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Little Mountain Park


Little Mountain is a beautiful 522-acre park with meandering multi-use trails for hiking, mountain biking and trail running. These trails lead from the park entrance to the park's summit, and are being built by the Mount Vernon Trail Builders. This volunteer organization started their work on Little Mountain in May of 2009. Tools, building materials, equipment and the money to support our volunteers come from two sources: Mount Vernon Parks & Recreation and donations.


When driving up Little Mountain's access road you'll see where the trail crosses the road. To the left is the trail La-Z-Boy. To the right Huff-N-Puff takes you around the north side of the mountain and connects to Sidewinder, which continues the climb to the summit. At the summit are two stunning viewpoints, and an area with picnic tables and parking.

The series of connecting multi-use trails leading from the park entrance to the summit make for a fun ride.

Download latest Little Mountain Park trail map / directory PDF here!

Little Mountain is a Mount Vernon City park. The Mount Vernon Trail Builders work with the Parks Department and the City of Mount Vernon, to create and maintain sustainable multi-use trails on Little Mountain. For more info please visit the Little Mountain Park website.

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Work Parties

We host trail work parties the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month. Our trail building party dates can be found on the Little Mountain Park Facebook page.

Your Support

You can make a tax deductible donation to support our work. The Mount Vernon Parks Foundation serves as our fiscal agent, donations can be made through our website. If you have questions you may contact Mount Vernon Parks & Recreation, their number is (360) 336-6213.

All donations will directly support our volunteers and the building of sweet singletrack.



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