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Tiger Mountain

Tiger Enduro, Iverson Stage

Key Info

1-2-3-4 of 5 (technical difficulty)
3 of 5 (physical difficulty)
NW Washington
Premium Trail


20 miles total
1600' elevation gain
90% single track
5% fire road
47.466290 lat.
-121.930575 long.


2 New Trails Open on East Tiger Mt: "Easy, Tiger" and "The Legend" form a lollipop loop off of the Northwest Timber trail. Easy Tiger is a green level 2-way trail that will primarily be used as the return path for The Legend, the more difficult descent. Construction of extensions to both trails will continue this fall, so stay tuned for work parties. Eventually Easy Tiger will connect all the way to the Raging River State Forest!

With many miles of mountain biking trails spanning a wide variety of skill levels and physical challenge - including a bona fide double-diamond DH trail and killer views of Mount Rainier from the summit - Tiger Mountain is one of Seattle's most popular mountain biking destinations.

All trails are open year round, but during the winter months or after significant weather events, the trails are subject to closures: check for updates on this page and on the DNR's Tiger Mountain page here.

There are also many miles of logging roads that are open all year long, but these too may be closed (typically for timber harvest).  Check the DNR link above.

Tiger mountain can get slick and stay that way for a bit following rain.  Significant trail rerouting and maintenance efforts over the years have drastically improved Tiger's recovery and rideability due to rain, but due to the traffic it receives, it's still wise to avoid in rainy weather.

Tiger's summit is high enough to receive significant snowfall during winter months, and there may be intermittent closures of the upper trails during snow events.

Most of the trails are smooth and flowing, with intermittent gnar.  Exceptions include Predator - which features very steep and very garnly technical sections, optional airs, root gardens, and a puckering rock chute; and Fully Rigid - which is a tight and twisty, rooty technical challenge.

Iverson and NW Timber see significant use by hikers.  Watch your speed here!

Evergreen is underway with a major improvement of the Tiger Mountain bicycle trail system.