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Riding Just Outside of the Convergence Zone

31 | Jan | '22

I was watching the rains coming in on the next storm and saw that I could either go through rush hour traffic to get to Tiger or just go the opposite direction to Mount Vernon. I went North and did four loops on Pitch and Roll and then did the Surfer's loop and Sidewinder also. The soils were in great shape and the rain was all to the south this morning. I also did one run down the Skills Park's jump line and then packed it up for the day. GPS track and pics are here.

Since I didn't donate blood on the mountain today, I donated it when I got back to Everett's donation center. All you athletic types who are elligible to donate blood, please make an effort to do so. The blood banks are at emergent levels in many different blood types! Contact Bloodworks Northwest.

Submitted by tomvale on 01/31/2022