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Raging River


Raging River State Forest is a new trail system being developed by Washington Department of Natural Resources and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.  The system started as a 14 mile loop, and in later phases will be an epic 40 mile system of trails that connects to Tiger Mountain.

  • Phase one will be 14 miles, eventually a 40 mile system (as of June 2018 there is a 21 mile lollipop loop completed)
  • 2400 feet of vert. 
  • Connections to Tiger Mt, Taylor Mt, Exit 27 and North Bend.
  • Cross country, downhill and freeride trails for all skill levels.

This will be a multi-year project, and the total cost will be in the millions of dollars. Funding is the key, and we are very pleased that Evergreen’s advocacy efforts directly helped DNR secure a request in the capital budget for construction of phase one.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-90 to Exit 27. Turn on to Winery Road and either park here or continue to the main parking lot (1/4 mile from I-90, Discover Pass needed). Ride the 50 feet of trail by the bathroom, cross the road and find the well marked mountain bike trail entrance. Please stay off the hiking trails.

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