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Turning Water into Beer

30 | Jul | '22

Met up with one of my neighbors this morning for a bike ride at Tiger Mountain in the upper lot and then climbed to the summit to descend East Tiger and Side Hustle. Then we climbed once more up to Inside Passage and came down Atlas. It was my first time on Atlas and I enjoyed it. After that run, my neighbor went home and I climbed up again to do EBAD. Both Passage trail additions are great! EBAD's 'rooty waterfall’ (cleared of the roots now) was very dry.


I washed out on the runout and then I returned on the alternate NWT route and enjoyed that addition to get back to Masterlink.

At the beginning of the ride this morning, I loaned a water bottle to a rider at the trailhead (it was so hot, and I just use a hydration pack anyway). I told him to just leave it on my windshield when he was done. When I got back to the car, my water bottle was there along with two full cans of beer! More than a fair trade! ;-) Thank you man.  It was a good day. GPS track and pictures here.

Submitted by tomvale on 07/30/2022