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Out Of The Blue is Hero but Needs Saws

I went back to Darrington this afternoon to find the snowline and began cleaning up this Winter's mess on the trail. The road is still one lane through the deep snow shoulders but there are a few more pull out areas so opposing folks can pass if necessary. I parked at the Out of the Blue gate and began climbing. There are patches of snow at shaded parts on the road but I was able to climb to the top of the lowest trail segment and began the descent. The trail had great grip, no snow, but a lot of wind damage to clear. I pulled out the saw a couple times and cleaned what I could. This segment is all clear. When I started climbing again, two guys in a pickup offered me a ride up as they were 4-wheeling as high as they could. How could I refuse? They took that road as high as 2550' before they had to give up and I jumped out and we parted ways. This free vertical they gave me, set me above the lower three segments of Out of the Blue and with my saved energy I could do a little work on the trail. I descended the road to the next highest trail crossing I could get to. I started down the third and second segments of trail (counting from the bottom) and was continually stopped by many small trees and three significant spots where the big saws are needed. These three trail segments will be able to be run without snow once the chainsaws are able to get there (and no more snow flies). A bike can pedal up the road fine all the way to the top of segment 3 since the road is 'mostly' clear and faces the sun in many spots. Hoping to check Lower Skyline's more shaded terrain in the coming days.   Today's GPS track, pictures and trail blockages  are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 02/09/2022