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Three Lakes Hill

Clearcut near top

Key Info

2 of 5 (technical difficulty)
3 of 5 (physical difficulty)
NW Washington


12 miles total
1000' elevation gain
0% single track
100% fire road
0% paved
47.916182 lat.
-121.938042 long.


This is a dirt road up to a forested, 1200ft hill with a communications tower just northeast of Snohomish. It is analogus to a mini Rattlesnake Mountain road ride. The total vertical climb is 1200 feet from the west parking and 1900 feet from the eastern, Woods Creek parking.

Trail map: https://www.gaiagps.com/datasummary/track/a555e161-9a8c-4712-96a6-8617d48e2166/

Fairly good condition dirt/gravel road

City of Monroe is 5 miles South on Woods Creek Road.