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Trail Clear Except.... and Bicep Healed

I have been away from my MTB for a month while I waited for a torn bicep to heal enough to control the handlebars in the gnar again. I went back to Lower Skyline and Pathfinder to test the arm's functionality and to see if the trees have been cleared since my last reports. As far as snow goes, the lower shuttle road is clear and there is just a little snow left at the top of Pathfinder. The north fork at the top of Pathfinder still needs some chainsaw work but below that, Pathfinder and Lower Skyline are clear of obstructions. I might bring a rake to Lower Skyline next time though since there is a lot of gravel in the trail in spots. The arm is healed and the test a success so I can enjoy the bike again. GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 03/12/2022