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07 | 03 | '20

Reporter 'Bryan' and I toured Lord Hill this morning to enjoy the park in its early Summer state.  There is a tree over Liquid Bread near the bottom after a blind corner and one also over the River trail still, halfway down to the river. The...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/03/2020

Duthie Day Camp!

06 | 29 | '20

Arrived in south parking lot about 8:00 AM and rode Space Coaster, Deuces Wild and Ryan's Line. By 10:00 AM the central clearing was crawling with kids. There are shelters, vans, cookie circles and more arriving all time. I even saw a very young k...

Submitted by Bryan on 06/29/2020
Beautiful Views!

Ooh La La Olallie!

06 | 26 | '20

Three hours and 5,000' of climbing from the Rattlesnake Lake lot to the summit, where the fire road branches off. Admittedly, I pushed it through a few sections, I'm old! Descent was awesome, a little loose and rocky up top but smooth, bermed and...

Submitted by Bryan on 06/26/2020
View of Si from the top of Flow State

I waited until the end of the week since Raging's trails need several days to dry out. Go tomorrow before the weekend rain! I had my best (most fun) Lollipop ride today and only saw two climbers while cruising down to the car. At the top of No Ser...

Submitted by tomvale on 06/25/2020