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Steven’s Pass Bike Park - Rocks!

04 | Aug | '22

Yes, it's a 2+ hour drive from my house and cost me $55 for a lift ticket, but damn did I get a lot of riding in! It's amazing how much you can ride, when the uphill is a 10 minute lift ride. Weather was chilly, spitting rain and occasional wind so the lift rides were a bit chilly, but I warmed up quickly on the way down, doing multiple laps on Golden Spike, PBR, Rock Crusher and Slingshot Wookie. Dirt was great overall, light rain kept down the dust. Riders are a mix of true experts throwing whips off double black jump trails, all the way down to two dudes inching along with a leg extended in every berm.  Sigh. Bonus was the free ice cream ticket I got, when I purchased a day pass. Nice!

Also, some ask EMBA to add this park into their drop down selection for Trail; I have no idea where Wynoochee Lake is. 

Submitted by Bryan on 08/04/2022