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Lake at Trail's End
09 | 24 | '16

Rode a week ago wtih an early start and managed to make it to the lake taking the upper route out and the lower on the return. As in the previous report, the last mile to the lake is really overgrown but still do-able. Other than that, the tr...

Submitted by jimpiav on 09/02/2017
08 | 27 | '17

After a record summer without rain, we knew it would be dry - and it was.  This made the descent switchbacks into drift pits.  Also, the wildfire smoke turned down the magnitude of the Rainier views a few notches.  But overall, this...

Submitted by r1de on 08/31/2017
Viewed from Garland Peak TR:  Upper reaches of Basalt Ridge in the distance/foreground with Glacier Peak in the background
08 | 26 | '17

Rode Basalt Ridge from the very top at the intersection of Garland Peak Trail all the way down to the Finner Creek TH via a CCW loop using FS 6210 to Upper Chickamin Tie, Shetipo to Garland Peak.  

First off, If Basalt Ridge top...

Submitted by cbkoontz on 08/29/2017
08 | 18 | '17

Rode Esmeralda Basin for the first time yesterday. We missed the De Roux campground though, due to no signs for it on the N Fork Teanaway Road. It's just past the horse camp though, the only signs are ones that have trail #s on them. That's w...

Submitted by msteingrebe on 08/19/2017
08 | 14 | '17

Current conditions: Dry and dusty trails in relatively good condition for most of the ride. One bridge down.

Do you like long, steep climbs? Treacherous washed out cliff-side trails? Nettle stings on your legs? Well this i...

Submitted by mickswan on 08/15/2017
08 | 12 | '17

Getting really dry, but still fun!

Submitted by sparks44 on 08/13/2017
08 | 07 | '17

The established trails are holding up great, but some of the newer dirt (like Twisted Hemlock) are breaking up in the corners. Need rain and some time to heal.  Some of the legacy structures on Lloyd's Detour could use a rebuild. Overall grea...

Submitted by r1de on 08/07/2017
08 | 01 | '17

Two trees are down aross the trail about 1.5 miles from Grand Ridge Drive. This is the first time I have ridden it in a few years so the trail is unfamiliar, but from my GPS it looks like it is  abut 1.5 from Grand Ridge Drive.  It...

Submitted by hlwilliams on 08/01/2017

Parked at Dingford TH and rode up the road to the Middle Fork trail near Dutch Miller TH. Rode MF trail back to Dingford TH. The trail is in great summer shape, with only a few blow downs. Someone has done some great trimming work - not much is ov...

Submitted by JimEG on 08/01/2017
07 | 31 | '17

First time riding Kachess Ridge.


trail is good to go.


very dusty in spots so bring glasses or goggles if riding with a group and prepare for fun!

Submitted by MtnBaker on 08/01/2017
Hi there
07 | 30 | '17

Good out and back today, with a hike to the summit of Nava(j)?(h)o Peak. 

This ride is in the avanced category - solid single black diamond. There are long, chunky, technical rock sections that demand a high level of skill and fitness...

Submitted by JimEG on 07/31/2017
07 | 27 | '17

Went back with my new Fiskars 13" billhook to clear out the overgrowth on Meatcutter. Over the past week a team of trail lovers had already done a bang-up job clearing the whole trail and headroom. I went on to Goldeneye and Wishbone. Trails are s...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/27/2017
07 | 24 | '17

HLC, VooDoo, Ryan's, and Gravy Train running sweet. But it's super dry out there. 40 days(!?) without rain, and Washington's most heavily used bike park is seeing some strain; some corners are getting super loose (HLC), making holding speed throug...

Submitted by r1de on 07/26/2017
07 | 25 | '17

Rode the full outer loop for the first time this year to get in a little XC work prior to a Duthie jump sesh. Usually this is a fall/winter only fitness ride for me, so the summer flavor was quite a change.  It is DRY out there, which for me...

Submitted by SeaBurn on 07/26/2017
07 | 24 | '17

I am mostly posting a ride report to comment on the state of the washout. I think the last report made the washout sound worse than it is. It was probably because of the direction he came from. It looks worse coming from the clockwise direction. Y...

Submitted by travisnelson on 07/25/2017
07 | 21 | '17

First time back on Grand Ridge in a long time, since the new loop (more like a detour extension) had just opened. This was the first time I was able to include it all into the otherwise OAB from Duthie to the Grand Ridge drive crossing and back. &...

Submitted by r1de on 07/24/2017
07 | 03 | '17

Headed up to Hansen with the intention of riding out to the lake and back. The section of the ride described as Phase 3 road/double track was VERY overgrown with underbrush. I ended up with scratches everywhere and something that caused an itchy r...

Submitted by mlippmann on 07/22/2017
07 | 20 | '17

Time to buy a machete. Meatcutter and probably Redline, both need a good wacking. The nettles and stickers have grown a bunch in the Summer. It was a great time but the front tire is having a harder time sticking to the dirt. Still a fun time and...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/20/2017

This is definitely a mountain bike trail you need to try right now! If you often have trouble deciding whether or not to hike or to go mountain biking, then this is the trail for you! Experience some of the most beautiful, and desolate, views in t...

Submitted by matbun on 07/20/2017
Kiosk's Trail Map
07 | 16 | '17

Spent early Sunday morning exploring the whole skills park and enjoyed every trail. The trail makers and volunteers all did a great job and signage was very well done. Easy trails west of the road and experienced trails to the east. My favorite tr...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/17/2017
07 | 16 | '17

Generally in good shape. Elevator was a bit overgrown in places, wear long sleeves or let the thorns take the difficulty up a notch. Thanks to whoever took a weed wacker to Sick and Twisted, looks like that had just happened in the last day or two...

Submitted by CarnageAsada on 07/17/2017

I hit up Black Diamond Open Space both this weekend and last weekend, along with Henry's Ridge (last weekend) and Summit Ridge (this weekend). Everything's in great shape. Lots of cars in the parking lot, but there are so many trails here that it'...

Submitted by Furchin on 07/15/2017

A friend and I started at the Ceder Falls trailhead and begain the 40 mile ride to the Lake Easton State Park for an overnight and back. It was a great weekend. The trail was in great shape all the way and the tunnel "air conditioning" was a welco...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/12/2017
lewis river 3
07 | 10 | '17

Hadn't been to this trail in at least 10 years!? (sorry to say) It remains a quintessential NW river runner. Shades of McKenzie, Middle Fork, but it is its own thing. Strikingly beautiful along the river. Near per...

Submitted by robbayu on 07/11/2017

The shady N facing section between the Ranger Creek/Dalles Ridge trail junction and Noble Knob, as well as the Dalles Ridge trail going SE from the Noble Knob junction until it crosses back over to the S side of the ridge is free of snow with the...

Submitted by cbkoontz on 07/10/2017