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Ride Reports

07 | 13 | '21
So my rear tire (tubeless with Vittorio inserts) felt pretty soft as I pushed off at 8:00 AM from the 356th St. lot. Thirty minutes later and most of the way up the fire road to the Tokul East entrance to Golden Spike it was definitely flat; felt mus...
Submitted by Bryan on 7/13/21
Got to the lower shuttle zone at 630am and started the climb to the summit. I went up the Lower Skyline road, then Pathfinder, and then met back up with the summit road to finish up at the lookout around 830. I got my views and began the descent down...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/11/21
07 | 09 | '21
So first ride back after breaking a toe two weeks ago; that injury was just normal clumsy idiocy around the house, not riding related. Tiger is closed this weekend due to construction on Hwy. 18, so had to go sample East Tiger Summit and Extra Terres...
Submitted by Bryan on 7/9/21
07 | 03 | '21
Hansen Ridge is in perfect condition, go ride it! It was very overgrown, but I camped there Friday night and spent a bunch of time cutting it back so the trail is now clear and rideable 100% of the way. Still needs more brushing, but it's comfortab...
Submitted by jayspe on 7/6/21
07 | 03 | '21
Trail is ridable from the top with a few obsticles. I cleaned the upper machine built section and meadow of medium to large detritus and it's riding ok now but it could use a hoe, some blow, and a few implement to make it shine. If anyone wants to jo...
Submitted by zacjes on 7/4/21
Today, I brought my Fiskars Machete with me to clear the Upper Springboard Nettle Meadow below the towers and then began cutting back open the River trail shoreline access to open it up for handlebars. The whole River trail could use a little weed/ne...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/3/21
07 | 02 | '21
Had a nice cool, misty, morning with the goal of running the rock drop down Canyon Creek Downhill. While climbing up Upward Mobility, a hiking couple was coming down and telling me they left a beer at the top for me. I chuckled and said, "Excellent"...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/3/21
Compared to other blue trails that I have ridden Skyline is steep and fairly technical.  But there is a lot of potential for alternative routes to be developed. 
Submitted by Alexanderjjj on 7/1/21
06 | 27 | '21
Just got out before the morning "chill" was gone and did two laps on the east side of the tracks. Nothing of particular note this time except for great hero traction and plenty of shade during the descent. Come visit the new developments when it is c...
Submitted by tomvale on 6/27/21
Went out early just after sunrise to get a cooler ride in before the record heatwave hits. Did the Springboards, Meetcutter and River trails and came back up. The river shoreline is still underwater and the approach area is overgrown so help as you c...
Submitted by tomvale on 6/26/21
06 | 24 | '21
I started up about 7am this morning to do the Lollipop and have a blast on No Service and then climb the west service road to go up and do it again. After having a fun first run down No Service and also more confidence, I went left up the service roa...
Submitted by tomvale on 6/25/21
**ACCESS NOTE: please be aware that access to this area utilizes a road that passes through PRIVATE PROPERTY. Please exercise EXTREME caution on blind corners and keep your speeds below 20 miles an hour.  Thank you - Kittitas Chapter Leadership
Submitted by Kevin Dwight on 6/23/21
Kevin Dwight
06 | 21 | '21
The Plan:Park at the Pot Peak trailhead and climb Forest Service Road 5900 (Shady Pass Road). Once up at the Crescent Hill (and the Devil's Backbone) Trailhead, I'd take the Devils Backbone trail to Angle Peak, and then "descend" the Pot Peak trail b...
Submitted by tomvale on 6/22/21
06 | 22 | '21
So welcome to pretty much the capitol of mountain biking in the US, where the parking lots are 50% full on a Tuesday at 8:00 AM!  I rode up UM 1, 2 and 3 and headed down Upper and Lower PT and Flow State. Weather was perfect, but these trails ar...
Submitted by Bryan on 6/22/21
06 | 20 | '21
While spending the weekend here to visit dad, I took off early to climb the Butte and descend most of the trail.  It has quite a bit of rock in the trail now causing a much more cautious speed to avoid a major fail. The brakes were hot but the r...
Submitted by tomvale on 6/20/21
06 | 19 | '21
Had a wonderful day parking at the lower lot at Echo Ridge and riding 'Somewhere to Hide' and the 'Outback' loop to the Summit and then going back to the car via 'Nowhere to Hide' and 'Lot to Lot' trails. GPS track and pictures are here. It is pretty...
Submitted by tomvale on 6/19/21
06 | 11 | '21
In my quest to keep you updated on snowlines, I ventured to Olallie to get back up to the summit of Mt. Washington. I began the climb just before 7am and no rain. The trail was hero, and the views were pretty and under overcast skies. I caught a bear...
Submitted by tomvale on 6/12/21
06 | 10 | '21
Rode the ocean bluff trails (Mike-O-Rama and Groot), then all the stacked-loop trails, lapping Sub Canyon at least a half dozen times. Added up over 16 miles. All the trails were in mint condition! Sub Cayon is the black diamond flow trail, featuring...
Submitted by r1de on 6/11/21
06 | 09 | '21
I rode from the parking lot Wednesday up UM, over RR, on to the towers, down CCDH, back up on Raging Tiger, and then back to the parking lot via lower Poppin' Tops and Flow State.  It was a long ride for me about 4 hours in total with the only s...
Submitted by briantwalter on 6/11/21
06 | 06 | '21
Lot was about half full, even at 7:45 AM which is why I usually avoid the weekends. Rode Master Link, Quick Link and the fire road to the East Tiger Summit trail entrance (pictured). Evergreen was rebuilding ETS, the large right hand switchback berm...
Submitted by Bryan on 6/6/21