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01 | 14 | '21
3 of rode Grand Ridge today and ran into a cougar, almost literally.  The 1st person came around a corner and found the cat on the trail, inadvertantly chased the cat down the trail, where it jumped off the trail and stopped.  He yelled lou...
Submitted by albeedmo on 01/14/2021
01 | 09 | '21
Great area and ride, trains seem to handle all the recent rain well. Some ares a little overgrow but nothing you can't ride through. 
Submitted by MTB_ROD on 01/10/2021
Just had a wonderful day running Lower Skyline and the lower half of Out of The Blue.  I parked at the bottom of Lower Skyline and noticed the lower shuttle road has been regraded so that made the climb easier. Thank you DNR. I climbed past Lowe...
Submitted by tomvale on 01/09/2021
Had a fun, muddy, morning checking out the Snohomish River flood level (22.5 feet @ Snohomish) after going up to the towers. Windfall was cleared off the trails but a large rotten tree is over the bottom of the Upper Springboard flow. The first deep-...
Submitted by tomvale on 01/03/2021