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02 | 05 | '24
Somebody broke out the good stuff for us to ride on yesterday.  Things are running fast smooth and tacky!  The upcoming forecast only looks to make things even better. 
Submitted by jon_dufay on 2/5/24
01 | 08 | '24
The blizzard will add more snow but the lower half was fun on this day. I'll be offline for a while but this is still a fun descent using the lower half of the trail as an out and back. It is a brutle climb though. Here is the ride log.
Submitted by tomvale on 1/9/24
01 | 04 | '24
Dropped someone off at SeaTac really early this morning and went to Tiger's upper lot off of SR-18 to start climbing. I had another hour before sunrise so I just went up Masterlink with light blazing and turned it off once I was on the Summit road. M...
Submitted by tomvale on 1/4/24
01 | 01 | '24
Who'd have thought we could be up at 4000' and with so very little snow on New Years Day. The climb to the summit was able to get accomplished with the Levo in the crusty snow but you will need a little hike a bike in shady spots. Same issues with t...
Submitted by tomvale on 1/1/24