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Ride Reports

With snow covering all our peaks and wet weather hindering our traction, I decided to just go exploring. I found a weather window and I planned a route to cover single track at the Blanchard State Forest, along with single track at Larrabee State Par...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/15/20
11 | 07 | '20
I observed three people riding Segway electric motocross motorcycles on the Mukilteo Parks side of the trails today. These were not pedal assist E-bikes but motorcycles and have a maximum speed of 47MPH. I notified the Mukilteo Parks department.
Submitted by gallagher2201 on 11/7/20
11 | 06 | '20
Some friends did Alpne Baldy on Monday and reported no snow at the top, so I decided to give it a shot on Friday.  Big change!  After all the rain, the streams were very heavy with at least one requiring walking the bike through.  Duri...
Submitted by dflowerz on 11/7/20
Farther east from I-5, after Mount Anderson and Lyman Hill, along the Pacific Northwest Trail, is the Mount Josephine region before it enters the North Cascades National Park near Baker Lake. I had planned to start in Hamilton and ride as close to PN...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/7/20
10 | 31 | '20
Halloween ride up the Tokul East Climb to Last Frontier, back up for Between Two Ferns, then all the way up again for Upper Ivan XC then down Upper and Lower Midtown. Took about two hours total; Tokul East is raw and burly. Blackberries are starting...
Submitted by Bryan on 10/31/20
10 | 24 | '20
Just east of Gold Mountain are Prairie and White Chuck Mountains and Rat Trap Pass (3160'). Along with the Mountain Loop Hwy and SR530, when you add Forest Service Roads 23, 27, and 25, and Suiattle River Road, you have a wonderful 45 miler way off t...
Submitted by tomvale on 10/25/20
10 | 20 | '20
Rode up to the second lookout this morning.  It's a real grunt, some short steep sections and a ton of switchbacks. Nice and cool though, a bit misty. Blasted down, and great practice pre-turning to be able to carry speed through the switchbacks...
Submitted by Bryan on 10/21/20
10 | 17 | '20
I enjoyed the mud and large puddles on Inside Passage, Joy Ride and NW Timber this morning. Really muddy and wet, chilly until you start moving but "If you're riding in the PNW you're riding in the rain." The off camber root roll about halfway down N...
Submitted by Bryan on 10/18/20
10 | 15 | '20
Started at 7am from the lower Tiger lot with the plan to summit and circumnavigate Taylor Mountain. I had mapped out the double track needed and went down the west side of Taylor. The roads felt like the ones at Cherry Valley's and Alpine Baldy's wit...
Submitted by tomvale on 10/16/20
Honestly more like Blue Square Open Space. There are some listed black runs here with a few features, but other than a jump line in the free ride park it's really an intermediate area. I rode Crooshal, Super Charger and Fresh Squeezed and they're sho...
Submitted by Bryan on 10/15/20
10 | 12 | '20
The trail was in great shape on October 12th, 2020.  A few small mud puddles but the trail was firm and tight.  The hoof prints on the newest trail (Turtle Gulch) seem to be smoothing out a little after the recent rain.
Submitted by Slashpyne on 10/14/20
10 | 10 | '20
It was sad to see how overgrown and neglected these trails have become. There were lots of blackberry vines, scotch broom, and tall grass encroaching on the trails and several large downed trees completely blocking the way. 
Submitted by kabrunette on 10/11/20
10 | 08 | '20
Olallie's a perfect morning ride! No crowds on a Thursday morning, nice and cool, damp but not wet and almost no braking bumps. I rode up to the second lookout, and loved the fast flow all the way down. Great trail for working on switchbacks.  A...
Submitted by Bryan on 10/8/20
10 | 04 | '20
We rode Master Link to Quick Link and found the new Power Link on the left hand side of the fire road. This is a slightly longer and less steep climb to East Tiger Summit. It eliminates the brutal fire road climb, and is nicely graded, machine cut an...
Submitted by Bryan on 10/6/20
Started in downtown Darrington at the IGA and took the Whitehorse Trail past the fairgrounds to Swede Haven Rd. There, you head north to the beginning of Forest Service Road 18 and begin the climb up the east, then west, flanks of the Segelsen Ridge....
Submitted by tomvale on 10/4/20
10 | 03 | '20
We had a rad day on the trail.  Family was Dad, Sons Anders 14, and Merritt 11.  It was only the 11 year olds second time on this trail and he crushed it.  The trail is in good shape and we had a great visit.
Submitted by Drbstempdc on 10/3/20
We rode from Mazama to the suspension bridge and back on the community trail, great for kids!!!
Submitted by ctcharle on 10/3/20
We had some rain last week so the trail was in great condition! The kids had a wonderful time swooping on Freund Canyon, smooth and clean. Lower Rosy is a bitdusty and dry with plenty of harsh break bumps towards the bottom but totally worth it. ...
Submitted by Fianofamily on 10/3/20
The trail was great today! The family did the Ski Hill to Freund Canyon parking lot, back to Leavenworth and back up to Ski Hill loop. Trail was dry and very little dust. A little washboard in places. All around great Take a Kid Mountain Biking day!&...
Submitted by bryankaro on 10/3/20
10 | 03 | '20
Henry's Ridge snake trails are riding very well! The rains did a great job of firming things back up that had become so loose due to lack of moisture. Edges have stabilized and only light debris. Feel free to push it hard roots are not slippery at al...
Submitted by Jamie1234 on 10/3/20