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21 | May | '24
Vivika Stamolis
In the scenic Leavenworth of the Central Chapter you’ll find Ski Hill — a trail system loved by locals and visitors for the gorgeous views and variety of iconic descent trails such as Rosie Boa. Wildflowers such as the bright yellow balsam root are in full bloom between April and May. 
20 | May | '24
Vivika Stamolis
That's a wrap for GiveBIG 2024! BIG thank you again to all who donated!
29 | Apr | '24
Jarrett Ziemer
  The pump tracks get a refresh, Jubulani gets a refresh, 12 Step gets a refresh, and Semper gets a refresh! Big Tree gets a refresh! Everyone gets a refresh! But only if you GiveBig this May 7th and 8th, 2024!
23 | Apr | '24
Vivika Stamolis
It's time for you to GIVE BIG so we can DIG BIG! Over the years, our GiveBig donors have built 100's of miles of new trails. Can we count on you to donate to GiveBig this year to make sure these projects happen?
05 | Apr | '24
Vivika Stamolis
The I-5 Colonnade – the City of Seattle's first-ever urban mountain bike skills park (and one of the first in the nation!) that we designed and built nearly two decades ago starting in 2005 and debuting in 2007.
03 | Apr | '24
Liz Lunderman
Sunshine burned off morning fog on the Raging River parking lot as more than one hundred volunteers, trail builders, and vendors gathered for Evergreen's first annual Spring Fling.
02 | Apr | '24
Vivika Stamolis
Less than an hour's drive from Vancouver, Washington, lies Cold Creek, a trail in the Southwest Chapter, known for its challenging climbs, exhilarating descents, and breathtaking views. Cold Creek is the most heavily biked section of the Tarbell trail system, and is distinctive enough from the rest of the system that it deserves its own guide and write up. 
28 | Mar | '24
Jarrett Ziemer
With the 2024 Spring Riding Season underway and the weather on our side, we at Evergreen thought it would be a good idea to catch up on what it means to be safe out on the trails.