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The northern view from the top of the lookout.

Parked up at the base of the downhill and the two of us began the climb to the top. About halfway up, a full Landcruiser offered to tow us up the rest of the way, and we said YES! Thanks Devin. With straps pivoting around the stem and gripped at t...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/22/2019

Trails not maintained

07 | 20 | '19

Drove in from out of town with our kids to check out Tokul and were very disappointed that trails were almost impassable and unmaintained.  Maybe we rode the wrong ones, but felt like a pretty standard blue trail lap.  Road 30340 had mul...

Submitted by karyou on 07/22/2019

Not much left

07 | 14 | '19

Extensively logged, and am told still more logging to come.  Still some singletrack along the North and East perimiters - about an hour to ride it all.  Middle and South trails all gone.  There are a few trails that head into the cl...

Submitted by Spartan1 on 07/19/2019
Taken halfway up the ski hill climbing trail.

Weekend at Freundie's

07 | 13 | '19

I spent Saturday and Sunday in Leavenworth to do this ridge and trail system for the first time. On Day 1, I rode the Ranger Road up and continued up further to the Punk Rock Lookout site for the views. I'd love to launch from up there! After my s...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/15/2019