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Good Time to Ride Here Before it's Wet

31 | Jul | '21

After hearing over the years how this area can get real muddy, I wanted to get a good ride in during our drought to check out the trails. I got to the lot too early for the gate opening at seven so I parked outside and rode in. I played around on the trails near Orange Arrow and the loops just to the East along with the Rim Trail. They were all fun, sometimes tight, XC trails with some small jumps and root drops. No real tech could be found but still a fun little system to get a workout on. Met with a couple other buddies (one on a Ebike) and we toured around again. It was a good day. Come here before it gets muddy again. Go elsewhere, if you want the flow. GPS track and pictures here.

Submitted by tomvale on 07/31/2021