that connects the road above NW Timber to the intersection of Silent Swamp and Joy Ride.  It has some very tight and gnarly sections, and is intended to be ridden in the downhill direction, and is an extreme challenge to climb!  Black Diamond downhill, Double Diamond uphill.
  • Silent Swamp is a rolling elevation trail that connects the bottom of Preston to the top of NW Timber (via Joy Ride) without needing to ride the road.  It's also a great way to get some more mileage in by combining it with the return road climb as a loop from the bottom of Fully Rigid back to the top of Fully Rigid.  Pretty much a Green Circle trail, and not ridden much (great if you're looking for a little solitude).
  • Joy Ride is similar to the East Tiger Summit Trail - flowy and fast with some rollers in places.  Blue Square.
  • NW Timber is a mostly buff Green Circle that can be ridden either direction, but has a few intimidating cruxes that a fair number of riders might dismount for (the infamous off-camber root drop near the ledge).  This trail is nearest to the trailhead; watch for hikers and riders going both ways.
  • Iverson is considered moderately technical, and is a bit of a grunt in either direction.  Call it a Blue Square.  This trail is probably the least ridden on Tiger - definitely worth checking out if you're looking for some alone time on the bike.
  • Preston Railroad Grade is also fast but more technical than the Summit Trail, with roots, rocks, some gnar sections and some switchbacks.  It requires very little pedaling in the downhill direction, but can be ridden either way.  It's a challenge in the climbing direction!  Blue Square.
  • Preston Bailout Radness (PBR) is a relatively short, .4 mile, trail off of the third switch back on Preston that offers an alternate way to the crossover road that removes most of the climb to Fully Rigid.  It’s a rooty, technical flow trail that crosses the characteristics of Fully Rigid and Joy Ride with excellent sight lines and several bermed turns. Blue square/black diamond descending, black diamond climbing. Note this trail is designated as descending riders having right-of-way.

West Tiger

  • Only Puget Power Trail and High School Trail are open to mountain bikes.
  • Bus Trail and Bonneville Trail are both not signed for limited use (Use your best judgment).
  • All other trails are off limits to bikes
  • From the bottom of the High School Trail, take your first right, then left at the 'T' up to Puget Power
  • The climb up from the High School to Puget Power is 18%-20%, High School is about 15%
  • High school is smooth double track, Puget Power is a middle chain ring fire access road.
  • It's 2.8 miles from the High School to the High Point Trailhead. Out and back using Bonneville is about 7.5 miles
  • Grunt 3 | Tech 1

All distances are estimates and for general reference only.

Evergreen is underway with a major improvement of the Tiger Mountain bicycle trail system.

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