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Ride Reports

06 | 30 | '18

Rode upon a large black bear on the way down after crossing the RR3 to RR2 trail. It was right on the side of the trail about 20' from where I came upon it. Ran away as soon as it heard me. A bit too close for me, so adreneline was pumping!

Submitted by MarkS on 07/19/2018
06 | 16 | '18

My first time up the Raging River trail heading up the brushy area with corners, hugging the right side of the trail as much as possible. A teenager was blazing down full speed in his full on body armor and full face helmet. Saw me the last split...

Submitted by MarkS on 07/19/2018
Sunny day = Great views

Did the CCW loop. Starting to get dusty in the ski area.  This is an unusual ride because you are mostly by yourself on the entire climb and then hit the summit house and the gondola crowd is there. Nothing wrong with that - just be ready for...

Submitted by jackd49 on 07/18/2018
07 | 15 | '18

Good times

Submitted by hydrokool on 07/15/2018
07 | 09 | '18

The area is trashed again. About three tent campers in the trails, trash piles, busted glass, who knows what else lurking under sticks and leafs.  Was so sketchy we decided it's not worth the risk.

Submitted by hydrokool on 07/15/2018
07 | 14 | '18

The trail is snow free and very dry.  The 5 mile road to trail conversion is very rough but rideable except for a couple of downed trees.  Three of the stream crossings are allready partially washed out, though still ridable.  Use c...

Submitted by Chrols on 07/14/2018
07 | 14 | '18

Rode this for the first time today, a hot day on the east side.  Started from south trailhead and the Loop Trail and Winston Highway were in good shape. Bugs out in force but it was cool in the shade.  Rode to the northwest and missed No...

Submitted by timfitzy on 07/14/2018

Did the White River —> Corral Pass —> Noble Knob —> Dalles Ridge —> Palisades loop. Was motivated by Jack’s prior report, which I can’t add much to.  This whole route is clear with exception of two step overs, recent and unrelated...

Submitted by r1de on 07/14/2018
07 | 14 | '18

Rode the loop in a clockwise direction (i.e. north along Kachess lake then south on the trail). A couple of snow-slide banks in the pass then smooth going down the trail. Lots of snow melt water in the upper meadows which is probably responsible f...

Submitted by briandonner on 07/14/2018
07 | 10 | '18

We rode OAB up the trail. We found two short sections of snow that should soon be gone. Heard there's some more in the hike-a-bike you do after the road climb. Got wet feet in one or two of the creek crossings, and the trail is muddy in one of the...

Submitted by maarten on 07/10/2018
07 | 08 | '18

Had a great ride at Kachess Ridge yesterday.  The climb was tough but it can be done within an hour or two.  The view at the top is great reward.  Trail is in good shape with two or three small snow fields on the way to the saddle,...

Submitted by coachguthrie on 07/09/2018

The Norse Peak Fire of 2017 has burned about half of this route.

Right now the trail is running good.  Downed trees have all been cut, trail holes have been filled and rebuilt where needed.

The Corral Pass Road is still gated(...

Submitted by jackd49 on 07/09/2018
07 | 08 | '18

Downhill riders on the ridge trail need to stay in control. 20 feet from trail start, two guys came around the corner. One guy saw & barely avoided me. The other fell trying to stop. I want to ride this, but it is really hard to rate the risk of o...

Submitted by matwoo on 07/08/2018

Shuttled a car to just below the first road crossing, since the upper-most gate was locked. Peddled up the last section of road, enjoyed the view, then rode the Suntop trail. Some of the tight switchbacks were a little dusty and loose, but overall...

Submitted by dongray on 07/05/2018
07 | 05 | '18

Great afternoon ride. It was 93 degrees down in Chelan but about 85 at Echo Ridge. First time riding here and it was great. Trails were all in good condition and clear. Definitly dry in places and needed to keep distance from the rider in front. U...

Submitted by TylerT5 on 07/05/2018

My son and I rode from the Devil's Gulch trail head up to Upper Mission. Road was good, except a couple spots low where the creek continues to wash out the road different way every year, but it's pretty easy to pass.

The road from Devil's...

Submitted by Kasperilio on 07/04/2018
07 | 02 | '18

Lots of loose rocks, some sandy/dusty spots but in good biking condition considering that it's open to motos. No trees down.

I still can't get anywhere close to being able to ride that scree field.  So if you are merely a mortal expec...

Submitted by jackd49 on 07/03/2018

Just past the new Olallie Trialhead, there was a fill that Chicago / Milwaukie put in get the small valley a creek flows down, up to the railroad grade.  They used timbers to create a structure, like coffer dams, that helped to keep the steep...

Submitted by brumui on 07/02/2018
07 | 01 | '18

Rode this as an out-and-back from the lower trailhead. I turned around at the meadow just below the saddle on the south side. Lots of snow as you can see from the photo. From that point down, there were just a couple of patches of snow. Otherwise,...

Submitted by sproqitman on 07/02/2018
Parking Map
07 | 02 | '18

Hello MTB riders,  thank you for taking interest in riding our trails,  we hope this reaches most riders, and please do your best to adhere to some new rules we want you to be aware of.


1.  Group rides of more...

Submitted by pmbmou on 07/02/2018
07 | 01 | '18

Went out to the Lake Sylvia trails for the first time today. Rode north up the Brownie Trail, to Sylvia Ridge, then headed west to the Jungle Trail - until the recent clearcut demolished the trail. It was just at the point where it would have been...

Submitted by JoshTheTrailRider on 07/01/2018
06 | 23 | '18

I participated in the 2018 Methow Valley Singletrack Celebration and Brewfest and it was INCREDIBL...

Submitted by aerogrrlwmu on 06/29/2018
06 | 22 | '18

Rad day at Xan!  No water anywhere though, and trails are bone dry and breaking up in the cruxes.  Overall though, this trail is built so well that it’s still riding great, and will be self-healing with a little 🌧 


Submitted by r1de on 06/27/2018