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Duthie Hill


Evergreen is proud to showcase the Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park. This park is located on the Issaquah Plateau, just north of Grand Ridge Park.

The park is a nicely wooded 120 acre forest with rolling terrain and well draining soils. There is a 2.5 acre clearing in the middle, surrounding by second growth forest. On the south end, Duthie Hill connects with Grand Ridge Park, which already has a 6 mile singletrack trail that connects all the way to I-90 in the south.  On the north end, Duthie Hill can connect to Soaring Eagle Park via a 1 mile ride up Trossachs Boulevard.

High Level Trail Summary:

  • 4 flowy XC trails that can be connected into a ~5 mile loop
  • >2 miles of flowy and technical freeride trails of varying difficulty levels
  • Progressive jump lines / flow lines, tons of practice and skill-building features
  • Connects to the Grand Ridge Trail System Grand Ridge

More details...

  • The XC trails are mostly smooth, buff, flowy, contoured singletrack with bermed turns (particularly Bootcamp and Step It Up). Some are a bit more technical than others (Movin' On and Braveheart). All XC trails have advanced and challenging optional features including logrides, ladders, drops & skinnies.
  • Beginner to Extreme Expert Freeride trails with tables, gaps, drops, step-ups, step-downs... a bit of everything.
  • The Flowpark has the biggest concentration of freeride trails and features in any public riding area in the state.
  • 3 pump tracks... 2 in the clearing and 1 at the top of the flow park (entrance to Rehab).
  • Practice area with drops of varying height, skinnies, and beginner tables and step-down jumps.

King County has provided Community Partnership and Youth Sports Facilities and Youth Athletic Fund Grants to help fund the project. Evergreen corporate supporters, private donors and volunteers have contributed over $50,000 and 20,000 volunteer hours to the Park. How cool is that?! Thanks very much to everybody for this awesome place to ride and just hang out!

Duthie Hill Park was designed and built by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance with grant money from King County and aweseome financial and volunteer support from Evergreen members and the mt biking community.  We'd love your financial support to continue to improve and maintain Duthie Hill!