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Almost every day, somewhere, someone is trying to keep bikes off of trails. In fact, our organization was originally formed in response to trail closures and a lack of riding opportunities around Seattle.

While things have gotten much better, and we now have hundreds of miles of trails to ride, it won’t stay that way unless someone is always paying attention and taking action.


Evergreen Is the Voice of Washington’s Mountain Bike Community

Because we have more power when we work together to achieve a common goal, Evergreen acts as a single point of contact representing thousands of mountain bikers across Washington when working with land managers, politicians and other government agencies. We regularly team up with a variety of other organizations to work towards common goals of resource protection and recreational access.

Our goal is to protect the trails that we have, and continually push for new opportunities and access. Check out our History of Advocacy Success and a Timeline of Our Milestones.

Ensuring Washington Trails are Open and Rideable

Because it’s not enough to simply get, or protect, access to trails for mountain biking, we also do trail work. Last year Evergreen donated more than 10,000 volunteer hours to trail maintenance and building new trails. Our proven ability to plan, build and maintain sustainable trail goes a long way towards making us valuable and respected partner when it comes time to negotiate for trails and access. Learn more about our volunteer Trail Work Parties here.

Evergreen MTB instructors

To continue to be successful, we need your help in making our collective voice stronger