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The Most Dangerous Park in the World

23 | Jan | '22

Attempted to ride Tolt-MacDonald today. We had not been there in years and the recent trip reports looked pretty good. Packed up the dogs and drove out. Crossed the suspension bridge without incident and got ready to hit some tralls. At the foot of the entrance (It's a Bitch), we were greeted by police tape, a closure sign, and a dire warning that a bear and cubs had been frequently seen in the area. Not wanting our dogs turned into bear food, we decided to check out the trails along the river to the north. No dice. This area was closed because apparently there were Biblical floods that were likely to kill us all. How about following the road to the south of the bridge, you ask?  Well, this direction is closed due to landslides.  At this point, all I can do is wonder how anyone ever managed to ride here and escape with their life.  Perhaps next year it will be safe to return.

Submitted by danvons on 01/23/2022