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Ride Reports

10 | 02 | '21
I have never shuttled Chuckanut (up at Larrabee State Park) so I paid for the three ride shuttle ticket and went with a bunch other friends and we had a wonderful time. We got to the top  and came down Double Black Diamond and Double Down. We di...
Submitted by tomvale on 10/3/21
10 | 01 | '21
Thank you again for the continued trail maintenance. This time Stinger and Viper have a 5' nuking with the track blown off as well.   The Anaconda clearing work from last week was finished as well with a nice blow off, no thorns on the trac...
Submitted by KentKangley on 10/2/21
09 | 29 | '21
I sat worried about the muddy single track we have now and figured a long double track ride could be done until the trails dry out. I've been watching the fronts go by, dumping hail, and rain, along Highway 2 for the last couple of days and I tried t...
Submitted by tomvale on 9/29/21
It was a comfortable cool morning when I left the shuttle area at 7 AM to climb to the summit and come down the Out of the Blue trail. It was in good shape and had good traction most of the way down. Then I went back up and did Lower Showcase Showdow...
Submitted by tomvale on 9/25/21
09 | 23 | '21
Thank you to whomever nuked Anaconda and Iron Brigade with a nice 6' swath of brushing.   Unfortunately, the way it was done, there are now berry stalks and thorns crossing all over the trail so others watch for the thick ones.  In the...
Submitted by KentKangley on 9/23/21
09 | 16 | '21
Spent the afternoon climbing to the top of the trail and enjoyed the colorful fall colors in the Baldy Meadow. The last time I was here was when I reported the avalanche debris down the Meadow drainage at the end of May. Now the trail is all clear wi...
Submitted by tomvale on 9/17/21
09 | 11 | '21
I had a need today to get rid of the weekdays' frustrations and what better way than to take it out on the pedals and ravage the roots with a lot of climbing and a lot of technical descents. So I went to Raging River to do the lollipop, with People's...
Submitted by tomvale on 9/12/21
09 | 05 | '21
Went up to the summit on this ride with my e-bike buddy and kept up as best I could. The vertical really drained his battery so he needed to turn around at the third viewpoint. I continued on to the summit and came back down. The trail is in great sh...
Submitted by tomvale on 9/6/21
08 | 28 | '21
Rode to Monte Cristo on a sunny Saturday.  Arrived to a packed TH at Barlow Pass at 8:30am.  Parked about 1/4 mile from the parking lot along the road.  We chose to ride in on the main trail, but if I were to do it again, I would ride...
Submitted by kareedge on 9/2/21
Today I had one goal in mind: Make it down Lower Showcase Showdown without a stop, or tentative hesitation. At 58, and out there alone, I get pretty cautious and walk one or two drops on this lower half of the Showdown. Today I was going to just keep...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/30/21
08 | 28 | '21
Had a fun morning with friends riding Boyz, Quarrible, Rocket88, Mukraker and was impressed with the hero dirt since we had the rain yesterday. It was a great time and this place is really becoming a great system for all skill levels. Come session se...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/28/21
08 | 26 | '21
Still very dry, lots of loose rocks on the climbs, but no downed trees or anything. Good etiquette from MTBers and hikers alike. Riders were a good mix of full-lycra doing their XC training, rippers using it to get to Duthie, and some OGs having a go...
Submitted by hoton on 8/26/21
08 | 25 | '21
Rode this trail yesterday and can only recommend it if you like flagellation with your mountain biking. Only made it about 2 miles on the trail and turned back due to the amount of thorns and various bushes on the trail. Does anyone still ride this...
Submitted by urge4vert on 8/26/21
08 | 15 | '21
Since we can't add alerts to the website, this is the next best thing.   DO NOT ATTEMPT THE RIDE I DID Back on June 21st until the "25 Mile Fire" has been extinguished!!!  It has encompassed almost the full NE section of the loop I pla...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/20/21
08 | 17 | '21
I saw EMBA rider tomvale's recent ride report, and had to climb up and check it out for myself. A few switchbacks past the first lookout, I spotted it! It's a great addition to the trail, and a fun point of interest. Thanks to tomvale for doing the r...
Submitted by Bryan on 8/17/21
08 | 15 | '21
im no complaing im just saying the whole park needs help blown out burms brake  bumps and set it up is over  grown ,
Submitted by rufram on 8/16/21
08 | 14 | '21
Since the opening of the Olallie Trail, I always wondered why jets and aircraft always seemed to be flying overhead during my climb. There is no airport around but they fly over on a fairly frequent, periodic rate. 'NORMY' is not a term a wife uses f...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/15/21
08 | 09 | '21
Other than one log in avalanche debris, trail is riding well, especially after recent rain.  Upper meadow in good shape since the brush hasn't grown that much yet.  Got a clear day and so worth it.
Submitted by albeedmo on 8/10/21
08 | 08 | '21
I picked a perfect day to lick the Raging Lollipop, it was 50's and wet but no rain at 7:30 AM when we pushed off from the lot. Two hours and ~3000' of vertical later we were at the top of No Service. It's a long climb, especially without an e-bike s...
Submitted by Bryan on 8/8/21
Had a slightly soggy morning in the light morning shower here today. The rains were dampening the soil to near hero so the ride conditions were very enjoyable. I got to White Ox to climb to the towers and there was Mommy on White Ox, 50 feet in front...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/7/21