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Flowers are out

15 | Aug | '22

I had the trail to myself today on my first visit. Nice and cool in the shade. Much of the lower trail in need of a major brush out requiring an industrial weed whacker to get the alder that threatens to take over. Not a real problem yet, other than whipping your hands a bit on the ride down, but by this time next year it will be if not taken care of. I will volunteer to work if someone had the tools.

Alpine Baldy 8.22 015

Watch out for this spot where the trail is sliding into the gully. I walked across the top area.

Alpine Baldy 8.22 001

Alpine Baldy 8.22 044 Pano

View across bald spot.

Alpine Baldy 8.22 058

Near the end

Submitted by jimd on 08/15/2022