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Tokul’s Golden Spike - Overgrown

13 | Jul | '21

So my rear tire (tubeless with Vittorio inserts) felt pretty soft as I pushed off at 8:00 AM from the 356th St. lot. Thirty minutes later and most of the way up the fire road to the Tokul East entrance to Golden Spike it was definitely flat; felt mushy and slow and sounded wrong. I pushed on but the ride was less than satisfying as I had to go slow and stick to blue trails. Golden Spike was so overgrown that grass obscured the trail and blackberries tore at me constantly. Highlight was coming down Bobsled, but again speed was limited; nice to be out there but somewhat dull as more of an XC ride. Evo adding more race sealant and checking tire integrity, might also get my brakes bled while my carbon horse is in the shop. That is all. 

Submitted by Bryan on 07/13/2021