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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

After 5 startup meetings to learn and listen through open discussion, Evergreen’s DEI Committee is moving forward with workgroups in five main topic areas; Marketing and Communications, Education and Events, Internal Operations, Trail Facilities, and Access.

The work done by each workgroup will inform how Evergreen functions to serve our community more equitably on a day-to-day basis while also spark ideas and create a vision for our next 5-year strategic plan (2025).

Access to outdoor recreation is not equal, and, as an organization responsible for building mountain biking infrastructure and educating riders, we have an essential role in breaking down barriers within our sport.

DEI Committee Vision Statement

Ensure that mountain biking in Washington is welcoming, accessible, and inclusive.

Why is this work important?

“What does Evergreen have to do with racial justice?” Our mission states that we strive to make Washington the best place to ride. We won’t ever have truly accomplished that until the trails we work so hard to build, maintain, and advocate for can be enjoyed with the same degree of accessibility, comfort, and safety by all, regardless of skin color.

What are we working on?

In June 2020, Evergreen community members came together to form a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to determine how Evergreen can better live up to its values, and also improve access to and inclusion within mountain biking for riders of all races, sexual orientations, abilities and life experiences.

We’d like to thank the community members who’ve been involved in the process so far for their effort to dedicate time and be open, honest, sincere and respectful in sometimes difficult conversations about barriers faced in outdoor recreation, and to commit to change and holding Evergreen accountable. We recognize this is an iterative and ongoing process, and encourage you to reach out if you have ideas, suggestions or feedback.