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Still my Happy Place

Got to the lower shuttle zone at 630am and started the climb to the summit. I went up the Lower Skyline road, then Pathfinder, and then met back up with the summit road to finish up at the lookout around 830. I got my views and began the descent down through Hoot Owl and  all of Skyline and went back up to run Lower Skyline once more. The trails are in good shape but Lower Skyline will need some loose stuff removed in the berm corners. Trails are all clear and the main road is also in great shape. The Whitehorse campground is operational and almost to capacity. You can go to the Snohomish County website for more info on staying there. The road is dusty so this climbing route will keep you breathing better on less travelled routes. GPS track and pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 07/10/2021