Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Evergreen and supporting Washington mountain biking. Your membership is critical not only as an important source of our funding, but also as a reflection of our credibility as an organization to land managers and policy makers.

Membership Options


Annual Membership

One-time annual payment
starting at $35/year for individual,
$60/year for family

Student Membership

Affordable option for full-time students
who are 17-22 years old


7 Reasons to Be an Evergreen Member

GET AND KEEP ACCESS TO MORE TRAILS. Evergreen advocates tirelessly for new trails and protects access to existing trails.
SUPPORT TRAIL BUILDING AND MAINTENANCE. Your membership dollars help us build and maintain hundreds of miles of trails statewide each year.
DISCOUNTS. Get special deals on Evergreen events, and on products and services from participating companies.
TOGETHER WE HAVE MORE POWER. More members strengthen our voice when we talk to land managers and politicians.
ACCESS TO CLASSES. Take your riding to the next level with our certified Instructor Team - classes are for members only.
KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING FIRST. Members are kept up to date on advocacy issues, events, classes, races and rides statewide.
BE PART OF A COMMUNITY. Meet and ride with like-minded mountain bikers who support fun, sustainable, legal trails.
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