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Galbraith - View of Bellingham

Key Info

2-3-4 of 5 (technical difficulty)
3 of 5 (physical difficulty)
X-Country, Freeride
NW Washington
Premium Trail


40 miles total
1800' elevation gain
60% single track
40% fire road
48.7535 lat.
-122.42724 long.


XC, Freeride or Downhill there is something for everyone at Galby. The local advocacy group, WHIMPS, works with the private land owner Polygon Corp. to provide trail access.


Winter: Mud puddles on flat trails near the bottom and on the top trails for up to five days after a good rain.

Summer: Usually dry except the day after a heavy rain. "Not Shawn's" and a few other of the lower trails tend to have mud puddles that never disappear.

A link to consider: Galbraith Mud Index. Author is a prof at WWU and a seasoned rider.


Kona USA, Transition Bicycle Company, and Spectrum Techwear are all located in the Bellingham area. The Bellingham dirt jumps are also a short drive away next to the civic center.