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Evergreen members have another chapter to celebrate: the brand new Cascades to Sound Chapter. Officially launched on April 16th, Cascades to Sound serves riders and volunteers in the greater Seattle region throughout King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties.

Your Evergreen support helped make this happen.  For years riders in the Seattle region supported both the development of local trails and Evergreen’s Statewide mission. It’s time to recognize those efforts with a well-deserved local chapter!  

“The Cascades to Sound Chapter signifies a major milestone and re-org for Evergreen,” says Executive Director Yvonne Kraus.  “Decades of hard work, relentless advocacy, and member support has created self-sufficient chapters all across Washington. It makes sense to further empower riders and volunteers in the greater Seattle region with their own local chapter.”   

Headed by Chapter President Wes Meyer, Vice President Kelly Amsbry, Secretary Carrie Pruitt, and Treasurer Erik Willert, Evergreen’s Cascades to Sound chapter remains focused on local advocacy, education, and new trails.

The only difference for most Evergreen members is a new chapter to choose from at membership renewal time. Local trail projects, work parties, group rides, and trail benefit events remain as exciting as ever--and are poised to grow with the new focus on local development in the Chapter’s tri-county area.  

Does this change impact your membership? That’s totally up to you.  “Evergreen members in the Cascades to Sound region now have a chapter option when they renew their membership,” says Operations Manager Tara Moser, “or they can continue to choose ‘Statewide’ to support all Washington trails and projects.”

Ride on and support our new chapter!


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