Tiger Mountain
Tiger Enduro, Iverson Stage
Key Info
2-3-4 of 5 (technical difficulty)
3 of 5 (physical difficulty)
Premium Trail
20 miles total
1600' elevation gain
90% single track
10% fire road
47.466290 lat.
-121.930575 long.


Predator is open. Tiger Mountain's first downhill mountain bike trail is open for business!

Caution: this is a very steep and technical one-way downhill only, experts only, double black diamond trail. Enjoy!

Tiger Mountain is one of Seattle's most popular mountain biking destinations. The East Tiger Summit, Preston Railroad, Iverson (Fat Hand), Silent Swamp, Fully Rigid, Joy Ride, Off-the-Grid, Bail-out, Northwest Timber and Predator Trails are all open to bicycles. Starting in 2014, trails will not be subject to the past Oct 15 to Apr 15 seasonal closures. However, all trails are still subject to closures depending on trail and weather conditions (check for updates on this page and on the DNR's Tiger Mtn page here). There are many miles of logging roads that are open all year long.

Trails vary in difficulty:

  • Iverson is considered moderately technical, and is a bit of a grunt in either direction.  Call it a Blue Square.
  • East Tiger Summit is extremely fast and flowly, requiring minimum pedaling, and overall pretty buff but with a few gnarly spots.  Big physical grunt to get to the top, but a Green Circle to descend.
  • Preston Railroad Grade is also fast but more technical than the Summit Trail, with roots, rocks, some gnar sections and some switchbacks.  It requires very little pedaling in the downhill direction, but can be ridden either way.  It's a challenge in the climbing direction!  Blue Square on the way down, Black Diamond for the way up.
  • Preston Bailout Radness (PBR) is a relatively short, .4 mile, trail off of the third switch back on Preston that offers an alternate way to the crossover road that removes most of the climb to Fully Rigid.  It’s a rooty, technical flow trail that crosses the characteristics of Fully Rigid and Joy Ride with excellent sight lines and several bermed turns. Blue square/black diamond descending, black diamond climbing. Note this trail is designated as descending riders having right-of-way.
  • Silent Swamp is a rolling elevation trail that connects the bottom of Preston to the top of NW Timber (via Joy Ride) without needing to ride the road.  This is a new purpose built trail for bikes, so not reusing a road grade.  It can be ridden either way, Blue Square either way.
  • Fully Rigid is a short, technical trail that connects the road above NW Timber to the intersection of Silent Swamp and Joy Ride.  It has some very tight and gnarly sections, and is intended to be ridden in the downhill direction, and is an extreme challenge to climb!  Black Diamond downhill, Double Diamond uphill.
  • Joy Ride is similar to the East Tiger Summit Trail - flowy and fast with some rollers in places.  Green Circle/Blue Square either way.
  • NW Timber is a mostly buff Green Circle that can be ridden either direction, but has a few intimidating cruxes that a fair number of riders might dismount for (the infamous off-camber root drop near the ledge).  This trail is nearest to the trailhead; watch for hikers and riders going both ways.
  • Off the Grid (OTG) is 2.5 mile trail opened late August 2014.  It is a mostly downhill trail that peels off to the right just after you cross the road when descending the East Tiger summit trail. It rides like a good mix of Joy Ride and Fully Rigid, but does contain a few short climbing section. It exits directly above the entrance to Fully Rigid.
  • The newest trail to join the Tiger Mountain network of bike trails, is Predator.  Predator is a true DH (yes, downhill!) trail rated double-diamond/experts-only.  It features 1.8 miles of steeper and more challenging terrain, including a committing rock waterfall chute.  This one-way descent is full of rock-armored steeps, with some tight turns over fast and undulating terrain packed with obstacles that will keep even highly skilled riders challenged.  The entrance (top) of Predator is on the crossover road, just past the final "Y" intersection on your way to the summit: instead of turning left to go up to the summit, go right and look for the trailhead on your right.  This trail crosses the main Tiger road near the bottom, and terminates near the end of Iverson.

Tiger mountain can be wet following rain.  Significant trail rerouting and maintenance efforts over the years have drastically improved Tiger's recovery and rideability due to rain, but due to the traffic it receives, it's still wise to avoid in rainy weather.

Tiger's summit is high enough to receive significant snowfall during winter months, and there may be intermittent closures of the upper trails during snow events.

Iverson and NW Timber see significant use by hikers.

Evergreen is underway with a major improvement of the Tiger Mountain bicycle trail system.

Ride Reports

at the top
15 | Nov | '15
Got out for ride up NWT-JR-FR-Crossover-QuickLink on Sunday and saw a few sets of tracks up there from others.  Fully Rigid was really tough, it was about where the snow coverage began on the trails.  I didn't get out until pretty late, so had to flip lights on at Quick Link on up and by the time I hit the summit the ground was starting to refreeze and my tires were not really gripping.... Read more

30 | Sep | '15
Group of 6 of us did Summit to OTG and then Predator yesterday, on a glorious fall day in the PNW. This was the first time I've been to Tiger since before the CDC Enduro, so I was curious to see how the trails were holding up. Obviously I'm not sure about the other stuff (Preston, Joyride, Fully Rigid, Silent Swamp, etc), but OTG and Predator were in AMAZING shape - especially considering the ra... Read more

16 | Sep | '15
Decided to see what all the hype was about on the new Predator DH trail.  Seemed like a great day - midweek, been dry for a couple days, clear weather - and just before it gets mugged by the Enduro this upcoming Saturday. Warmed up from Summit through OTG, where we found the trail conditions to be stellar - I rarely ever use the term "hero dirt", but I'd use it today.  Really fast, real... Read more

Invisible Tahoma
18 | Aug | '15
Got a moderately big slice of Tiger today, Iverson CW, ETS to OTG to FR to JR to NW Timber.  The recent rains had a net-zero effect out here; trails are still generally bone dry and loose.  The wildfires raging in Chelan have cast an almost fantasy-land layer of white smoke over the eastern Puget sound foothills, and have dropped an invisibility cloak on Rainier.  To any first-time... Read more

24 | Jul | '15
Weekday mornings are a magical thing for Tiger: I got to the lower lot at 8:something and found a total of 3 other cars.  Rode up to the summit via the road, and had the summit to myself.  A moderate breeze kept wafting heavy mist across the summit, and my patience was rewarded with a few brief views of Tahoma through the cloud cover.  I descended ETS, OTG, FR, SS, climbed back up t... Read more

Tiger is Awesome
07 | Jul | '15
Made it to the summit about 8, that was a little too late. Ended up riding the last hour by headlight on Joy Ride,SS, NWT. Tiger is awesome, thanks Evergreen!  Read more

16 | Apr | '15
We rode East Tiger Summit, Off The Grid, Fully Rigid, Joyride, and NW Timber. Everything was in awesome shape, but Fully Rigid is sure taking a beating in some places.  There was still a bit of snow in shady spots near the summit. Read more

28 | Mar | '15
I took the road up to E Tiger Summit trail and then road that to the summit, then back down to OTG, Fully Rigid, Joyride and NWT. OTG had some areas that were really abused, they were soft/muddy from the rain overnight and it looks like lots of people were out.  There were a few areas that I can usually deal with when riding up that wont be rideable as a result of some of this, so that's kin... Read more

05 | Mar | '15
Other than a blowdown at the Preston end of Silent Swamp and some wetness on Joy Ridge everything is great. Read more

21 | Feb | '15
Kind of regret we rode Off the Grid today as it would have been better to stay away for the trail's sake - there are a few soft and muddy spots in the upper part, especially where recent dirt fills were done. I'm afraid that with tens (if not hundreds) of riders, hammering it this weekend, it may suffer some injuries. We did the road climb -> East Tiger Summit ->Off the Grid -> Joyride -&... Read more

12 | Feb | '15
We rode East Tiger Summit, Off The Grid, Fully Rigid, Joyride and NW Timber.  The trails were in awesome shape - basically packed hero dirt - everywhere, except for NW Timber which was a little wet in places.  But really just a little wet here and there!  Bikes and clothes were clean at the end of the ride.  First time ever riding Tiger in February, and it felt and rode like it... Read more

08 | Feb | '15
I took NWT-Joyride-Silent Swamp-Crossover Road up and it's the wettest and muddiest I've ridden so far this winter.  Not surprising given all the rain recently.  The lower down trails have some increasingly large mud pits, even Silent Swamp which has been awesome this winter.  There is a large tree down across Silent Swamp about 1/8 mile from where it intersects Crossover Rd. ... Read more

08 | Feb | '15
Did the full Preston to PBR, Fully Rigidto Joy Ride and out NWT today. Driest and best running trail on the mountain right now is PBR. JoyRide is also running sweet as well. You'll get wet on Preston, but no where near as bad as it used to be And Fully Rigid has a couple bomb holes forming, but very rideable; watch for maintenance day on FR to fix the trouble spots. Great riding and spring definit... Read more

24 | Jan | '15
NW Timber-> Joyride-> Silent Swamp -> Crossover road -> OTG and down most of the same. Lower trails have increasing mud, slick roots and rocks.  OTG uphill ride was awesome, that trail has very little mud and I couldnt believe the strectches I could peddle up. BTW- Also saw the unicycle crew, crazy!  I have pics of one guy riding over one of those long logs by one of the bridges.  Read more

24 | Jan | '15
Main Tiger road -> summit -> E Tiger -> Preston -> Bail Out -> E side road -> NW Timber Lots of puddles, a bit of mud but less than I expected. Surprisingly good conditions given the recent rain. Met 4 guys from the Seattle Unicycle club on the trail - those guys are amazing. Read more

13 | Jan | '15
I got out late afternoon today to do NWT-Joyride-SS then climbed up the road and did Fully Rigid down to Joyride-NWT.  All pretty rideable, but a bit more challenging w wet roots and rocks and an ocassional mud patch.  I was running out of light which compounded these issues ;-)  Overall it seemed like NWT had the most wet/muddy sections and as I got away from the parking lot and up... Read more

21 | Dec | '14
Had a nice short ride on NW Timber and Joyride.  Conditions are great, some recent blow down has been cleared and there were only a couple small sections with mud/standing water.  Much of the trail was pretty much dry, but some areas have wet rocks and roots, so it is a bit of a challenge to guess which it is.  Great to have these kind of conditions into December.  Saw a couple... Read more

14 | Dec | '14
Did a short loop after the last freeze, thaw, rain cycle. The trails are riding excellently, dry and fast, almost summer like conditions except it was in the low 40s. Giving the trails a break after freeze thaw cycles for a couple days really goes a long way to keeping the tread in good shape. In fact I had more mud on my bike from the parking lot and logging road ride than from the trails. Tiger... Read more

22 | Nov | '14
Took my new bike on a first ride summiting Tiger West by the main road and then rode back down the road and up to Tiger East to do the summit trails, OTG, Joyride,NW Timber and Connector. There was a little snowfall at the top but none collected yet. Trails were as expected. Can't get too much muddier! Thanksgiving weekend might be better but colder! Be real careful.  Google Earth file ... Read more

18 | Nov | '14
Our group ride did East Tiger Summit, Off The Grid, Fully Rigid, Joyride and NW Timber by lights evening of the 18th.  Although conditions in a lot of places were outstanding, the recent and still-active thawing of the ground has produced a number of extended soupy spots - especially on Off The Grid - that, had we known were present, may have caused us to reconsider.  In addition to damp... Read more

12 | Nov | '14
Hit this again after a couple of days of cold/dry weather.  As r1de says, it's in great shape.  We hit Iverson, NW Timber and Joyride before turning around to get back to the cars before total darkness. I think the tree down on Iverson that r1de mentioned is newly down, at least I can't recall it being there last time I rode it.  All the water on the trails either froze into the g... Read more

12 | Nov | '14
I had not been back to Tiger since the Enduro in September, and was a little bit concerned about how the conditions would be, given the recent rain and wind.  But the word through the grapevine was that it was pretty dry, so with a cool, breezy and sunny forecast, I returned to the scene of the crime...  I rode Iverson, East Tiger Summit, Off the Grid, Fully Rigid, Joyride and NW Timber.... Read more

04 | Nov | '14
From a water standpoint, there is an increasing amount of flow in the streams up here.  That's fine for the ones that are routed through drain pipes or culverts, but for the assorted others that are randomly spilling down the mountainside, they are now spilling on to the trails more.  Parts of Preston RR that were fairly dry a few days ago, now have light streams running down and across... Read more

02 | Nov | '14
Went for late morning ride on Sunday Nov 2, last rain was Friday mid-day. For the most part, the higher you get, the better/drier the trail is. Preston from Bail Out up was best, much of it totally dry. Bail Out was tough, narrow trail and wet roots on a few of the steep switch backs really made it challenging. The lower trails had a fair amount of traffic, bikes and people.  NW Timber w... Read more

29 | Oct | '14
I decided to see how the trails were after the heavy rains this week, since I've never been out past the normal Oct 15 closing.  I rode from the parking lot: NW Timber- Joyride-Silent Swamp- Preston RR, so pretty much all up hill.  With the exception of the switchback on Preston RR right before you hit Bail Out, it was pretty dry at least not lots of standing water.  That one switch... Read more

12 | Oct | '14
Rode the lower loop out Northwest Timber, with a climb to the maintenance access on Joyride and out Silent Swamp to Preston. Climbed Preston, now I remember why I haven't done that climb in 17 years, but it was still a good technical challenge. Very few riders--two- coming down Preston today. Even the river isn't really acting up quite yet. Upon reaching Preston Bailout (PBR), I descended and was... Read more

09 | Sep | '14
Took Tiger Summit trail to Off the Grid. Summit was in pretty good shape as were the first rollovers and step ups on Off the Grid. Second third of the trail was pretty mangled; slick rocks/roots/ brake divets/ and so forth making for some cantankerous riding. Fortunately, when the terrain and dirt gets a bit better packed and less rooty, the riding was pretty smooth and allowed me to book it witho... Read more

06 | Sep | '14
Dawn Patrol at Tiger this AM, found OTG packing in and drying out nice. FR and JR both in good shape, and recent brushing on NW Timber.  Read more

08 | Aug | '14
Standard loop now with picking up PBR off the third switch back on Preston. Just like getting a powder day with this new option and cutting out the road climb on the crossover. Flow and tech similar to Fully Rigid and Joy Ride but with much better sight lines. The whole mountain is running ridiculously fast right now. Read more

05 | Aug | '14
This dry weather has resulted in a particularly fast and furious season for Tiger; no mud anywhere.  Soo good, just keep hitting the "replay" button on it. Read more

21 | Jul | '14
Was unsure how Preston would be flowing with the recent rains, but pleasantly surprised!  A teeny bit slick on the summit trail, but otherwise perfect tack and no mud anywhere.  Rode everything except Iverson. Read more

17 | Jul | '14
Rode the "Enduro Special" loop - Iverson CW, climb the road to Summit, Summit to Preston, climb crossover road to Fully Rigid, Fully Rigid to Silent Swamp, repeat the road to Fully Rigid, Fully Rigid to Joyride to NW Timber.  And after all that, not a drop of mud on the bike - seriously!  Flowers and berries are all in bloom: Ghost Plant, Twisted Stalk, Red Baneberry, Salmonberry, Red Hu... Read more

Taken right after Preston - it's clean!
23 | Jun | '14
It will be hard to top this ride at Tiger - maybe the best ever for me. Perfect weather, perfect dirt, Preston was DRY (look at the pic!), not one other rider seen the whole time, and some face-time with Rainier at the summit. I found my new favorite loop: Iverson CW, road up to summit, East Tiger Summit to Preston, crossover road to Fully Rigid, Fully Rigid to Silent Swamp, Silent Swamp to cross... Read more