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Ice cave here, for a couple more days

04 | Jul | '22

Started up the trail just after 7am in the foggy warm mountain air. Visibility wasn't good for the river valley or summit vistas and snow is still keeping us bikes from the upper meadow. I got to snow at 4100' and parked the bike soon after (two switchbacks from the base camp area, before the climbing trail). I walked up to the base camp opening and hiked another quarter mile just to see the trail. Then I began the descent. Saplings are thriving on the trail sidelines and will need a trim real soon in spots. I cut a few toppled fir from the snowed in section of the trail during the hike but the big saws will still be needed before the first road to trail switchback. GPS track and pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 07/04/2022