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I went up north to try the Blanchard Forest again but the forest road, and probably parking lots, still had too much snow. The trails probably too. Came back to Everett/Snohomish and did Lord Hill. The snowfall has broke off a ton of limbs on the...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/19/2020

Wet, Mud & Mud

01 | 12 | '20

Thought I would see how the trails do after a relentless week of rain, rain and more rain.  They were not great, lots of deep puddles and peanut butter mud.  I could never get into a groove or flow because when I started to I was forced...

Submitted by vee on 01/13/2020
First hour of snow in 2020!

Was able to squeeze in a run up to the towers and then came down the Springboards,  and finally over to do Goldeneye, and Wishbone. There were a few puddles, but much better drainage is happening on the trails. There is 4" of snow there by no...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/12/2020
View of Segelson Ridge from Lower Skyline.

Drains in the rains

01 | 05 | '20

Had a wonderful time catching the break between frontal systems to do two loops on Lower Skyline. Started climbing the midway road at 7am near the shuttle zone under lights and then the rest was great. Even with all the rain we've had, the trail i...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/05/2020