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Ride Reports

Upper trail is a mess

07 | 01 | '17

This just refers to the the trail between the Dutch Miller Gap trailhead and Goldmeyer bridge.  Where the trail is in the open, above the bridge at the base of the waterfalls, it is overgrown with tall ferns preventing progress at any speed....

Submitted by lionjob on 07/01/2017

A couple days ago, I rode much of the Dungeness/Gold loop.  The spur road going down to the trailhead has a “Road Closed” sign, but there wasn’t any gate or a...

Submitted by ethan on 06/30/2017

Clear out to the lake

06 | 25 | '17

Rode out to the lake Sunday starting and ending at the upper trailhead. There is very little snow left and the little patches that were there are probably gone by now. Overall the trail is in good condition and needed only minor cleanup. There are...

Submitted by kdewey on 06/29/2017

Rode up Ranger Creek to the cabin, continued up and made the right turn onto Dalles Ridge and rode up until I found snow.  You will find snow on Dalles Ridge about 2.5 miles up from the cabin, a patch, then another, then another and the patch...

Submitted by cbkoontz on 06/25/2017


06 | 19 | '17

First time there.  Found the trail easy enough off Willows.  Tons of nettles and overgrowth.  Nice challenging ride if you stick it out in the saddle.

Submitted by robhal on 06/19/2017

Updated trails

06 | 18 | '17

Just giving riders a heads up, the trails have been rebuilt/updated so there are features that haven't been there in a while or have been built back up. Caused a bit of a surprise last night on Voodoo. So riders just be aware. "Pre-ride, re-ride,...

Submitted by Animationnathan on 06/19/2017

current conditions

06 | 18 | '17

Beautiful misty day for an out and back on arguably one of the best trails in the 410 corridor. Got up to the viewpoint in about 1.5 hours and hit snow in the trees just past there. All blowdowns from last year were cleared (Evergreen I assume, th...

Submitted by ohm13 on 06/18/2017

Rode up 7100 to Liberty Beehive, down DG and down Mission at the intersection.  Lot's of creek crossings on 7100.

Upper devil's gulch was hero dirt.  Mission is already getting loose and dry on the ridge but still in good shape.<...

Submitted by cbkoontz on 06/17/2017

A Fun Ride!

06 | 13 | '17

I rode all marked trails at least once and found all trail conditions were excellent (not muddy nor dusty). Using GPS, the elevation gains were accurate. The most uphill biking I did was transitioning from Dr. Jekyl/Mr Hyde/Chairlift/Flying Monkey...

Submitted by abelloh on 06/13/2017
Great views, too much snow (not pictured)

Beautiful but SNOW

06 | 11 | '17

It was a beautiful day to hit the trail and myself and 2 others rode up the fire road to the top gate entrance.  We were able to climb the first slightly steeper section and then we hit snow.  There was just WAY too much snow.  We t...

Submitted by judshall on 06/11/2017

The trail was great. Just a few damp spots and well groomed for everyone. Was a good way to get to the festival and a rewarding time back to the car at the Sunset lot. It was a great test for my first ride on a 1-by conversion.  28 and 11-42...

Submitted by tomvale on 06/11/2017

Super slick

06 | 09 | '17

Trails are in great shape, but be prepared for some slipping and sliding; wet roots and rocks abound.  Puddly, but not too muddy.  Fenders might be wise, and riding glasses are a must. Otherwise, a fast & fun ride top to bottom. 

Submitted by r1de on 06/10/2017

Get it!

06 | 03 | '17

Trails out here are in great shape. Much busier out here these days than in the past.  Lots of wild Nootka Rose and Western Trumpet Honeysuckle in bloom. 

Submitted by r1de on 06/06/2017


05 | 29 | '17

Great conditions, though the clear cut is still wet and overgrown in places. 

Submitted by r1de on 06/06/2017

Bliss & Bears

06 | 04 | '17

Trails are in prime shape, and very little traffic. Spotted a small black bear just off trail in the NE corner. 

Submitted by r1de on 06/04/2017

Super fun times

06 | 03 | '17

Trail was in excellent condition.  Lots of small stream crossings, one with wet feet for sure, probably more depending on whether you are ok with rock hopping.  Downed tree removal doesn't seem to be prioritized on this trail, so there w...

Submitted by matalb on 06/04/2017

The 'courtesy parking' just past Chelan Rental Resorts rental office was closed by the landowner on 5/29/2017. For now.....from the closed parking area, alternative parking can be found by going right .25 miles up the main road to Echo Ridge at th...

Submitted by paulwill on 05/30/2017

Great Springtime Run

05 | 13 | '17

Had a great early morning on Lower Springboard, Goldeneye, Wishbone, Ewe Tube, Redline, and Liquid Bread. All are in great shape. There was a 10" tree crossing the Redline trail about 2/3 the way down. Nettles have started growing over your handle...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/13/2017


05 | 10 | '17

all trails riding great - wildflowers everywhere - no dust

Submitted by on 05/11/2017
Ride on!

Unreal wildflowers

05 | 10 | '17

trails in perfect condition - no dust and flowers all in bloom!

Submitted by on 05/11/2017

Started early Sunday morning and started climbing with a goal of also trying to see the river valley. So during the climb of the western flank, I went down two side roads made for logging hoping to see a view of the river, or the watershed's diver...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/08/2017

Whiskey Dick...

05 | 06 | '17

Posting this because no one has left a report for this trail. And because it's called Whiskey Dick.

It's a huge network of trails so there are more loop options than indicated here. There are almost no...

Submitted by max on 05/08/2017

Maprika Map Ap

05 | 07 | '17

The Maprika Map Ap works well to identify a rider location.  The Babcock trail is displayed on the map but I couldn't find it and ended up on a muddy hikers trail instead.  The Maggie Rocks trail has fallen trees blocking the trail and i...

Submitted by mtnbikemike on 05/07/2017

Slick & Puddly

05 | 06 | '17

Went for a trail run today. Conditions were generally good, but plenty of slick spots and some large puddles from the recent thunderstorms. If you're looking for a come-back-clean ride, give it a few days or bring a fender.  Beautiful though!...

Submitted by r1de on 05/06/2017

Had some time to kill before picking up a girl scout at a camp nearby. Little Mountain was in excellent shape and just a couple miles out of my way. They have done some good maintenance on it and the trails are just waiting for the rest of you to...

Submitted by tomvale on 04/30/2017