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Low Altitude Lollipop For Winter

24 | Jan | '22

Parked at the Rattlesnake Road entrance just off of SR-18 and began climbing the road to the far side of No Service (if possible). I got as far as the Rock Quarrie where the snow patches started. The road to, and past, No Service had too much snow to proceed higher. I turned around and descended on Lower Return Policy and then climbed out to hit the last two segments of Canyon Creek. You could climb out further using Raging Tiger but I ran out of time today. I cut away 5 trees from LRP, had to leave two for the next saws, and then pulled off the trail two more up rootings. There is still some limbs in many places but it is a good run now except for two more trees. My GPS glitched while cutting trees so the map won't look like a lollipop but you can fill in the blank. GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 01/24/2022