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View of the meadow from the East side

Started just after 6am at the trailhead during the break between the convergence zone downpour last night and the next wave this afternoon. Started under lights and watched the sunrise through the trees and high clouds. Needed to cut two 6" alders...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/16/2019


11 | 14 | '19

My first visit, and likely my last. I was hoping for more flow and less tech., although the lower sectiton was pretty fun. Sure wish there was a low angle up trail so you wouldn't have to shuttle or ride the booring road. I also wonder how many pe...

Submitted by jimd on 11/14/2019
Large loop from Cherry Valley tailhead to the Falls and then South to the Tolt and Moss Lake.

I wanted to explore more of the Marckworth Forest and mapped out the loop in the image. After making it to the Falls, the road farther east has been worked on and some water and vehicle traps have been added. The road was graded and pretty soft bu...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/10/2019

Damp and lots foliage

11 | 08 | '19

It was a nice laid back 7 mile ride, but it was damp and lots of foliage.

Submitted by Ambo87 on 11/09/2019