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Rattlesnake Road has no trail entry on this web site, but it connects to Raging River so I'll put this report here. The entrance from SE 104th Street & Rattlesnake Rd. SE is just off Hwy 18 near Hwy 90. It is posted no motorized vehicles and no sh...

Submitted by mrc01 on 04/05/2020

Tiger is Closed

04 | 04 | '20

As of yesterday, Sat 4/5/2020, the Tiger Mountain trails are closed due to COVID-19 risks. Signs are posted and the trail entrances from Hwy 18 are marked off with yellow tape.

Submitted by mrc01 on 04/05/2020
I parked at the Kelly Road & Pipeline Junction and went clockwise.

For you Puget Sound gravellers, here is a longer excursion you can do when you need to add "Social Distance", or you  "Wanna Get Away". I started early at the Kelly Road Junction with the Tolt Pipeline and headed East on the Pipeline Road. Af...

Submitted by tomvale on 03/21/2020

Pretty good shape! Dry.

03 | 18 | '20

Olallie rode pretty well today.  Not a single puddle or muddy patch anywhere along the trail (Raging River was VERY sloppy on 3/17).  The section above the first overlook was a bit gravely, and had several twigs on the trail, but dry and...

Submitted by CharlieZogs on 03/18/2020