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Lord Hill Regional Park

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This is a multi use trail system located in Snohomish County, just South of the city of Snohomish.


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Great Conditions

09 | 29 | '18

First time riding here, it was a blast.  The trails are in great condition for fast riding.  There are some areas with mud puddles, but nothing that stops you in your tracks.  Not very crowded, some pedestrians, a few other bikers and a horse, not bad for a beautiful Saturday in th...

Submitted by vee on 10/02/19
Never know what will ride with you!

Had a great ride until the end. I went up to the towers, down the Springboards, had my best run down Meetcutter, and then all the way down to the river. There was about 30 feet of beach with the low water level and I even grabbed a salmon. But on the climb out, a stick got into my rear wheel! It...

Submitted by tomvale on 09/08/19
Bambi giving me directions to the Tower climbing trail.

As I reported last time, the foliage is down due to the February snow and trailwork has drained a lot of puddling. Hero dirt everywhere else, and the best visibility the park has ever had, have made the trails faster then I have seen in years. Goldeneye and its flowy offshoot were in excellent sh...

Submitted by tomvale on 03/24/19

Got a quick ride in this afternoon and was really amazed that the initial climb to the main road was still coated in an inch or two of packed, warm, snow. Had to hike 50 feet but traction where it was well melted was fine. The record snow has flattened almost every fern, nettle and silal so trail...

Submitted by tomvale on 03/14/19

Went up to the towers and then down the Springboards. Then I did some clearing of Meetcutter and finding a freshly fallen tree half way down (chainsaw folks see GPS/Picture). Then I went all the way down to the river and rode a ways down the riverbed since the river is so low from the dry season...

Submitted by tomvale on 09/04/18

Spent an evening riding to the towers, and then doing the Springboards, Meetcutter, Goldeneye, Wishbone, Redline, the summit, and then returned along the pond trails. The new trail contours on Goldeneye and a repair of its long, sweeping, left turn were great additions to the ride. The skies were...

Submitted by tomvale on 04/28/18

Went back with my new Fiskars 13" billhook to clear out the overgrowth on Meatcutter. Over the past week a team of trail lovers had already done a bang-up job clearing the whole trail and headroom. I went on to Goldeneye and Wishbone. Trails are still dry as heck and the loose rock on the Wishbon...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/27/17

Time to buy a machete. Meatcutter and probably Redline, both need a good wacking. The nettles and stickers have grown a bunch in the Summer. It was a great time but the front tire is having a harder time sticking to the dirt. Still a fun time and wonderful cool temperature. Track Read more

Great Springtime Run

05 | 13 | '17

Had a great early morning on Lower Springboard, Goldeneye, Wishbone, Ewe Tube, Redline, and Liquid Bread. All are in great shape. There was a 10" tree crossing the Redline trail about 2/3 the way down. Nettles have started growing over your handlegrips in spots so I recommend full finger gloves i...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/13/17

The ride was enjoyable and challenging at times for speed. The maples and alders are shedding and covering the roots and with the rains we'll have some slippery conditions. Get a ride in soon. Hide your stuff in the trunk and out of view. There was a smash and grab right next to me when I got bac...

Submitted by tomvale on 10/06/16

Nice combo of trails

06 | 16 | '16

Went and did Lower Springboard, then Meet Cutter, then up to the Park's viewpoint, and then back down to do Goldeneye. Then did Wishbone, and then back to the parking lot via the Pipeline and Beaver Trails just before the convergence zone dumped a bunch rain in a short downpour.

The combo...

Submitted by tomvale on 06/16/16
Todays track

Did Lord Hill to the towers and then down to the river. Many of the trails are overgrown with flurishing nettles so we got some work to do. Using fingerless gloves left several nettle sting marks and numbness. Use a long sleeve and fingered gloves and leg protection on many of the trails until we...

Submitted by tomvale on 06/11/16
lord hill temple pond 2 9-5-15.jpg

fun ride

09 | 04 | '15

I went on the Temple loop trail and the main trail from the parking area. Mostly dry with some puddles. There are a lot of small branches down from the wind.  If you haven't ridden here before there is a section of the Main trail going to the pipeline cut off trail that is quite rocky j...

Submitted by hlwilliams on 09/05/15
A place to relax with a view!

Spent most of my ride today exploring the southeast quarter and east border of the park. It included a little side trip scrammble to Bald Hill and a ride around the gravel pit along the eastern border overlooking the Monroe valley (attached pic). The trails are in good shape after the light rain...

Submitted by tomvale on 04/22/15

Lots of leaves and damp.

11 | 02 | '14