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She's Out of the Shop

20 | Jul | '22

Just got the full suspension out of the shop after almost 3 weeks for a dropper and drivetrain overhaul. I decided to take the bike to Lord Hill for the initial test drive and it was as good as new. I had no idea how bad the drive train resistance really was! Climbing now was so much easier with all the old parts gone and new ones lubed. I went down the Springboards and Goldeneye, Wishbone, Redline, Liquid Bread, and finished on Ewe Tube. There is one big chainsaw log to remove at the bottom of Liquid Bread. All trails were a little gravelly but were in great shape. Nettles will be a problem pretty soon with all the growth in the sun. GPS track and pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 07/20/2022