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Beer Service instead of 'No Service'

02 | Jul | '21

Had a nice cool, misty, morning with the goal of running the rock drop down Canyon Creek Downhill. While climbing up Upward Mobility, a hiking couple was coming down and telling me they left a beer at the top for me. I chuckled and said, "Excellent" thinking they were joking. A hundred yards from the top of Upward Mobility 2, there it was, a 12 oz can of Georgetown Brewing's Bodhizafa on ice in the image. I already had my breakfast carbs and CCDH is tough enough as is and I had no need to try it buzzed. Cheers to the rider who got to take advantage of the cold one! :-)    CCDH was a great run but one root threw me for a OTB that I couldn't recover from. However, the rock drop was a success. I climbed back up Raging Tiger and did Poppin Tops and Flow State before heading home. It was a great morning. GPS track and a couple pics are here. With the mist and damp fog, the soil was hero.

Submitted by tomvale on 07/02/2021