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Lower Skyline and Pathfinder Need Saws

Went back to North Mountain this morning to go clear Lower Skyline and check its condition. The road is clear to drive all the way to the lower shuttle lot, and then some, but does have some places where trees could be cleared a little more. I parked below Lower Skyline and started hike a bike up the trail to clear the trail for my ride down. There is a little snow left on the open traverse section but the sun should take care of it in a couple more days. I cleared all the wind debris along the trail and there is one big saw job half way up which you'll see in the pictures. I cleared a couple needle dams and a few more still exist. The trail is ready to run if that one tree is cut away. In the center of Lower Skyline's open traverse there is evidence of the initial hints of a erosion slide so the trail gnomes might want to assess that at your next visit with the saws. The crack starts just left of the snow.


I climbed the road to Pathfinder and began clearing the Pathfinder trail until I came upon the next big saw job. That tree is just a little farther up from the bridge and there are a couple more things to do above there. The lower shuttle road looks clear, or is at least good enough to use for my next visit. The sun was out and the views were everywhere. Come do Lower Out of the Blue or Lower Skyline when you'd like! Lunch at Dos Agaves is scrumptious and great after a ride.  Today's track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 02/11/2022