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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As an organization responsible for building mountain biking infrastructure and educating riders, we play an essential role in helping break down barriers within our sport. Our vision states that we strive to make Washington the best place to ride... for ALL. To do this, the trails we love so hard to build, maintain and advocate for, need to be enjoyed without barriers to accessibility, comfort and safety. We are committed to understanding these barriers and finding ways to overcome them regardless of ability, skin color, background, race or gender orientation.

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What are we working on?

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Year 1 Progress Report

Reflection, Listening, Community Building, Learning and [slowly] Progressing

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Year 2 Progress Report

Continued Learning, Taking Action and Glimpses of Moving the Needle

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Year 3 Progress Report

Learning as We Go!

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DEI Committee Vision Statement

Ensure that mountain biking in Washington is welcoming, accessible and inclusive.


Evergreen community members came together in 2020 to form a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. This group took on the task of identifying how Evergreen can better live up to its vision, and improve access to and inclusion within mountain biking for riders.

We’d like to thank the community members who’ve been involved in the process so far for their effort to dedicate time, and be open, honest, sincere and respectful in sometimes difficult conversations about barriers faced in outdoor recreation, and to commit to change and holding Evergreen accountable. We also want to acknowledge our membership who have supported this effort – thank you.

This effort is an iterative and ongoing process, and we encourage you to reach out if you have ideas, suggestions or feedback.

Meet our committee members


Anthony Marquez

Although a relatively new biker, I am a climbing and overall outdoor enthusiast. My purpose for joining this committee is to help develop a welcoming space so new and existing Washingtonian riders of backgrounds can enjoy this amazing activity.


Caroline Black

I am a recent transplant from Squamish, BC, Canada to Issaquah. I have been mountain biking for 8 years - starting with DH and most recently moving to XC. I’ve volunteered with the BC Cup DH races series since 2016 and seen the lack of diversity in the sport at all levels and abilities. I joined the DEI committee as I want to help increase diversity in the sport by creating safe spaces and access to opportunities.


Eliza Hersh

Eliza is the East Chapter's Education Lead and is committed to improving inclusivity within Evergreen's education programs.


Heidi Ashwell

I love mountain biking with my family and have always believed that we all should have access to the outdoors no matter who we are, where we come from and what our physical abilities/disabilities are.  The outdoors provides so many benefits to our health and being on our trails (by foot or wheels) as we all know, brings so much joy.  I joined the DEI committee to help foster this belief and at least be a small voice for those with differing backgrounds and abilities to also enjoy these amazing places.


Jessica Cutler

I am a coach and former professional racer who cares deeply about diversifying the sport in an intersectional way.  I have seen first-hand the homogenous nature of our sport as to gender, disability, and racial diversity and want to be part of the solution in creating a more welcoming and diverse mountain bike community through removal of barriers to entry and access.


Joel Miranda

I joined because I want to see a broader BIPOC representation in the sport at a core level.


Lace Lawrence

I am an avid outdoor recreationist with a deep belief that the outdoors belongs to everyone.I would love to see more outdoor spaces that support adult learners that are truly safe and supportive of Black, Indigenous, and communities of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, in particular transgender riders, and the intersections of these identities. I am a proud First Descendant of the Yakama Nation and am excited to bring a rural, indigenous, and adult learning lens to Evergreen Mountain Biking Alliance.


McKenna Cowart

I was inspired by the recent BLM movement and the Peace Peloton riders to work harder to create a more equitable space for mountain bikers throughout Washington state. When I saw that Evergreen was inviting volunteers to work on the DEI team I was thrilled to get involved! As we’ve worked together over the past few months I have learned a lot and I am excited to continue doing this work!


Nick Brooks

Since moving to the PNW close to 4 years ago, I've been fortunate to experience some of the world's best mountain biking right on my doorstep. MTB is a sport you should be able to enjoy regardless of your demographic or personal circumstances, where Evergreen has the foundation to bring this awesome sport to diverse communities!


Sue Tadei

I'm Sue Tadei and I am a West Sound Chapter Member who enjoys the North Kitsap Heritage Park and Port Gamble trails for riding. I'd like to see more diversity of people using the trails and be sure everyone is having fun!


Trevor Ford

I have been riding my entire life and am excited to help bring more diversity to the sport I love! I joined the committee to apply what I have learned in business about DEI and strategy to mountain biking so I can help others enjoy this sport. I would also like to see more riders who look like me on the trails when I ride and I can only accomplish this if I get involved.