Tolt MacDonald
Tolt Singletrack
Key Info
2 of 5 (technical difficulty)
2 of 5 (physical difficulty)
20 miles total
500' elevation gain
90% single track
10% fire road
0% paved
47.64401 lat.
-121.922536 long.


The Burn trail ends abruptly due to logging.

The first trail to the actual trail system is called IAB (Its A Bitch). IAB does live up to its name as you Bike/Hike 1 mile and gain 500ft, but once at the top there is no more big climbs, the trail are all rolling fun, technical.  There are a few great views of the Snoqualmie Valley from up top at Tolt, but most of the trails are classic western Washington lowland forests - ferns, cedar, fir, roots, etc.

Can hold a few big puddles in the wet months, but pretty much rideable year-round.

Ride Reports

Trails and landmarks
26 | Jul | '15

Went back to do the South trails and explore the primative roads. I really enjoyed the variety of trails that are south of the clear cut. I could have used a machetee  to clear some overgrowth but the trails were great. Have some fun here soon!  :-)

Here is the track and pics

North Track and clear cut
22 | Jul | '15

Went there to check out the trails and to see the clear cutting firsthand. There is still plenty for you to ride and take advantage of, and no reason to avoid the park if you were doing that. I only had time to do the North half of the park and so the South will be saved for my next visit. This park is still a nice quiet place for good workout! I have pictures of the landmarks, signs, and scenery at


01 | Apr | '14

Haven't been there in 14 months and the last ride report was October.
Anybody ridden there lately?

20 | Oct | '14

This is just an update on trails that no longer exsist because of the clear cutting at Told McDonald.  This is not a comprehensive list but reflects what I found when trying to ride my favorite loop. Most of the center section of trails between the North Rd and South Rd. are gone Here are the trails that I could not find:

Oxbow, Mystery, Babe's Marine, Pearl, Cloverleaf, The Burn, Schaefer, The Bypass, MLR south of where it hits Cousins, Go-Kart (ends at clear cut), and Severance.

At the beginning of Babe's Marine, heading south from North Rd, you can access Cousins if you hang a right hand turn right before the wooden bridge. Blair Witch Project is intact up to the "new" road.  All trails South of that road (up to the South Rd) end at the clear cut.

There are still a bunch of great trails on the South side of South Rd.  Still worth the drive.  

This is a sad post to write.  I will miss those trails...


12 | Oct | '14

Rode these trails for the first time Sunday.  These trails here were a twisty tight mass of rooty goodness.  Not as technical as Cuss Hollow at Duthie but still quite enjoyable. IAB is very aptly named; definitely a work out getting up.  To me this place has a strong forest woods feel.  In some places there are lots of leaves down so had to be careful in those places because they were slick due to the recent rains and the hidden roots underneath. As you come up the IAB trail there are a few trails coming in but 5 Roads is a main intersection that is easy to recognize once you are there.  Rode around the recent clear cut from 5 Roads taking the first road on the left out towards the clearing.  There appears to be a trail still around the east end of the clear cut but I rode the East road out to the look out over the river.  Rode a little bit up the South Road then into the woods on the single track.  It is possible to ride around the new clear cut just stay aware of it's general location.  When I started circling around the west end of the new clear cut I dropped down the old jump line that is there.  As you start to break out of the woods into an old clearcut there is a trail off to the right (north) that will take you out of the new road that was punched in.  Head up the road and find a trail you like and head up.  There is one on the left just as you start to enter back into the woods which I took.  As you head up, tend to your right and stay towards the clear cut and on out.

Temporary bike memorial on the Burn where the trail ends.
17 | Aug | '14

Passing on the information that the trails in the center section are interuppted by logging. The Burn apruptly stops in a newly logged area. Sad day...

16 | Aug | '14

Road Tolt MacDonald today. Nice ride. First time riding here. Per advisement road the perimiter roads first - got a feel for the layout. Yes, IAB is tough, but not too bad in terms of grunt. I was able to ride about 2/3rds of it. So... what is up with the danger tape markers across certain trails? I presume these are to keep folks out of the logging areas? Feels like most of the inner trails between the N-S-E-W roads are all taped off? Even after this week rainy period, the trails were all dry. BTW, what is up with the logging of this area?