Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley
Key Info
2 of 5 (technical difficulty)
2 of 5 (physical difficulty)
11 miles total
100' elevation gain
100% single track
47.7878 lat.
-122.0796 long.


DOGS MUST BE ON LEASH AT ALL TIMES. Snohomish County leash and scoop laws are in effect. It just isn't appropriate or safe to ride with pooches off-leash.

Watch your speed when driving to the trailhead on Paradise Lake Road. It's a good revenue generator for Snohomish County.

There have been reports of cars being broken into in the parking lot.

Paradise Valley Conservation Area (PVCA or just PV) is a Snohomish County Park property that has a variety of singletrack to ride from rooty to twisty to swoopy. There are no big climbs here, but a lot of up and down. You'll get a suprisingly good workout riding here. There is about 11 miles of trail open to bikes.

Most of the trails now drain fairly well due to extensive work by Evergreen trail crews, however there will be some standing water and some mud after a good rain. Try to ride through, not around puddles. Give the trails several days to drain after heavy rains; if you ride the trails right after sustained rainfall you are going to come out wet and muddy.

Paradise Valley was a private (tree) farm property where the owners (the Lloyd family who still reside on the property in a Life Estate that will eventually revert to the County) passivly allowed recreation. Snohomish County acquired the 663-acre property in 2000 using funds from the state Salmon Recovery Fund and Snohomish County's Conservation Futures Board, converting it into the Paradise Valley Conservation Area, and eventually closing the property to recreation.

Evergreen contested the closure to public access and recreation, in both public meetings and direct communication to the county, on the grounds that parts of the property west of Paradise Lake Road had no critical aquatic habitat and closure to the public was unwarranted. Evergreen supports the protection of critical salmon habitat including wetland and riparian areas. The existing mountain bike trails do not encroach on any critical salmon habitat.

Evergreen continued its work with Snohomish County on reopening the property for recreation. Finally in late 2007, visible signs of progress appeared:

  1. Snohomish County was able to strike a deal with the Lloyd family for an easement on the life estate that allowed the County to construct a parking lot, information kiosk and install a porta-potty.
  2. An initial entry trail was constructed from the parking lot, connecting to an existing trail.
  3. The County began reaching out to potential user groups (including Evergreen) on what the final trail configuration would look like.

Evergreen worked with Snohomish County throughout 2008 and early 2009 to assist in reconfiguring the trail system to what it is today. As of April 2009, there are about 11 miles of trail open to Mountain Bikes.

Current work by Evergreen focuses on trail maintenance as well as upgrading the trails for better sustainability. New trails are planned in the Southwest portion of the park.


Maltby Pizza & Pasta is the most common post-ride destination. Go NW on Paradise Lake road, straight across Hwy 522, then zigzag right-left.


Maltby Cafe has world famous breakfast.

Ride Reports

23 | Nov | '15
Got a quick ride in at Paradise Valley today and the trails are in great shape.  The dirt is really grippy and the roots are really slippery.  There is still a large tree down at the bottom of Cedar Run but everything else was clear.   Read more

13 | Sep | '15
The trails were in great shape today. I rode last Monday just after the rains and everything was super slick with all of the roots, but today it had dried out and was perfect. Add to it, there were only about 6 other bikers in the area made for a great time out there today. There was some big animal marching around near the bottom of Cedar Run, so I ended up walking back up and out to not disturb... Read more

Platform Sans Log Obstruction
24 | Aug | '15
Fat Boy felt Gnomish so platform is clear. Happy Trails Read more

02 | Aug | '15
Word of Warning: For those who ride the plank bridges on Cedar Run, there are a few downed trees (small ones...but still) on the bridge with the two drops (the one marked by the caution signs).  It's still able to be ridden but there's now a new "level of difficulty" involed.  One tree is laying on the bridge while two create a duck-your-head scenario.  Just watch yourself... Read more

27 | Jul | '15
The recent "rain" made for great dirt today, and without any mud.  The roots were slick and tricky - and the woodwork was downright treacherous.  I found the Lloyd Detour super challenging, and nearly wiped out twice on the bridges of Cedar Run.   Beautiful day out there! Read more

01 | Jul | '15
I hadn't been riding at PVCA in a couple years, maybe longer.  I was in the area this morning and brought my bike.  What a great spot, brought back some old memories and made a few new ones.  I really like the new trail "Rogue Fern".  Cedar Run, Lloyd's, Red Alder - fun as always.  Only saw a few people here, but the trails are clearly getting use and staying in good shape... Read more

19 | Apr | '15
Trails were in prime condition, 7rh time to this trail network, new trail was very fun but is still being worked on, very busy that day, parking lot was full so we parked on side of road like others. Good for beginners, freeride trail needs bigger stuff in my opinion. Read more

08 | Mar | '15
A very busy day at Paradise but one of the great things about this place is you really don't run into too many people out on the trails once you get out on them. Nice, sunny, dry and warm. All trails in great condition. Rode Cascara to the mainline to Mountain Bike Park, Cedar Run, Southern Traverse, Two Trees to Ephemeral, Red Alder then back to Southern Traverse to hit it in the fun direction an... Read more

16 | Feb | '15
Really nice and dry from the recent sun. Made the roots easy and faster to get over and thanks to the work party for putting a bit of gravel on southern traverse. did a loop from mainline to loyd to souther traverse then main line then onto cascara and was all really dry and no standing water and only a bit of mud in one part of southern traverse.  Read more

10 | Jan | '15
I am a lower level intermediate rider. Surprisingly good conditions for January (had not rained heavily in 4+ days) with only a handful on standing water areas. Kudos to the trailer workers. I hit Mainline, Lloyd's, Cedar Run, Ephemeral, Southern Traverse, Two Trees, and the Mountain Bike park. Cedar Run has some nice features (many too difficult for me) and I liked the twisty areas of the Mounta... Read more

01 | Jan | '15
We had a 25 person group ride starting at 10:00 am. The temperature was at 32 degrees. The trails were frozen, dry and smooth. All had a great time and had positive comments on the trail conditions. Read more

28 | Dec | '14
I rode it on 12/26 and it was in really good shape.  But I was out doing trail work today (12/28) and it absolutely POURED late int he day and the trails were completely overshelmed with water.  If you give it a couple of days things will dry out again and you should have a good ride. Read more

29 | Nov | '14
It rained 1.5 inches yesterday here in South Snohomish County.  Despite all that rain, Paradise Valley was in pretty darn good shape today.  The only parts that are consistently muddy and holding water are parts of the mainline trail, pretty much all of the Plateau (aka "Mountain Bike Park") trails and the part of Red Alder closest to Cedar Run (the water table is just too high there). &... Read more

19 | Oct | '14
Paradise Valley is in great shape.  Doug and I were out today working on the Lloyd trail.  We cleaned some drains, fixed a few drainage issues and closed off a couple of trail braids that have popped up over the summer.  We will be back out next week to continue working down Lloyd and then will move over to Red Alder.  Next work party will be posted to the Evergreen calendar.... Read more

22 | Jun | '14
It's in great shape.  Getting a little brushy, but the gnomes will take care of that soon.  Otherwise everything is rolling fine! Read more