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12 | 05 | '21
So Master Link up to Inside Passage is fine, above that the snow depth increases pretty quickly. The fire roads above Quick Link are unrideable; there were four other guys pushing their bikes along with me. East Tiger Summit is about 3" deep as it's...
Submitted by Bryan on 12/05/2021
12 | 04 | '21
The Mountain Loop Highway closed for the winter yesterday evening so before there was too much snow I was hoping to make one more ride on the gravel bike to Barlow Pass. Snow was falling after the Robe Valley and snow began collecting on the road aro...
Submitted by tomvale on 12/04/2021
12 | 03 | '21
I made it from the lot to Stan's Overlook in about 65 minutes, pretty good for a 60 year old! PT and Flow State are heavily rutted, with large braking bumps in all the berms. Please join me in the 12/11 work party here, Raging needs some work. Good n...
Submitted by Bryan on 12/03/2021
11 | 30 | '21
On a group ride Tuesday, November 30, a bike (pretty nice) was found. Smaller size and still pretty new. Contact two zero six three eight four three seven five three.
Submitted by petfah on 11/30/2021