Duthie Hill
Duthie Hill Park Clearing
Key Info
1-2-3-4 of 5 (technical difficulty)
1 of 5 (physical difficulty)
X-Country, Freeride
Premium Trail
6 miles total
130' elevation gain
100% single track
47.572443 lat.
-121.988479 long.


The first skinny on Boot camp is closed and the left 2 drops on Voo Doo child (at the very beginning of the trail) are closed (crushed by a tree) as of 11/24.

If a trail appears to be closed off - boards or tape across the beginning - then the whole trail is closed: do not ride.

Evergreen is proud to showcase the Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park. This park is located on the Issaquah Plateau, just north of Grand Ridge Park.

The park is a nicely wooded 120 acre forest with rolling terrain and well draining soils. There is a 2.5 acre clearing in the middle, surrounding by second growth forest. On the south end, Duthie Hill connects with Grand Ridge Park, which already has a 6 mile singletrack trail that connects all the way to I-90 in the south.  On the north end, Duthie Hill can connect to Soaring Eagle Park via a 1 mile ride up Trossachs Boulevard.

High Level Trail Summary:

  • 4 flowy XC trails that can be connected into a ~5 mile loop
  • >2 miles of flowy and technical freeride trails of varying difficulty levels
  • Progressive jump lines / flow lines, tons of practice and skill-building features
  • Connects to the Grand Ridge Trail System Grand Ridge

More details...

  • The XC trails are mostly smooth, buff, flowy, contoured singletrack with bermed turns (particularly Bootcamp and Step It Up). Some are a bit more technical than others (Movin' On and Braveheart). All XC trails have advanced and challenging optional features including logrides, ladders, drops & skinnies.
  • Beginner to Extreme Expert Freeride trails with tables, gaps, drops, step-ups, step-downs... a bit of everything.
  • The Flowpark has the biggest concentration of freeride trails and features in any public riding area in the state.
  • 3 pump tracks... 2 in the clearing and 1 at the top of the flow park (entrance to Rehab).
  • Practice area with drops of varying height, skinnies, and beginner tables and step-down jumps.

You can typically expect Duthie to be in good riding shape 365 days a year, thanks to the solid design, low elevation, and hard work from Evergreen staff and volunteers.

King County has provided Community Partnership and Youth Sports Facilities and Youth Athletic Fund Grants to help fund the project. Evergreen corporate supporters, private donors and volunteers have contributed over $50,000 and 20,000 volunteer hours to the Park. How cool is that?! Thanks very much to everybody for this awesome place to ride and just hang out!

Duthie Hill Park was designed and built by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance with grant money from King County and aweseome financial and volunteer support from Evergreen members and the mt biking community.  We'd love your financial support to continue to improve and maintain Duthie Hill!

Hop Jack's in Klahanie - Burgers & brews, family-friendly.  Tell them you came to ride your bike at Duthie Hill Park!

Grand Ridge Park - immediately south of Duthie Hill; connect for a much bigger ride.

Soaring Eagle Park - 1 mile north of Duthie Hill.

Ride Reports

16 | Nov | '15
Just a heads up. There is a tree down across the dual slalom course about a third of the way down. Read more

01 | Nov | '15
Large tree across trail. Could be a rude suprise if you are taking the optional jump as you won't see it until you are off the ramp in the air. Easy to stop in time if you go the easier way. Read more

02 | Sep | '15
Rode last evening after work (5-630) ... parking lot around 1/4 full for how clear it ended up being later in the day which was a surprise after the rains. Couple things; everything I rode was in great shape, super sticky and the birms down 2Hi just had some work done on them ... BUTTER SMOOTH, THANKS! Movin' On (from clearing around to the top) was awesome ... couple small gopher holes into j... Read more

26 | Aug | '15
Time of Ride:  3:45-5:00 Track Ridden:  Bootcamp, Deuces Wild, Step It Up, Voodoo Child, Movin On, Braveheart, Ryans Line, HLC Happy Ending, Bike Used:  Full Suspension Soil:  Loose   Comments:  Be careful on all downhill portions of the run.  We have not gotten rain for a week and a half so it is back to moon dust conditions.  try to stay aw... Read more

26 | Aug | '15
There is no doubt that Duthie is suffering through this summer, but that's no reason to stay away!  It's actually pretty good, if you can apply a gentle touch. Ryan's is probably best left un-ridden, but Voodoo and HLC are still delivering.  Read more

20 | Aug | '15
Time of Ride:  6:30-7:30 Track Ridden:  Bootcamp, Deuces Wild, Step It Up, Voodoo Child Bike Used:  Hardtail Soil:  Moondust in some areas, compact in others   Comments:  Tracks are running great for the conditions we're facing.  A dry summer has made it difficult to keep maintained.  Bootcamp downhill just before the split to Dueces Wild is very moon d... Read more

05 | Jun | '15
I just road at Duthie Hill today, it never stops being so enjoyable! I had only been a few times before and have been able to progress every time. Really nice to ride in the sun.  Read more

16 | Apr | '15
My buddy and I just hit a few basics: VooDoo, 2Hi, HLC, Gravy Train and Ryan's. Everything was riding great. It had been a long time since I hit 2Hi, and was disappointed to see how it's changed (all the gaps are tables). HLC is flowing really nice - better than ever. The work on Gravy Train is really solid, but there was at least one missing jump, and the walk up is a total mess. Read more

20 | Mar | '15
Just a short session today on VooDoo Child, HLC and Gravy Trail - all of which are in great shape!  HLC is flowing very nicely, though the run-in to Happy Ending has been baptized by brake bumps.  The rebuilt section of Gravy is so smooth and nice - great work! Read more

02 | Jan | '15
Went for a late night spin NYE and found great conditions everywhere, in part due to the cool (below freezing) temps.  Even when it warms up though, there is very little mud to thaw out in any place.  The Happy Ending of HLC is currently closed for repairs. Read more

05 | Oct | '14
went on this ride today. went up with my newphew which is 10. great ride for beginners. there are some difficult rides also. a lot of different trails to choose from. every trail is marked very well to know where to go. i WILL be hitting this trail again. my cousin bit it pretty hard. but it was because he was trying to hit a jump. so dont let the pic scare you haha Read more

04 | Sep | '14
A lot of signs of recent extraordinary rains - but fortunately not on the trails themselves!  Aside from a few puddles in the parking lot/access trail, and a few very minor soft spots in places, the you'd never otherwise know it had rained here.  HLC is open again and looking great (through the run in to Happy Ending is pretty badly brake bumped). Read more

02 | Jul | '14
A few trails closed for repairs, but what's open is flowing greased weasel speed. Read more

11 | Jun | '14
VooDoo: check. Ryan's: check. Gravy Train: check (rolling fast!). HLC: closed for repair. Read more