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Take the Long Way Home

03 | Aug | '22

I had Supertramp on my mind today....

"So your wife wants to float the Sky,
You bring your bike cause you want a ride,
Take the long way home!..."

After shuttling my wife and her friend to their Sultan to Monroe kayak float trip, I was in Monroe with a lot of time on my hands. I brought the gravel bike (42mm front, 38mm rear, front shock) and headed west on Main, and then Testor Road, to go over the top of Lord Hill from the South side. The climb is a hassle but more enjoyable than the old Snohomish-Monroe Highway and traffic. I climbed from the South lot and did some of the Quarry Trail, and then Tuck's Trail to climb the South segment of the Pipeline. After that you use the Main, and Pipeline Cutoff Trails to get near the summit. I then just went north a bit further to do Ewe Tube and then on to Snohomish for a great road downhill, and a great lunch at the Spada Farmhouse Brewery. After that just a ride home to SE Everett. All the trails are dry (DUH) but were in great shape. The gravel tires handled the soils just fine but the ride is not for the novices. GPS track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 08/03/2022