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Tokul East


Key Info

2-3-4 of 5 (technical difficulty)
3 of 5 (physical difficulty)
NW Washington


12 miles total
700' elevation gain
70% single track
30% fire road
47.56762 lat.
-121.86533 long.


Permits are required to recreate (ride) on Campbell Global property. Information is on the Campbell Global web site linked here.

Tokul East consists of logging road climbs and a combination of loose, technical descents and flowy trails. Some of the trails are locally-famous for their flow or commitment, and a number of other areas - including Duthie Hill - take inspiration from the Tokul East standards: Flowtron 3000, Crazy Ivan, and others.  Rides usually consist of several laps climbing up the logging roads and descending down the trails.

Note that these trails are on private property.

These are some of the best draining trails in our area, and this is an excellent winter riding area. The flip side is that the trails can turn to marbles and get slick and loose in the summer.

Tokul East was formerly a part of Hancock's Snoqualmie Forest, a 100,000 acre tree farm. King County has purchased most of the development rights for this forest, but much of Tokul East was kept out of that deal and it is zoned residential, with future homes possible for this area.

Unofficial map of Tokul Creek zoning and Development Rights sale.

There are some great apres-ride taverns in Fall City such as the Last Frontier Saloon, a classic dive frequented by mountain bikers.  Look for the Flowtron 3000 and Last Frontier signs hanging from the ceiling. The Snoqualmie Brewery in downtown Snoqualmie has good food and is kid friendly.  Rhodie's BBQ is now in Preston across from the ballfields.