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Meddle with Nettles

03 | Jul | '21

Today, I brought my Fiskars Machete with me to clear the Upper Springboard Nettle Meadow below the towers and then began cutting back open the River trail shoreline access to open it up for handlebars. The whole River trail could use a little weed/nettle wacking but I started at the bottom and then ran out of time. I showed a friend around the Goldeneye/Wishbone region and then introduced him to Liquid Bread and Ewe Tube before we finished. Saw bambi and mom on the tower climbing trail which was cute and while stopping for water once, a hummingbird hovered within a couple feet of me and the fluttering sound startled me (murder hornet? lol ) and then it flew off. Wishbone is getting a little dry and rocky so be alert for sliding out. It was another great morning. GPS track and a pic here.

Submitted by tomvale on 07/03/2021