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Cherry Valley


Classic PNW lowland temperate XC/AM singletrack.  Most of the trails are bike-focused, with some fast and tight sweeping turns, little drops, lots of roots, and some technical areas.  In general, the trails have a narrow corridor, shorter sightlines, and intermediate-level tech.

Some of the property is private although it is backed up by Marckworth State Forest and Hancock Timber property. The system is a mixture of logging roads in various stages of use and user built singletrack. It mostly is on the north side of Cherry Creek, leading up the hill to Lake Margaret. Highlight of the ride is the falls on Cherry Creek, upstream from the main riding area. A must do on hot summer days. Area can accommodate beginners.

To hit most of the gems out here, try the following 2-hour loop (referencing the attached map and looking for the signs at the ends of the major trails):

Start heading NE on the forest road up and around to the bottom of Elevator, which you'll then find on the right.  Elevator is a billed as a climbing trail.  It has a long series of moderately-challenging switchbacks that take you up to the top of the road that leads towards more of the fast, downhill-oriented trails.  Although generally packed and smooth, there are a number of roots and gnarly sections that make it a respectable challenge to climb without dabbing.

Head up the road and take a right, then look for Funner on the right.  This is an up-and-down downhill trail, with some fast technical descents and a few mild and short climbs.  There's an intimidating ladder bridge elevated about 5' above the creek at one point, as well.

Go right on the road and remain right to loop back to the start of Elevator.  Take it again (and try to clean it this time!), and then head left and keep a look out for the start of Cyclops.  Cyclops is similar to funner, but longer and faster.

At the bottom, you can either go right onto Bobcat, or left back to the forest road just across from the bottom of Elevator.  If you take Bobcat, you'll have a potentially deeper creek crossing, and the trail is generally not as well-used as the others. You'll turn right at the road and head up.   If you do not take Bobcat, and instead exit Cyclops back on the forest road, then you can either climb Elevator a third time (and really try to clean it this time!) or just save a bit of time and climb the road.

Regardless of your choice above, you'll eventually climb one of the two forest roads that parallel each other (with the creek in between them), to the top of YGD.  If you took the eastern forest road (via elevator or otherwise), then you'll cross a wood & dirt bridge that goes over the creek, and find YGD on your right.  If you came up the western forest road (from Bobcat), then you'll find YGD on your left just shortly before you encounter the aforementioned bridge.

Descend YGD - which is similar to Cyclops in nature - until you reach Sick and Twisted.

Sick and Twisted is generally more flat and mellow, but has a few exciting features, such as a small ladder, a large rock rollover, and some sweeping turns.  Follow this to No Road.

Take No Road, which is mellower than Sick and Twisted and largely flat, until you reach the forest road that you started out on.

Begin descending the forest road back to where you parked, but after the first steeper descent, look to your left for Black Label.  Take this trail, staying left at the two minor spurs.  Black Label is similar to Sick and Twisted as far as rate of speed and technical factor.  It will spit you out back on the forest road just above the parking area.

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