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Too Much Slush for Fun

05 | Jan | '22

I first drove out to Darrington to do the Skills Park but the North Mountain Road was a double track with 12" deep center and my car was just bulldozing. I had to back out to highway 530 to turn around and go to another location. I went to the Lord Hill North lot which was also pretty deep so I figured its trails would be tough also. Finally, I ended up in Mukilteo and did one lap on Japanese Gulch coming down Boyz to Men. There is a lot of water coming down and the trail has 50% slush and wet trail bed. It was a meandering day more than a full speed trail run. Give the gulch a couple more days. There are a couple trees over the Boyz trail. One at the second climb up and one more on the bridges above the sand traverse. Those trees are shown in the GAIA GPS cloud pics here. The initial gravel climb has a water issue at the bottom end but you can ride through it.

Submitted by tomvale on 01/05/2022