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Ride Reports

08 | 09 | '21
Other than one log in avalanche debris, trail is riding well, especially after recent rain.  Upper meadow in good shape since the brush hasn't grown that much yet.  Got a clear day and so worth it.
Submitted by albeedmo on 8/10/21
08 | 08 | '21
I picked a perfect day to lick the Raging Lollipop, it was 50's and wet but no rain at 7:30 AM when we pushed off from the lot. Two hours and ~3000' of vertical later we were at the top of No Service. It's a long climb, especially without an e-bike s...
Submitted by Bryan on 8/8/21
Had a slightly soggy morning in the light morning shower here today. The rains were dampening the soil to near hero so the ride conditions were very enjoyable. I got to White Ox to climb to the towers and there was Mommy on White Ox, 50 feet in front...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/7/21
08 | 07 | '21
Came here for the first time after hearing that it's been cleaned up some. I'm pretty busy and don't have much time for driving. Rode Limestone Loop, which was perfect after clearing some brush from  the dirt section. This place has so much pote...
Submitted by setdix on 8/7/21
08 | 04 | '21
Duthie is really a world class park, and I think under appreciated by the local mountain bike community. I rode HLC, Voodoo, Ryan's and Step It Up as well as Luna and Boot Camp several times. Bad news is these trails are so heavily ridden that there...
Submitted by Bryan on 8/4/21
07 | 31 | '21
After hearing over the years how this area can get real muddy, I wanted to get a good ride in during our drought to check out the trails. I got to the lot too early for the gate opening at seven so I parked outside and rode in. I played around on the...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/1/21
Had a quick window of time to take advantage of, and went to enjoy Flowdeneye and Wishbone. But first I decided to go to the towers via Rouge Knights as a climbing trail instead of taking the road to the end and climbing White Ox. There are a couple...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/28/21
07 | 26 | '21
So went out the day after Tiger Mountain Enduro, just to check it out. ETS and ET were both heavily ridden in, dry, dusty and rooty. I'm guessing these were both on the race course. I was at trail speed on ETS and came upon a nice couple in the...
Submitted by Bryan on 7/28/21
07 | 24 | '21
Just went up for a short morning trail ride before a road ride on hwy 9 later in the day. Simple GPS track here. The trails are a little dry but traction is still good since the canopy is so thick. You'll have a good time here. Showed a group to the...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/26/21
07 | 23 | '21
CCDH is a grown man ride; 13.6 miles, 3200' of vertical climbing and a 2.7 mile very dark blue descent. This ride is not for the faint of heart. Think of CCDH like NOTG or OTG but 3X longer in more heavily wooded forest with bigger ruts on a narrower...
Submitted by Bryan on 7/23/21
07 | 20 | '21
TBH don't think I'm rushing back here. This is mostly flat XC terrain with no tech and little flow. Also super crowded with noobs and groms. SMH, I almost hit some Chad who wouldn't yield the right of way and Karen's barking at me to give her dog mor...
Submitted by Bryan on 7/21/21
The task today was just to clear the full length of the River Trail from nettles and brush. So I went down Lower Springboard and Meetcutter and then started at the top of the River Trail and machete'd all the way to the river. It's ready for you to r...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/18/21
Great trails, well marked and some flowy bits to keep that manic grin on your face. The only black trail has been closed off by King County since it was unauthorized to begin with. Fresh gravel has been applied to several areas, otherwise trails are...
Submitted by berjen on 7/18/21
07 | 16 | '21
It was a cool misty morning at 6am when I left the trailhead. Almost perfect climbing weather. There was a little drizzle that the forest kept from me until I got to the first Road to Trail conversion. Then the drizzle was gone but the foliage was we...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/16/21
07 | 13 | '21
So my rear tire (tubeless with Vittorio inserts) felt pretty soft as I pushed off at 8:00 AM from the 356th St. lot. Thirty minutes later and most of the way up the fire road to the Tokul East entrance to Golden Spike it was definitely flat; felt mus...
Submitted by Bryan on 7/13/21
Got to the lower shuttle zone at 630am and started the climb to the summit. I went up the Lower Skyline road, then Pathfinder, and then met back up with the summit road to finish up at the lookout around 830. I got my views and began the descent down...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/11/21
07 | 09 | '21
So first ride back after breaking a toe two weeks ago; that injury was just normal clumsy idiocy around the house, not riding related. Tiger is closed this weekend due to construction on Hwy. 18, so had to go sample East Tiger Summit and Extra Terres...
Submitted by Bryan on 7/9/21
07 | 03 | '21
Hansen Ridge is in perfect condition, go ride it! It was very overgrown, but I camped there Friday night and spent a bunch of time cutting it back so the trail is now clear and rideable 100% of the way. Still needs more brushing, but it's comfortab...
Submitted by jayspe on 7/6/21
07 | 03 | '21
Trail is ridable from the top with a few obsticles. I cleaned the upper machine built section and meadow of medium to large detritus and it's riding ok now but it could use a hoe, some blow, and a few implement to make it shine. If anyone wants to jo...
Submitted by zacjes on 7/4/21
Today, I brought my Fiskars Machete with me to clear the Upper Springboard Nettle Meadow below the towers and then began cutting back open the River trail shoreline access to open it up for handlebars. The whole River trail could use a little weed/ne...
Submitted by tomvale on 7/3/21