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Ride Reports

Snow  on Lower East Tiger Summit Trail
02 | 09 | '18
Preston RR has lots of water in the trail and it is super cold. The snow is not an issue and looks awesome. Half the ride I felt like I was riding through a creek of ice water. Rode a StumpJumper with 650 3.0 tires at 13psi and had lots of root slip....
Submitted by trek4fun on 02/09/2018
02 | 07 | '18

In spite of January's heavy rains, the trails ride very well.   Masterlink has very little mud. Summit, OTG, Fully Rigid and Joy Ride are perfect.  A few boggy spots on Northwest Timber.  

Submitted by lionjob on 02/07/2018
02 | 03 | '18

Parked at the upper lot and did Iverson and then the road and then returned the same way. It would be a nice view in good weather but the weather was 1/4 to 1/2 mile visibility and light misty shower. It would also be nice when folks are flying so...

Submitted by tomvale on 02/04/2018
01 | 25 | '18

Rode the new loop, first time in a while. The trails were great not too muddy, would recommend this as a great local place to ride after work. 

Submitted by Mjmagee on 01/25/2018
10 | 21 | '17

The Rat-Pac trail requires a fair amount of an uphill climbing, but well worth it when you get to the downhill. It is a 12 mile loop with a fair amount of technical riding. The upper area was a bit overgrown, and...

Submitted by Robdm3 on 01/24/2018
01 | 21 | '18

Wanted to explore a little more outside of the skills park so I parked at the power lines east of Giles Rd and started climbing up the southeastern flank of North Mountain on a old road and then newly cut connector to North Mountain Rd. After reac...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/21/2018
01 | 19 | '18

It was and cool (41) out, saw a couple logging trucks come out before we started up. Road was wet and a little muddy but didn't slow us down much(not that we were going very fast to start with). Fair amount of water on the trail, especially at the...

Submitted by tcowin on 01/19/2018

Started in Arlington. Sections of deep fresh gravel make this ride more work than you'd expect. The trail gets quite overgrown with blackberry bushes at about 5 miles out. 

Submitted by Schreiner on 01/16/2018
12 | 27 | '17

Was a great ride during the White Christmas of 2017. I did the Tolt Pipeline East of the Thrilla but thought it would still provide information for the folks who haven't gone as far. Parking at Duvall Park and then riding East until the watershed...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/14/2018
01 | 14 | '18

Had a great ride with the dog again. But upon returning to the car, there were 8 hunters' SUVs (there for target practice in the nearby Barrow pit) that were disabled by some vandal who removed the valve stems instead of tire slashing.  My Su...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/14/2018
12 | 25 | '17

Merry Xmas Everyone! White morning ride today was a great gift from Santa. Got my fatty out to play with the snow into the winter wonderland, terrific...  Happy to see others bike tracks Cheers!

The Only thing missing out there is a s...

Submitted by Cholla on 12/25/2017
12 | 23 | '17

Started off of Woods Creek Road and after the borrow pit at the entry way I let the dog loose while I climbed to the tower. After reaching the tower and during the return, I found a trail along the buried power routing to the site that ties two ro...

Submitted by tomvale on 12/25/2017
12 | 21 | '17

Great conditions at TKE, as usual for this weather. Roadbeds were a little wet, but trails were awesome. Pretty slippery with the frost coming in, but firm tundra.

Submitted by r1de on 12/23/2017
Inversion (sky) Blues
12 | 11 | '17

Took advantage of the inversion and rode to The Wheel at Raging today. The trail tread was in awesome shape, no mud or puddles anywhere, and no snow until reaching the clear cut. The snow there was largely rideable, with only a couple short pushes...

Submitted by r1de on 12/11/2017
12 | 10 | '17

Trails are in great condition. Aside from some down trees here & there. Many hours of recent volunteer trail maintenance visible in the clear cut and North side. Thanks!!!            

Submitted by BDazey on 12/10/2017
12 | 08 | '17

Bit of leftover snow at the top,  otherwise great shape for December. 

Submitted by rhin0rj on 12/10/2017
Campsite pad location. All bikes have stopped here.
12 | 07 | '17

Trail is great for about 4.5 miles from the JWT. There were various patches of compact snow and ice all the way up to the viewpoint before the steep tight switchback section. I was lucky enough that the inversion brought temps upove freezing to ma...

Submitted by KenB. on 12/08/2017
Just above first treeline.
12 | 03 | '17

Olallie is holding up great, very little standing water or mud, no windfall, really good traction! Ran into snow at approx 2500ft.(6 miles away from Cedar Falls Trailhead)  Turned around just past the double log bench viewpoint.

Submitted by BDazey on 12/03/2017
11 | 26 | '17

Tokul East intermediate/advanced Crank Sisters ride.  This was my first time leading on a Cranksisters Group Ride through EMBA. The rain was coming down pretty strong, however we got a window of sunshine starting around 10am.  We rode on...

Submitted by jeshat on 11/26/2017
Haystack route looking south
11 | 25 | '17

I actually rode to the peak just west of Haystack Mountain, just to the South of Sultan and the Blue Mountain Ridge but  I can report that the recent warm fronts have washed the snows away below 3500'. I summited (4100') and there was only 6...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/26/2017

After parking at Cedar Falls trailhead in Iron Horse SP, and after finishing a ride on the trial, I headed over to take a look at the lake. The water level on Rattlesnake Lake is really low, so a trip around the lake at shoreline is possible. Lots...

Submitted by jimpiav on 11/24/2017
11 | 11 | '17

Since the Blue Mtn loop is snowed in for the season, here is another twenty miler nearby you can do below the snowline and even ride to the top of Wallace Falls. The loop takes you to about 2000'. It is all logging road but you can hike the Greg B...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/18/2017
Last winters snowbike trail NE side
11 | 17 | '17

The NE side of the first metal bridge is maintained for winter biking

Submitted by danmay on 11/17/2017
Great Condition
11 | 17 | '17

Trail is cleaned out. New east and west added singletrack. Lots of fresh benched trail. Best trail is a little bit past the third wood bridge. I like to do laps in the upper area. New trail on the left side of the first metal bridge across from th...

Submitted by danmay on 11/17/2017
11 | 04 | '17

Got out early at first light in between the snow falls. The road was bare until about 2700' when some trace accumulations began. The full loop was accomplished but the snows the rest of the weekend will probably shut down the loop unless we get a...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/05/2017