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Ride Reports

05 | 14 | '20
Started early this morning from exit 38 in a light rain hoping for the mid-morning break when I got to the viewpoints. It didn't clear up too much at all so without the views to enjoy, I started cutting more trees out of the way. There are a few pudd...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/14/2020
05 | 11 | '20
Plenty of parking at 8:00 AM on a Monday, rode the blue XC runs Step It Up, Bootcamp and Braveheart.  Deuces Wild, Space Coaster and practice drops into central clearing also open. Flow Park, Ryan's Line and HLC closed and blocked off. I respect...
Submitted by Bryan on 05/11/2020
05 | 11 | '20
Nice to get out and ride a little. Conditions are good. The road to Freund is posted at 25mph. My friends that live there routinely see us mountain bikers blowing by their house going waaay over that. So does the sheriff's deputy that lives there....
Submitted by Heinbach on 05/11/2020
Started late this morning at the Upper Blanchard trailhead lot and rode north along the east road, B-1000. I then climbed up to the Service Trail and to waypoint Tango. I went down the British Army Trail and then Lonely Sailor, and then climbed back...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/09/2020
05 | 08 | '20
Rode up Master Link to East Summit, down OTG, Fully Rigid and Joyride to NW Timber. Damp with some mud holes, and watch for significant drops on OTG and Fully Rigid. Bottom lot packed at 8:00 AM as top lot was closed for maintenance. Top lot open by...
Submitted by Bryan on 05/08/2020
05 | 07 | '20
Parking lot was nearly full when I arrived at 5 PM on a Thursday. Lots of folks eager to ride the trails now that they're open. Not hard keeping distance though on these trails. I rode Master Link/Quick Link then fire road to the top. A bit of mud he...
Submitted by jusowe on 05/08/2020
05 | 07 | '20
Went back to Chelan to see some new sights. I have done the climb up the North side several times and needed some new scenery. I have never been to the town of Chelan Falls so my plan today was to circumnavigate the Butte starting at the Chelan Reach...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/07/2020
05 | 05 | '20
Some patches of snow up top on Raging Ridge, and several wet mud holes as well. Overall flowing well. Don't repeat my mistake and underestimate this route. I was wiped after No Service, and Return Policy was brutal. Extended climbs, not for the faint...
Submitted by Bryan on 05/05/2020
05 | 01 | '20
Went early starting at exit 38 and down the Iron Horse to Olallie and then climbed as high as I could until snow stopped me. There is still a need for the bigger saws at 2600' and beyond. There are a lot of trees down and some eroded hills higher tha...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/01/2020
04 | 23 | '20
Had an early morning at the Downhill and Boa. I parked outside the ski area and was told to ride counterclockwise around the base area fencing while they are contouring the ski hill base. The new uphill was in excellent shape as was the lower half of...
Submitted by tomvale on 04/23/2020
04 | 18 | '20
After seeing the snowline at Olallie was 2600' I figure I could try to take the gravel bike over Barlow Pass on the Mountain Loop Highway. I parked at the Deer Creek gate and began the 7-8 mile ride to Barlow Pass. The snow line on the Mountain Loop...
Submitted by tomvale on 04/18/2020
04 | 16 | '20
Another way to do a long gravel loop in the snoqualmie forest (see https://www.gaiagps.com/public/3q5LI0TqU9Sraz2KS17GAqEo). Large part is similar to the one Tom Vale posted recently (thank you Tom Vale for inspiration) but it starts in Carnation and...
Submitted by thijssen on 04/17/2020
04 | 16 | '20
Parked at Exit 38 since Cedar Falls access is restricted and rode the 4 miles of Iron Horse trail down to Olallie and began the climb. The trail is clear up to the converted double track and then, a half mile later, as you descend to the next viewpoi...
Submitted by tomvale on 04/16/2020
04 | 16 | '20
Closed, no access to the trails. 
Submitted by elikultgen on 04/16/2020
04 | 16 | '20
Parking were closed sometime this week. No access to the trails.
Submitted by elikultgen on 04/16/2020
04 | 11 | '20
Did two laps on the east side of the Gulch. There are some nice improvements made on the northern switchbacks. Soils were in good condition. Parking lots are closed so enter from the Boulevard, east of the railroad overpass.
Submitted by tomvale on 04/11/2020
04 | 10 | '20
Road up from Campground expecting more clear cut madness.The IOB was the same untill the top , the left side was Cut Nasty from the 5 way. We road south to see if any trails were still in tact, no dice Then We road back to the 5 way and headed to the...
Submitted by craimcki on 04/10/2020
There is 6" of snow left at the top of Pathfinder, 2400'. The lower half of the mountain is clear of snow. Last week's snow put a vivid white glow on all the high peaks.
Submitted by tomvale on 04/09/2020
04 | 04 | '20
Rattlesnake Road has no trail entry on this web site, but it connects to Raging River so I'll put this report here. The entrance from SE 104th Street & Rattlesnake Rd. SE is just off Hwy 18 near Hwy 90. It is posted no motorized vehicles and no shoot...
Submitted by mrc01 on 04/05/2020
04 | 04 | '20
As of yesterday, Sat 4/5/2020, the Tiger Mountain trails are closed due to COVID-19 risks. Signs are posted and the trail entrances from Hwy 18 are marked off with yellow tape.
Submitted by mrc01 on 04/05/2020