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Ride Reports

04 | 16 | '20
Parking were closed sometime this week. No access to the trails.
Submitted by elikultgen on 04/16/2020
04 | 11 | '20
Did two laps on the east side of the Gulch. There are some nice improvements made on the northern switchbacks. Soils were in good condition. Parking lots are closed so enter from the Boulevard, east of the railroad overpass.
Submitted by tomvale on 04/11/2020
04 | 10 | '20
Road up from Campground expecting more clear cut madness.The IOB was the same untill the top , the left side was Cut Nasty from the 5 way. We road south to see if any trails were still in tact, no dice Then We road back to the 5 way and headed to the...
Submitted by craimcki on 04/10/2020
There is 6" of snow left at the top of Pathfinder, 2400'. The lower half of the mountain is clear of snow. Last week's snow put a vivid white glow on all the high peaks.
Submitted by tomvale on 04/09/2020
04 | 04 | '20
Rattlesnake Road has no trail entry on this web site, but it connects to Raging River so I'll put this report here. The entrance from SE 104th Street & Rattlesnake Rd. SE is just off Hwy 18 near Hwy 90. It is posted no motorized vehicles and no shoot...
Submitted by mrc01 on 04/05/2020
04 | 04 | '20
As of yesterday, Sat 4/5/2020, the Tiger Mountain trails are closed due to COVID-19 risks. Signs are posted and the trail entrances from Hwy 18 are marked off with yellow tape.
Submitted by mrc01 on 04/05/2020
03 | 20 | '20
For you Puget Sound gravellers, here is a longer excursion you can do when you need to add "Social Distance", or you  "Wanna Get Away". I started early at the Kelly Road Junction with the Tolt Pipeline and headed East on the Pipeline Road. After...
Submitted by tomvale on 03/21/2020
03 | 18 | '20
Olallie rode pretty well today.  Not a single puddle or muddy patch anywhere along the trail (Raging River was VERY sloppy on 3/17).  The section above the first overlook was a bit gravely, and had several twigs on the trail, but dry and sn...
Submitted by CharlieZogs on 03/18/2020
My neighbor had a gravel bike he bought 4 years ago and never used it! I was looking for one and took it off his hands. I drove to Whitehorse Park, where I parked the car, and began the ride past the Skills Park and then past the shuttle lot. I conti...
Submitted by tomvale on 03/15/2020
Did a single loop on Lower Skyline. The lower shuttle access road was flooded by the first creek's culvert that was clogged, or overwhelmed, and water rushed down the road. The road is no longer passable by car, or relaxing bike climb, for 50 yards....
Submitted by tomvale on 03/10/2020
03 | 02 | '20
Most trails are in good condition despite being wet. The trails are rooty but still very rideable. The wood features built ~10 years ago are disappearing back into the forest. Across the road from the park entrance are segments of trails that were m...
Submitted by Blewett on 03/04/2020
02 | 23 | '20
Went to the Butte to do a sunny winter run but since the road and upper mountain had snow, I just started climbing up the downhill. If conditions worsend, I could turn around and enjoy the downhill. The weather front held off, and blue sky came out,...
Submitted by tomvale on 02/24/2020
02 | 20 | '20
Disclaimer: I'm an old guy (57) and I haven't been on my MTB for a year and half, so what was tough for me may  not be for young folk.  ALSO- I have Verizon wireless service and I get bubkus when I enter Moran State Park.  Apparently T...
Submitted by jacknolan on 02/20/2020
02 | 14 | '20
I just went out for a quick morning ride. I parked at the lot for the climb up Murphy's etc but it had been raining for days and I don't want to cause damage in such heavily used trails so from there I rode Tarbell the other way to Rock Creek campgro...
Submitted by tondan on 02/16/2020
Went up to The Blanchard State Forest again to ride some of the trails that I couldn't last time when the rear hub failed. This time was much better and I started in the upper trailhead lot and climbed up to the Tango Waypoint using the roads and ser...
Submitted by tomvale on 02/15/2020
02 | 09 | '20
Snohomish side access was closed so you had to get to the park from the Monroe side. Trails were well drained except for a couple spots, but the soil was so soaked, trees were falling in many spots. River Trail has a big tree across it  for the...
Submitted by tomvale on 02/10/2020


02 | 09 | '20
Decided to ride raging river because the weather was pretty yesterday. It was pretty muddy near the lower areas, but less mud than I expected. 
Submitted by tevabe on 02/10/2020
Had a good time making two runs on the Lower Skyline Trail in a very light mist and overcast skies. There were three trees on the main road after the pavement, but now passable, need clearing of remnants. Lower Skyline is running great and clear of s...
Submitted by tomvale on 01/26/2020
01 | 20 | '20
Rode Swan Creek yesterday with 2 buddies. Talked to Brain (?) Gustafson from EMBA as he was doing some trail repair and gate maintenance. We rode every loop in the park. Trails were in great shape given how wet it has been. Only a few muddy spots but...
Submitted by Jkindle on 01/21/2020
01 | 19 | '20
I went up north to try the Blanchard Forest again but the forest road, and probably parking lots, still had too much snow. The trails probably too. Came back to Everett/Snohomish and did Lord Hill. The snowfall has broke off a ton of limbs on the tra...
Submitted by tomvale on 01/19/2020