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Added the Summit to my Loop Today

12 | Aug | '22

Left the house with the gravel bike this morning heading to Snohomish and took the Centennial Trail up to Dubuque Road. I climbed Dubuque to Woods Creek Road and then to the DNR gated road that gets you to the top of Three Lakes Hill. I began the climb and went up to the towers and then back down diverting to the west entrance of the DNR lands there and returned to Monroe on Mero and Wagner Roads. After having lunch at the Route 2 Taproom, I continued home using the old Snohomish-Monroe Highway. It was a long ride today.


The gravel roads on Three Lakes Hill have a mixture of 3 inch minus roadbed so there are occasional, loose, fist-sized, boulders to watch out for when descending on gravel tires. It isn’t the most fun descent but it was a good ride! GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 08/12/2022